12th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: Keep Up Hope As This Is What We Have Of Our Own

Anupama today written update: Previously, in Anupama today episode, we saw Leela consoling Anupama while she gave her hope. We also see how badly Anupama tries to keep up her spirits and remain positive. 

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama today written update, Anupama says the line of hope is only our own

About the precap, it showed us that Vanraj tries to talk to Anupama about what happened on the cliff. Now whether it is revealed in Anupama today episode or not, it is for you to find out.

For more updates, read through the events of Anupama today episode and find out all the answers. Do not miss any bit of the Anupama written update, as twists and turns, truth and lies, all are a lot more expected ahead.

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A message is what I send, and I wish my family to bend

Anupama today episode is an episode of revelation, an episode of truth and an episode that will bring out what was that which kept the Shahs and Kapadias talking about so long. With Vanraj showing positive effects to the treatment, all we wish to see is what happens next.

Talking about next, this Anupama written update will start with the entire Shah family standing outside ICU and looking at Vanraj concerned. Even Anupama arrives after a while, right before Vanraj seems to be waking up, and they all just stand there.

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Vanraj started getting conscious while the entire family stood outside ICCU

While all of them stand there, Vanraj in ICU starts to have a flashback of what happened since he got into the car with Anuj and started driving. It shows how with his increased speed, Anuj repeatedly asked him to slow down, and after Anuj said the same multiple times, Vanraj finally stopped a little far away from the cliff.

It is here that they both start to talk, and Vanraj expresses his desire in front of Anuj. He says I do not wish my family to meet yours, ever again. All these meet-ups on festivities, on weekends, all of it has got to stop.

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anuj & Vanraj talk while Vanraj says, my family wouldn’t come to Kapadias

On hearing him, Anuj says, we definitely gotta do that, I too wish the same, and I assure it will reduce, but Vanraj stops him and says, not to be reduced, it gotta be stopped. He added, for my family, a message is what I send, and I wish my family to bend.

Even when Anuj tries to reason with Vanraj after this, he isn’t ready to listen, and even the flashbacks start to get a little blurry as Vanraj in the ICU tries to wake up. It was just after seconds that Kavya noticed that Vanraj’s eyelids started to open. She saw him moving as if he wished to wake up and all she did was start to cry. Anupama then stops her and said, it is not a day to cry. My mother used to say, whatever you say, happens to you. So, why not think positive and good so that the same can start to happen here too?

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama asks Kavya to stay hopeful as Vanraj starts to open his eyes

We Got to Make the line of hope on our own

With doctors inside trying to see what is ongoing with Vanraj, Kavya is consoled by Anupama. She continued with her previous words and said, we have been given by Lord Krishna every line in our hand, but just the line of hope is missing. This line we create it on our own. Just keep hope, your and mine husband will be fine.

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama today written update, Anupama says the line of hope is only our own

With the confidence Anupama shows, Kavya calms down and stops crying. It was just then that the doctor came out and called Anupama. He says, Mrs Kapadia, we will have to do brain surgery on Anuj Kapadia as blood clots have built up in his brain, and it needs to be taken out. Every one hearing it is shocked.

On inquiring if there is another way, as this surgery is risky, the doctor says, we gotta do it as if we do not, it will be riskier. The doctor then leaves them with a decision to make. He says, don’t take much time as we are losing our options.

Anupama instantly replies to him, do the surgery, doctor. Do not stop. Try and save him. Anupama then consoles herself by saying Anuj will get better. Just do the operation.

Later as Anuj is taken for the surgery, Anupama recalls the past memories while all just stood there. She needed some time with Anuj, but the doctor stopped him, and they took Anuj for surgery. Anupama stands there and prays to the lord for Anuj’s well-being and safety. We even get a look from inside the OT before the next part of the episode begins.

Vanraj Shah is awake 

In the next scene, on the one hand, Vanraj opens his eyes, and on the other, the entire Shah and Kapadia family wait for Anuj’s operation to end. It was then that Ankush inquired about Barkha’s whereabouts considering such a big accident happened, and she couldn’t even be contacted. He also said that the Shah family just needs a chance to put up their fingers on her. 

Adhik tries to reason with him considering Vanraj has been involved in whatever happened with Anuj, but Ankush brings in a logical point, saying you are saying, first Vanraj pushed Anuj and then jumped? Shut up. 

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Ankush worries about Barkha being a part of the accident

Ankush is even worried that Barkha is involved in the accident.

Before Ankush can say anything ahead, he is interrupted by the nurse who says, Vanraj is awake, and all can meet him one by one.

Everyone is happy, and they go to meet him while Anupama stands there and says, Anuj, with hope. In the next scene, Vanraj is visited by the doctor, who talks to him and says, soon all will be good. Vanraj seems drowsy.

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Doctor visits Vanraj as he opens his eyes

You can all meet one, one-by-one

The entire family stands outside ICCU, and one by one, they visit Vanraj. Toshu starts crying, but he is stopped by Kavya, who talks softly with him.

The next scene in Anupama today episode takes us to where the Kapadias are standing. Adhik talks stupid and is stopped by Adhik. However, at last, he did say that Anuj will take a lot of time to recover and till then, it is we who will have to bear the responsibilities and take care of everything.

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Adhik says Ankush, it is us who will have to take the responsibilities now

Anupama gets shocked hearing it, and she turns back, looking at the operation theatre with hope, bringing the episode to an end.


The precap of today is again similar to the previous day’s precap. Vanraj talked to Anupama and said some words that were quite blurry and broken to understand. All we can hope for is to get catch-up of what is next. 

However, before the episode ends, we see Leela requesting with joined hands in front of Anupama not to hand over Vanraj to the police. But the question here is, is Vanraj the one to be blamed? 

12th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Leela requests Anupama not to hand his son to the police

Final words

Anupama today written update brings us closer to a bit of happiness and relaxation with Vanraj waking up and with him remembering whatever happened on the cliff. Definitely, this is hope but even seeing Anuj back on his feet is hope too. All we can do is await what Vanraj tries to say to Anupama and how well the surgery goes.

Try not to miss on miss on any of Anupama written episodes as there are a lot unanswered. We still remain unaware of how Anuj and Vanraj fell off the cliff, and it is expected to come up in the upcoming Anupama today episode.

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