13th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: Pain Brings People Together

Anupama today written update: Previously, in Anupama today episode, we saw Adhik saying to Ankush that they need to take the responsibilities and all things in hand as Anuj will take a long time to recover. Anupama is shocked to hear them, and all she did was hope for Anuj to get better soon.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama today written update: While Anupama awaits for the news on Anuj, Leela begs her not to get her son arrested

About the precap, Leela requests Anupama not to get Vanraj arrested with joined hands. But we still don’t know who is to be blamed, so we gotta watch Anupama today episode to find out more.

For more updates, read through the events of Anupama today episode and find out all the answers. Do not miss any bit of the Anupama written update, as twists and turns, truth and lies, all are a lot more expected ahead.

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Anupama today written update: Pain brings us all together

It is hard to see the situation ongoing in Anupama, and with the Anupama today episode starting, we find Vanraj finding it hard to speak. Yes, with his condition, he was barely able to speak in front of Leela and Hasmukh. Probably it was for the first time when someone might have felt bad for him in a long time.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Everyone feels bad seeing Vanraj; Leela and Hasmukh try to comfort him with words

Anyways, getting ahead, Anupama written update for today’s episode would begin with the first scene that this episode brings us to. With Vanraj in the hospital bed, Hasmukh and Leela visit him in ICU. They talk positively to him and ask him to get better soon.

Vanraj, on the other hand, inquired about Anuj, to which he got to know that he was in the operation theatre. His reactions couldn’t be read, but we are sure he felt bad and wrong for what happened.

With the episode moving ahead, it takes us to Anupama, who seems to be not well. Her head was spinning, and to give the comfort of being there, it was not Samar who came there today. It was Paritosh. Toshu’s hand on Anupama’s shoulder made her feel relaxed, but as she turned, she was surprised to find Toshu there. She might not have spoken much to him, but she was happy to have her son.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Toshu comforts Anupama saying it’s always Samar but today it is me

Anupama asks Toshu to bring food for all. She even asked for herself a little sugar and water mixture as her head was spinning. All this exhaustion, shock, decision, I mean, who wouldn’t be in that condition? Either way, with Toshu doing as asked, and Ankush inquiring Adhik if he was able to reach Barkha, this is where the 1st part of the Anupama written update ends.

Little Anu is here to give her mother courage

The Anupama today episode takes us to the Shah house, where everyone discussed taking Anu to the hospital so that seeing her Anupama gets a little courage. It was not that considerate, but the option was definitely the right move.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Shah family decide to take Anu to hospital

Getting to the hospital, we find Anupama, who is seen finding courage, and while she sits there, she remembers the voice note Anuj sent her. She starts listening to it, and suddenly Anuj appears. She says how much she loves him.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama sees a dream where she is with Anuj

Before this moment of love and relaxation can continue longer, Samar wakes Anupama. He takes her to meet Anu, who is at the hospital now.

Anupama is quite happy to find both her daughters there, and she hugs them both. She assured Pakhi that her father would be okay and when Anu asked about her father, Anupama assured her well-being too. I mean, why wouldn’t she? She is the one ray of hope we find with every minute moving ahead in the Anupama today episode.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama is happy to see Anu and hugs Pakhi and Anu

I want to see Anupama

The next scene of Anupama takes us to ICU, where Kavya meets Vanraj. Before she can leave, she tells Vanraj she loves him and tells him she is quite worried. She asks him if he did something at the cliff, and this brings some memories of Vanraj back in front of his eyes. He then calls Kavya closer and says something in her ears, which makes her a little mad.

Everything seems to be okay now, and even the Shah family left with little Anu. It was then that Kavya came running and asked her to come with her. Anupama follows her and enters Vanraj’s room. It brings her to the precap section where Vanraj is seen talking about Anuj again. Anupama asks him what he wishes to say.

With broken words, Vanraj kept saying, and with what Samar overheard, nothing is clear as of now what happened on the cliff. His condition started deteriorating with him trying to speak, and Anupama looking at him, just knew that something wasn’t right with what they had been thinking till now, but God knows what was that. What isn’t right? What would Anupama today episode reveal next?

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Vanraj tries to talk but leaves an open-end as his condition deteriorates

Your father didn’t do it

Anupama came out of ICU and finds Samar. He is in shock and asks her whether his father did it. Anupama to it says, your father can cheat, shout, fight, but he can’t kill. He didn’t do it, and out talk, it wasn’t complete. Because of the medicines, we couldn’t talk completely, and I am sure there was more to what he wanted to say. So, trust it, he didn’t do it.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama assures Samar, his father isn’t to be blamed for the accident

Her words give a little relaxation to Samar, but he still isn’t sure what to trust.

In the next scene of Anupama today episode, Barkha enters and inquires from Adhik and Ankush if Anuj is alright. She seems shocked and even more shocked when these two people start to question her about her involvement in the case.

Barkha sarcastically agrees to it and says yeah, I did it, and I pushed them all by my own off the cliff. Hearing it, Adhik and Ankush say sorry and tell her about Anuj and his condition.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Barkha gets sarcastic on being questioned by Adhik and Ankush of her involvement in accident

Doctor, is Anuj okay?

Anupama is seen inquiring with the doctor about Anuj. To it, the doctor said, right now, things are stable, but we don’t wish to give false hopes. He even asks Toshu to select the room and let them know soon as Vanraj is to be shifted from ICU to the normal room soon for recovery.

Hearing it, Leela asks what the doctor meant. Toshu makes her understand about different rooms of the hospital. Anupama says, select the best room for him, Toshu, but Leela, being realistic, says he’s Vanraj Shah, not Vanraj Kapadia.

Either way, the topic comes to an end, and on being asked by Anupama, Toshu takes Leela and Hasmukh home, and this is where Anupama today episode came to an end.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Doctor asks Toshu to make the decision about room for Vanraj and inform them ASAP


Leela comes back again and tells Anupama that Hasmukh told her that Kavya had called the police already. She said I don’t know what happened there, but the case will be on my son. She then, getting emotional and giving swears, requests Anupama not to get Vanraj arrested, and the precap comes to an end.

13th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Leela requests Anupama not to get Vanraj arrested

Final words

Anupama today written update shows Vanraj getting better, and now the police need to come into action; after all, they will need to talk to the victims as to what happened there on the cliff. Even the precap shows us that Leela is very scared and asks Anupama not to get her son arrested, but the question is, is he the one to be blamed for anything at all?

Try not to miss on miss on any of Anupama written episodes as there are a lot unanswered. We still remain unaware of how Anuj and Vanraj fell off the cliff, and it is expected to come up in the upcoming Anupama today episode.

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