15th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: Fight For Us Anuj, Just Fight

Anupama today written update: Previously, in Anupama today episode, we saw Ankush questioning Barkha if she is responsible for what happened with Anuj and Vanraj. We also find the doctor talking about the stability of Anuj, and all we do hope for is that the thing gets right.

15th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama today written update. Anupama imagines Anuj by her side, sitting and talking

About the precap, Leela requests Anupama not to get Vanraj arrested with joined hands. But we still don’t know who is to be blamed, so we gotta watch Anupama today episode to find out more.

For more updates, read through the events of Anupama today episode and find out all the answers. Do not miss any bit of the Anupama written update, as twists and turns, truth and lies, all are a lot more expected ahead.

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Even if it is in memories, I want to be with you Anuj

When our own is hurt, we suffer too. Even when we try to calm ourselves, it isn’t easy. It’s the most-toughest thing one can do while managing themselves. The same is the case with Anupama, who seems to be broken. I mean, who wouldn’t, getting through so much and then finding true love and now having a thin chance of losing them? Isn’t this more than what one can bear?

In the Anupama Today episode, we see Anupama looking at the pictures which Anu left it for her. She recalls every memory and sits there crying. It was just then that Anuj appeared right in front of her, eating chips and drinking juice. He asks her if she is missing him, offers her food and even sits by her side talking.

15th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama today written update. Anupama imagines Anuj by her side, sitting and talking

Anuj then reminds Anupama of the promises she made to him. He asks her not to forget them. Anupama then talks about him, memories from pictures and everything and says you look so good. Anuj, too appreciates her. It is in the middle of the conversation that Anuj then disappears, and Anupama, crying, requests her to fight for his life, to get up soon.

While all of this is ongoing, Adhik inquires from Pakhi whether Vanraj is angry, whether he was in anger said, if he wants to kill Anuj. Pakhi agrees to all but then asks, you think my dad this? The chat between the two continues, and Adhik says, okay, let’s not fight. The truth will come out as soon as Anuj wakes up, but Pakhi asks him, what if he doesn’t?

Adhik inquires about the hate Vanraj had for Anuj and if he would have been willing to Anuj

Anupama today written update asks Anuj to fight for his life

Anupama stands outside the operation theatre, requesting Anuj to fight for his family, for her, and just to fight. It was then that Leela appeared and started to talk to Anupama, saying she couldn’t talk in front of Hasmukh and Toshu.

Leela today seems to be quite tense about her son. She knows he did a lot wrong, but even after it all, she can in front of the person who Vanraj hurt the most. She cries in front of Anupama, saying, I don’t know what happened on that cliff, but what I do know is, if Vanraj went to jail, his life would be wasted. Please do not send him to jail. I know Kavya has already called the police, but please, for our relationship, for our broken relationship, for whatever we have left in between, please do not get my son arrested.

Leela begs Anupama to not get her son Vanraj arrested

Saying all, Leela started breathing heavy and found it difficult to take a breath all of a sudden. Anupama takes her to the nearby seat, gives her water and tries to calm her down. It was then that Barkha suddenly appeared, and Anupama hugged her.

Barkha says, why is Anuj here in this hospital? This is not that good. If I had been here, I would have taken Anuj to America for brain surgery. Anupama and Leela both assure her that this is a good hospital, and instead of worrying about what could have been done, why don’t we all pray for him to get well soon?

Barkha comes to Anupama and they both hug sharing the pain of what happened

Wait’s over- OT gates open up

Opening the gate of OT, doctors informed all that the surgery went fine. Everyone is happy, but then Anupama asks him, what is meant by fine? Didn’t the surgery go good? Even Ankush asked the doctor to tell them whether or not it was successful.

Everyone inquires to the doctor about Anuj and whether the surgery was successful

On hearing it all, the doctor says, we cannot know the answer to your questions on the operation table. We have to wait until the patient gets consciousness. He also said we are not even sure if he will get back consciousness. There is a chance he might get into a coma even before he wakes up or after he wakes up. Nothing can be said as of now. I don’t want you all to have false hopes. We have to wait as the answers are not in the hands of doctors, but it’s on time now.

Hearing it all, Anupama is quite worried, and she is finding it hard not to break down.

Later in Anupama today episode, Anupama stands outside of ICU and looks at Anuj. Every single person from Shah’s house prays to the lord to get Anuj well.

While all stand outside ICU, they pray for Anuj and his well-being

Hasmukh asks Anupama to go home and rest a bit. However, Anupama is not at all ready to leave his side but asks all to go and rest and visit Vanraj.

As everyone went away, Kinjal called Anupama. She understood that it was Anu, and she took the video call. Anu asks to see her father, and Anupama doesn’t find it right, but on request from Anu, she shows her dad to her.

Later, Anupama says to Anu she will stay with her father for now, so please take care of herself. Anu agrees to it and asks to give his father the bracelet she brought for him the other day. Anupama agrees to it, disconnects and cries a lot.

Anu video calls Anupama and requests her to show her father with a promise that she wouldn’t cry

When will this hospital scene end?

In the last part of the Anupama today episode, we see that Gopi Kaka hands over cups of hot beverage to Ankush and Barkha. Just as when he was about to sit, they all ordered him to prepare something to eat and also pack a bit for the hospital.

Barkha orders Gopi Kaka to prepare something to eat and to pack something for hospital too

Ankush and Barkha sit there, and Barkha says, don’t know when this hospital scene will come to an end. Ankush tries to stop her. However, Barkha and her selfish mind tell him to let him take even a year to get back on his feet. In his absence, you will be able to take over the business. All this can work in our favour, and we should take advantage of this.

The next scene takes us back to the hospital, where Anupama sips her beverage sitting when Kavya comes and asks if Vanraj told her anything. She says I saw you both talking; please tell me. I have borne so much over the last 24 hours. I can take it. Please tell me what happened, Anupama.

Kavya inquires Anupama what did Vanraj say to her?

Anupama makes sure to make Kavya understand that keep the trust as, without trust, the wall of faith gets weak. Hearing it, Kavya calms down a bit, tries remembering what happened on the cliff and even Anupama talks to herself in her mind. Anupama sits there thinking, I don’t know what happened there or if you are responsible for the accident. What I do know here is that you might not be responsible, but you definitely are the reason for it, and you will have to answer every question.

With this, the episode comes to an end, still leaving us on the cliff about what might have happened that day. Let’s hope for the best and wait for the next episode.


As the precap begins, Barkha, in front of the entire Shah and Kapadia family, is seen blaming Vanraj and says he will be punished for what he did. Anupama tries to stop her, but instead, Barkha asks her if you were in so much love with Vanraj Shah, why did you marry Anuj? Anupama also said, thank God that you talked about this matter in the hospital or else I would have given you a perfect reply and would have shown you what I do when my character is being questioned.

Barkha blames Vanraj for whatever happened and questions Anupama’s character when she tries to stop her

What next is definitely a question worth asking now, as the Anupama written update is going to be more and more filled with drama ahead.

Final words

Anupama today written update shows two sides. On the one hand, Anupama sits worried, and on the other, Barkha plans on how to take advantage of the situation to take over the business. How is this right don’t know but with the precap, it seems like Barkha has a lot in mind. She blames Vanraj and points at Anupama’s character, all of it definitely going to bring in something big. But what would it be?

Try not to miss on miss on any of Anupama written episodes as there are a lot unanswered. We still remain unaware of how Anuj and Vanraj fell off the cliff, and it is expected to come up in the upcoming Anupama today episode.

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