1980’s Set Action Movie ‘Seoul Vibe’ Uncovering Crime Ring, Tailer Unveiled By Netflix

The trailer for Seoul Vibe, a Korean movie set in the 1980s, has been unveiled by Netflix. It is a driving action movie, the footage for which is available for the viewers to watch. The movie is expected to be released on August 26, 2022.

Seoul Vibe, an action film, brings the retro look of the 1980s when military rule was being left by South Korea in the rear-view mirror. It was the time when South Korea experienced the new cool, just like the new normal.

Seoul Vibe Storyline

The storyline of Seoul Vibe has put a lot of emphasis upon some classic vehicles and some driving’s breathtaking sequences. It also brings forward the popping visuals along with the soundtrack to groove on.

The Director of this movie is Moon Hyun-sung, and he has ensured that this action-filled heist film can bring forward its own style while focusing on the gearhead’s crew. This crew teamed up for busting the crime ring while the South Korean capital was making preparations for hosting the Olympics of 1988.

It was in such days when the Summer Olympics was up on the head, the crew of mechanics and drivers, called as Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, uncovered a lot. Their heist brought ahead the fishy business that involved the slush fund of the VIP.

Seoul Vibe Cast

Yoo Ah-in, the supreme driver who knew drifting skills perfectly; Kon Kyung-Pyo, the club DJ; Lee Kyu Hyung, the human navigator; Park Ju-hyun, the motorcyclist who was quite talented; and Ong Seong-wu, playing the role of Joon-gi, a mechanic; they all worked together to bring forward the truth that existed behind one of the money laundering rings that operated at a massive level.

The producer of this movie is Yoo Hyung-Seok, together with Kwon Oh-hyun. The production company part of the movie is Andmarq Studio, with UAA acting as the co-production company.

When is the Seoul Vibe being released?

The release date of Seoul Vibe isn’t finalized yet. However, this movie will be released shortly after the release of an original actioner named Carter from Korea. This movie is expected to be released on August 5. This date has been set right after 2 months of the pandemic outbreak, which got emanated from the demilitarized zone.

The movie Carter is about the special agent Carter who woke up with no past memory recollection. His head was acting literally as the bomb. He was also able to hear the mysterious voice that gave him the orders to go ahead on some special missions.

This movie starring Joo Won has been produced under the Apeitda Production and has been directed by the well-known Director Jung Byung-gil.

Final Words

So, as we do not have a released date for Seoul Vibe, all we can do is wait for the next announcement by Netflix. Till then, Carter is on the line. Hope you enjoy this amazing movie too.

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