1st August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: It’s Time For Good Decisions

Not all ends well, and the last episode, the precap of Anupama written episode, almost brought us closer to a fight between Anuj and Vanraj. Now whether the fight was resolved and things got sorted, all of it will be discussed in this Anupama today episode, where decisions are to be made, and actions are to be taken before it’s too late.

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Anupama written update: 

Anupama today written Update
Anupama today written Update

Anupama is all about drama, unrealistic expectations from some characters, and a depiction of a typical family, which seems to be modern, but the way they think and the actions they sometimes take it isn’t justifiable. So, before we go ahead with the past trends, even today, it seems like the entire Anupama written episode will be continuing at Shah’s house. But the point is how the same goes forward and what actions were taken on time is now to be known.

Today’s episode starts with Vanraj asking Anuj to take his kid and wife out of the house, and to this, Anuj agrees. He says, till now, I was completely quiet because of my Anu, but now I will speak because of her.

Further, pointing at Anupama, he then says, do you know that the memory of people from this house is quite weak, and they forget that the house which they call Shah’s house and do all the drama standing there, it was kept as a mortgage with Rakhi. Hearing it, Rakhi agreed, and Anuj continued. 

Then he said, it was me who helped you out to get rid of that burden of mortgage and give you a second chance. It was me who gave you in my company, and it was me who gave a job to Kavya so that all of this can affect your life positively and can bring changes to your thought and life. However, you, together with your two kids, have not understood anything at all, and how could you even understand; after all, you all are simply classless.

Anuj then points towards Ba and says, my Anu calls you mother, and what did you do? Do you remember when you pushed your own husband out of the house, it was your son who was standing against you? It was me who stood with you and helped you get back your respect within the house, and what did you do? You just stopped calling her Anupamaa, and you started to call her daughter. However, within your heart, your so-called toxic behavior still continued that existed when you were a mother-in-law to her.

Didn’t Vanraj say anything to all this?

Yes. In Anupama written update, he did speak. He says, oh, Maharaj Ji, if you are done with the storytelling, you can leave, or do you want to take some donations or fees with you?

To this, Anuj replies, oh, Vanraj, the storytelling is still left, and you will have to listen to all of it. Then he says, but first, we should start with Toshu, and pointing towards Paritosh says, you Toshu, you, you wanted to abort your child, isn’t it? How convenient? 

Anuj then asks Rakhi what did she give him, and she says Penthouse. He then says you are an amazing man whose wife was staying at her in-law’s house, but you were staying at her mother’s. Mind-blowing. I haven’t seen a shameless person like you. I thought with the passing time, you would understand, but this was a completely sheer waste of time. 

Anuj then points towards Pakhi and says you Pakhi beta, what should I say to you? I will tell you to grow up and to get mature, but now looking at your father, I clearly understand that in this home, maturity and growing up by no means have a chance or a place.

Vanraj’s anger causes a fight

Anupama today written Update
Anupama today written Update

Vanraj, in Anupama today episode for a long time, stood there and listened but hearing the last statement made by Anuj, he took hold of his collar and said, I told you beforehand, in my home, nobody can talk to my kids with disrespect. To this, Anuj said, even I told you beforehand that I do not like any kind of this respect with my Anu. So why don’t you just forget me and look at your home and your kid? You should worry about your home.

Vanraj is really angry, and he says to Anuj, do not worry about my home. Start looking at yours. To this, Anuj says, my house is not at all like your house Vanraj and Vanraj says, exactly, in my house, whatever it is, it is right in front, and it is nothing like yours. People there are something right in front and totally opposite behind, and your brother and sister-in-law…

Now before he could have said ahead, Vanraj is stopped by Pakhi, who says, Dad, please stop it.

Vanraj, though continues and says, whatever goes on there, it can always be seen clearly and completely understood. 

The fight continues, and both Vanraj and Anuj keep blaming each other for bringing each other’s home in between. While everyone, including Kavya, tries to stop the situation, the fight continues, and Vanraj says if you ever bring my family topic in between from today, I will kill you. Anuj responds, died those people who had to die, and there is a huge difference between doing and speaking about it.

Vanraj seems to be very angry, and he tells Anuj to stop making him angry, or he will kill him. Anuj to this says the body of Anuj Kapadia is not even that weak that anyone can take his life.

Vanraj swears to God and says, if you make me anymore angry, I will truly kill you. Anuj says, go ahead.

Entry of Anupamaa

Anupama today written Update
Anupama today written Update

In the past few episodes, or at least the two episodes and Anupama written update, it was seen Anupama sat there quietly, but now, she spoke. She asks both of the men to stop the fight. Hearing this, Anuj removes his hands from Vanraj’s collar and takes her in his arms.

Ba comes in between and says, you see Anupama? This is what I was afraid of, at least now I try to understand. Pakhi said she wouldn’t understand Ba, and Paritosh said, leave it, Pakhi, she will always remain the same. Hearing it, Kinjal said, you too will be the same. 

It was after it all that Kavya spoke up and said I always used to cry about why this family has never accepted me, but today I am very happy that this psycho family didn’t accept me. 

Ba tries to stop her and asks Anupama to leave with Anuj. Even Pakhi says, leave mom or else I will leave the house. Everyone looks at her with surprise, and Kavya asks, where will you, huh? Pakhi says, anywhere. I will go anywhere away from this house. 

Ba again speaks and asks Anupama why she is still standing there. She asks her to leave and never to come back as per Anupama today episode.

What did Anupama say?

Anupama shakes her head in agreement and says she wouldn’t come back. She repeatedly said she wouldn’t come back and told Pakhi to stay there and that she didn’t have to go anywhere.

Kinjal, hearing this, says, this is so unfair. She adds, why should I be punished for the mistakes of these stupid brats? Mom, please don’t come to meet me; you don’t even go to the doctor with me, but please don’t break the bond and relationship we have. 

Kinjal is seen begging her on a literal note. She even says Pakhi, you have no idea what you have done today, and to this, Kavya replies, until a mother is present, kids treat her like a doormat or like a punching bag, but when she is gone, kids cry. In spite of such crying in the latest situation, the mother wouldn’t come back. 

Kavya then says Anupama, Anupama, this is your home while Kinjal says, I am your daughter. Pakhi might not consider you her mother, but I do, and you will always be the same.

Kavya pointing towards Pakhi, says, this is your last chance. Think of it all and try to understand it all. Later you will cry a lot, and you will regret it a lot. To this, Pakhi says, there is only one thing to regret, and that is that I am the daughter of this woman.

Hearing the words of Pakhi, everyone seems disappointed, even Rakhi. Anupama is also seen recalling the past a bit where Pakhi is so lovable, hugs her, and talks and whatnot.

What happens next?

Anuj takes hold of Anupama’s hand while she looks at him and says, Anu is out. She went out with Bapu Ji. Anuj then asks Anupama to leave the place right now and get out with him.

Anupama stops him and says, 2 minutes, please. Just 2 mins. Anuj agreed and said, fine and said if any of these people say a word to you, you will have to answer them back. Don’t stay quiet. Me and Anu are waiting for you outside.

Saying this, he looks at every face in anger and leaves. While he does that, he thinks, just for the name’s sake, these relations are going to remain. But from this house and the people of it, whatever relations I had from heart, from today, it’s over.

Coming back to the Shah’s

Anupama wipes her tears and says, from today onwards, I will not enter this house, and to this, Vanraj replies I am so grateful to you. He says, before your husband comes here back again, please leave.

Anupama says, yes, I will, but before I do, I need to talk to the women of this house for 2 mins. Just 2 mins Ba.

Vanraj said, whatever you wish to say, say it in front of everyone, and Anupama replied, I said I need to talk to the women of this house. 

Vanraj joining his hands, responds okay, mother, why don’t you go ahead, finish up with the ladies meeting and then leave?

Is Anuj still waiting outside?

Yes. He can be seen waiting and having a hard time breathing while he recalls the entire conversation that went on inside Shah’s house. He is also seen shouting in anger and hitting his car out of frustration.

Where are Anu and Hasmukh?

Anupama today written Update
Anupama today written Update

Anu with Hasmukh is still at the park. Anu is happy, and Hasmukh seems tired. Seeing him, Anu asks, what happened, grandfather? Are you getting tired? To this, he says yes, and Anu says, yes, mom told me you get tired easily and soon.

Hasmukh is then asked to tell a story, and he happily agrees to it. He then starts with the story and says there was a cuckoo who stayed in the neighborhood of crows. All the crows day and night used to speak bad and curse, but the cuckoo, she always replied sweet.

Hearing it, Anu asks why they didn’t cuckoo say badly. To this hasmukh says, this question was asked not just by you but by all. They asked why don’t you respond to them all just like they do? Hearing it, Anu becomes curious and asks, what did the cuckoo say then?

Hasmukh, to it, replied cuckoo said if even after all the crows living with her couldn’t change their behavior, then am I so mean or bad that I change my behavior staying with them? Now here in this place is only one cuckoo, and if even I start talking like them, then that day even one cuckoo won’t remain. She then said, when evil doesn’t get tired, so why do the good give up?

Hasmukh then points toward the butterfly which Anu made previously. He says this is a butterfly and the wings of it; there are all the colors of the world, but there isn’t one color, and that is the color of hatred as that one can color spoils the entire colors. This is why one can never expect the butterfly to sting you. Her job isn’t to give pain, but it is to give happiness.

Hearing the story Anu is very happy and plays with her butterfly while Hasmukh sits there smiling and looking at her.

Well, this is the only positive thing that you might get to read about in 1st August Anupama today written update which is full of questions, blames and whatnot.

Meeting with Shah’s women

Back to the house, we see Anupama facing all the women of the house. She says I will never come back to this house. She then goes to Pakhi and says because a piece of my heart will always stay in this home, and you cannot remove it even when you want because you are that piece of the heart. You caused severe pain to your mother’s heart and mind.

She then says, your mother has preserved every single thing of yours till date, and even this would be preserved. I will be preserving every pain and lie that was given by you because a mother is like that. A little bit mad and timid and the one who preserves the smallest of the things of their kids, and I will preserve this, and I will pray to the lord that he forgive you for all your mistakes.

Pakhi then says, if the mistake is mine, why are you asking for forgiveness? Anupama says, didn’t I tell you a mother is like that? Timid and mad. If she feels cold, she gives the sweater to her kid. If the kid makes any mistake, it is the mother who keeps on asking for forgiveness. I will preserve it all. 

Anupama then asks Pakhi, have you ever heard about cloud bursting? Have you ever understood it? I mean, when the rain doesn’t come together, the water from the clouds, altogether comes down at one place falls down just like all happened with you today. 

She then adds, so, when the cloud bursts, there comes the flood, and everything flows away, and today your mom has been flown away. But our relationship has not been ruined because of the water, and it will never will because of it. The relationship is there and will always stay.

Taking a deep breath and crying, she adds, I have given birth to you, and you are my daughter, and I am your mother, and this will always remain no matter how much you hate me with all your heart. So, irrespective of your hate, I can never hate you. I don’t want that in this house there are fights because of me and there arise any problems because of me and therefore I will not come back but this relationship between us what should I do with the same as because this will not end in this lifetime.

Anupama says Pakhi is sorry as she can’t end the relationship between the two in this lifetime. She says sorry as, to date, she was the reason for Pakhi’s embarrassment, and today she has become the reason for her hatred. She repeatedly says her sorry and says sorry for being her mother.

Anupama then moves toward Ba and asks them to be sorry for whatever was said by Anuj to her. She says Anuj might be right at his place, and whatever he said might be right, but he forgot one thing that a mother could make mistakes, but a mother can never be wrong, and you are my mom, and you might not consider me your daughter what you are my mom.

She says, even if this relationship is one-sided, but you are my mom; even if you do not want it, you are the same and will always be the same. Hearing it, Ba turns her face away.

Anupama then said, wow, today, even my daughter turned her face to me and also my mom. She adds, I have other relations in my life, and they have been made from time to time, but I have never left the previous relations, and I always wanted them to come along, but I just have one request, I know you will keep good care of Kinjal, and even she loves you a lot but please now, you become her mother. Be her mother, please.

Anupama then goes to Rakhi and says, I hope everything is fine and there isn’t anything missing. I hope you got your entertainment completely. Today a mom got inserted in front of the whole generation, and even you wouldn’t have seen the same earlier. I hope you enjoyed it all. She says I don’t know if we will ever be meeting again or where we will meet; I just want that I do not meet you again in the hatred and the situation of hatred.

Rakhi says, don’t worry, Anupama, till Kinjal’s delivery, I will be staying here. Now, Anupama feels relieved and says thank you. She says you are here; Ba is here; kavya is here, so now I do not have to worry about Kinjal but make sure that you fight less with my mom.

With the end of the conversation with Rakhi, Anupama looks at Kinjal and says, come on, stop it now. How much will you cry? She says you are not supposed to cry, and to it, Kinjal says, mom, please. Please not be so upset that you don’t come back to your own home. She keeps on saying please and please until Anupama replies that a mom doesn’t leave the house because she is upset, she leaves after breaking down, and today, I am broken.

Kinjal tries to stop her and cries, and seeing it, Anupama asks her not to. She says stop crying otherwise, the baby will think that my mom is a cry baby. She then says to kinjal, you too are about to become a mother now, and I hope, and I will pray to God that even in dreams should not have to face the day that I have faced today.

This situation is definitely quite emotional, and even Rakhi can be seen crying here.

Anupama says, but no problem, even when one daughter has broken the relationship with me, I do have another daughter. God knows that to date, I did not make any difference between you and Pakhi. In the previous life, you were definitely my daughter this is why the lord has sent you to me in this birth also.

While this continues, the episode comes to an end, and so does Anupama today return update.


So, let’s give you a precap to the next Anupama today written update. For the same, in the precap video, that is streaming online, one can see Anupama saying that this relationship will be broken only after death. The relation indeed exists, but there is no right. Anuj is seen talking to Hasmukh, where he tells him that whenever his wife gets insulted, you are not there. He also tells him that after today Anupama will not be coming to the house ever. Hasmukh asks, not even to meet me?

In the next scene, Anupama is seen saying, who knew the games this lord plays. Who knows this lord taking hold of my finger, one more time brings to this house, and that day, I will have to tell you in the same way as you do, Anupama is back.

Final Words

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