23rd August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: Live, Laugh & Spread Just Love

Anupama today written update: Previously, in Anupama today episode, we see Anupama making Anuj ready while Barkha and Ankush plan for a great celebration for themselves. But the question is, to what extent will this all go? 

Also, how can we forget the precap wherein comes Vanraj to visit Anuj at his house? We expect a lot of drama coming ahead. So stay tuned with Anupama today episode.

For more updates, read through the events of Anupama today episode and find out more drama and celebrations. Do not miss any bit of the Anupama written update, as twists and turns, truth and lies, all are a lot more expected ahead.

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Live, Laugh & Spread the love

A lot more drama has occurred in the past than we could have imagined. We don’t know how far it would go, but for Anupama today episode, it is all about the celebrations, and you should definitely not miss on, just like the characters aren’t.

So, Anupama written update starts with Anupama bringing Anuj for the celebrations. We also see how amazing a dance Anupama presents, and she does her best to give the best of her performance, not for the world but for Anuj.

Anupama today written update: Anupama Celebrates Janmashtmi and Anuj's Birthday
Anupama today written update: Anupama Celebrates Janmashtmi and Anuj’s Birthday

Barkha might not seem so cool with it all, but she knows now is not the time, and so, when they see that the entire office has been invited to the festive celebration, all she ends up saying is Ankush, it’s good. They all should see who will be the future owner of Kapadia business.

Moving ahead, with the end of the dance, there was cake, and with the end of the cake, all continued with celebrations.

All celebrate Janmashtmi with a lot of happiness at Kapadia house

While all the good things seem to happen in Kapadia’s house, we see everyone realizing that Vanraj was not present where everyone was, and so they get worried that he might have gone to the Kapadia house. However, before Toshu goes out and sees where Vanraj went, Vanraj enters the scene, and everyone gets a bit relaxed, and Leela asks Pakhi and Toshu to start with the rituals.

Everyone is worried about Vanraj leaving to meet Anuj when he enters the scene

Getting back to the Kapadia house, Ankush accidentally drops the legal papers, and after bidding goodbye to all, when Anupama enters the house, she gets a hand over it. She thinks the papers are important and before she can open the same, Barkha snatches it calling the papers of her importance.

Barkha then warns Ankush of his stupid mistakes and tells him not to stand like a statue today as all that she is doing, its for them, not her. Seeing them talking so much with legal papers in hand, Anupama is worried about what Barkha is planning about but then again, it’s Janmashtmi, so why not just enjoy today and worry about everything else later?

Legal papers reach Anupama’s hands and as she was about to read it, Barkha snatches it away

Well, so did Anupama think, and they all prayed to Lord Krishna, with Anupama at Kapadia’s house and with every Shah at the Shah’s house.

Anupama even starts to cry, but Anu wipes her tears, and Anupama then prays for Anuj’s well-being to the Lord. While they all do, both Vanraj and Anuj remember the past memories. Anuj sits there, but Vanraj gets out of the house and leaves for Kapadia’s.

Both Shahs and Kapadias enjoy at their homes and then Vanraj soon leaves to give Anuj a visit

Enough of dance and devotion- Its time for some action

Enough of dance and devotion- It’s time for some action, said Barkha, and when they were all busy praying, enters Vanraj, who comes sits nearby, Anuj and apologized to him. He even kept saying, Anupama and Anu need him, and therefore, he must get well soon.

All of what Vanraj does, it comes to everyone’s attention, and they are shocked to see him here. Soon, even Pakhi comes in, and we see how she helped Vanraj to come to Kapadia house.

Vanraj comes to Kapadia’s house for apologizing to Anuj for whatever happened

Both Barkha and Ankush are happy to see Vanraj there, but Barkha thinks it’s good as it will help create a better scene. Even Anupama inquires about why Vanraj is there, but Vanraj keeps on apologizing.

Before anything could continue, Rakhi enters the scene. She wishes everyone and says that she followed Vanraj and Pakhi. She even says the Shah family does so much drama on festive days that she couldn’t resist being here.

Later Barkha starts to taunt Vanraj and then Anupama, too, and Rakhi is impressed as she says that Barkha doesn’t seem to forget her culture even after staying in the US for so many years.

Barkha creates a scene and starts to blame Vanraj and then Anupama

Shahs are back

With all the drama ongoing at the Kapadia house, a few more Shah family join the scene. They all seemed to be there for Vanraj, but Ankush took it the other way and found a way to taunt, just like Barkha. He says, why are you guys here? You could have simply called. At first, Vanraj didn’t like his daughter to be at Kapadia’s house, but here they are together. Also, Leela didn’t like the families to be together, but today, all are together.

Everyone gets taunted by Ankush, and Barkha insults the Shah family asking them to leave. Anupama tries to stop saying, today is a festive day, and it’s my Anuj’s birthday. Barkha stops her right there, and she says, my Anuj, my Anuj, you show-off and pretend to love him, I wish you actually loved him so much.

The Shah family reach the Kapadia house for taking back Vanraj but this too creates a lot of trouble

Anupama tries to stop Barkha, but Barkha insults her by calling her a divorcee and mother of 3 who Anuj married. She says you had your lottery, but you couldn’t handle it too. You couldn’t be a good wife and a love coz if you did, you wouldn’t have been supporting all this.

Barkha blames Vanraj for every bit of what happened with Anuj, and she says with so much happening, you still are supporting Vanraj. Now she gets interrupted by Rakhi, who says it’s because it’s just the relationship that ended; there is still something which is left between them.

Kavya tries to take Anupama’s and Vanraj’s side, but Barkha takes advantage and then later says, we don’t trust you. You are neither capable of handling the responsibility of Anuj, nor neither are you capable enough of handling the Kapadia business. While all this is ongoing, Anuj seems to feel the emotions of it all, and he makes little movements.

Hearing all that was happening with Anupama, Anuj shows some hand movements as if he wasn’t able to handle it all hearing

Ankush says it’s good that everyone is here; all will happen in front of them. They all fight and blame each other, and soon Barkha hands Anupama the legal papers to read. With Anupama continuing to read the papers, the Anupama today episode comes to an end.

Anupama is handed with the legal papers and we all await to know what was in there


In the precap, we see Ankush saying, from now on, Kapadia business will be managed by me, not you. We then see Anupama saying to Barkha and Ankush that, today, you guys started the Mahabharata. However, you guys forgot, that whenever Mahabharata will happen, he too will come.

Anupama gives reference of Mahabharata and Anuj wakes up and calls out Anu

Just in the next right there, we see Anuj’s hand movements and the nurse calling out for Anupama, saying Anuj sir, and Anupama gets worried, but Anuj seems to be speaking now. He calls out Anu, and the precap ends here.

A lot more coming up in the next Anupama written update. Stay tuned!

Anupama today written update: Final Words

Anupama today written update comes to an end with happiness that gets stuck by greed. While we hope for Anuj to get well soon, we see a lot more mishaps created by Barkha and Ankush. Now the question is, how long will it take for Anuj to wake up and save the day in the upcoming Anupama today episode?

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