29th July 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: A Hatred-filled Argumentative episode

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Anupama today episode:

In today’s episode of Anupama, one can see a huge scene created at the house of Shah’s. Kavya asks Anu to go to Pakhi’s room and play with the teddy. However, Anu isn’t ready to go. She apologizes to Kavya as she doesn’t want to leave her mother and play games. 

On the one hand, this goes on, Pakhi speaks up again. She asks Anu to take Anupama with her, not to the room but to her home, which is the Kapadia house. Hearing it, Anu says to Pakhi that it is her room too, but Pakhi asks her to shut up. 

Seeing Pakhi shout at Anu, Anupama asks Pakhi to stop, and Kinjal tells Pakhi that this is no way to talk to a child. 

Now, the question here is, will this even stop? Will this heated scene come to an end after Anupama today episode? Go ahead and read further. Hopefully, you will get the answer to it all.

What happens next on Anupama?

While the above goes on in Anupama today episode, Pakhi says, how can I forget that my mom’s commander is there to defend her? Not just this, now even Rakhi enters the scene and says, 

“Ba, ap toh din bhar sitar bajane ke liye bechan ghumte rehte hain, aj jab apki poti ne bakai sitar bajane wale harkat ki hai toh ap yu hath pe hath dhare khade hai.” 

Rakhi further adds that Pakhi has insulted her daughter Kinjal and Ba; she calls her a serpent and tells her that every work is done after thinking a lot. However, Rakhi doesn’t stop. She tells Ba that today she is silent as Pakhi has not yet insulted her. 

Now, while all this goes on, Vanraj simply stands there and keeps listening to it all. He doesn’t interrupt, and neither does he stops Pakhi. 

Rakhi even asked Ba to take a step and give a tight slap on Pakhi’s face to shut her up, but as a responsible person, Ba says, the situation will get worse. To this, Rakhi says, what situation, what words, everything in this house seems to be at its worst.

After all of this, now Vanraj finally takes a step and tells Pakhi that now it is too much, and Pakhi immediately responds that, it’s just a start, and it definitely is. 

Now while it all goes on, Anupama stops Pakhi and asks Anu to go to Kinjal’s room, but she denies it as she doesn’t want her to leave alone. It is now that Hasmukh, Vanraj’s father, steps in, and he tries to lure her with some interesting edibles. So, now before Anu went along with Hasmukh, she said Pakhi that her teacher used to say that one must not get angry at their mother as then God gets angry with them. 

After this, Anu left, and Pakhi said, wow, mom, your new daughter truly resembles you, and when she grows up, she too will be just like you, try to influence others with her words and thoughts.

Even when Anupama tries to stop Pakhi from hearing it all, Pakhi doesn’t. She responds back and says, what? What will happen if I do not shut up? What will you do?

What is happening in the life of Anuj?

As per Anupama today written update, you will get all the information about every character in here.

So, while the drama is ongoing at the Shah’s house, we are taken to the scene where Anuj is driving the car and thinking of Anupama. He talks to himself and says that Anupama nowadays has been bearing a lot. At home, at her maternal home, everywhere, and even when she is trying her best to keep everything together, and she always pays painfully for it. But why?

Anuj even questions God why he keeps taking continuous tests of Anupama and says, now this is seriously enough. The water is going above the head.

(Make sure you keep reading ahead Anupama written update to get in-detail information about the episode)

Coming back to Shah’s house

Anupama is seen in Anupama today episode, asking Pakhi if she is having any kind of attack that is making Pakhi speak such nonsense for that long. She even said that she stopped Pakhi from staying at Kapadia’s house as Vanraj didn’t like it. So, what’s the big deal?

Pakhi now says, isn’t this a big deal that my mom asked me to get out of the home? She added, even Barkha aunty was supporting me, but my mom didn’t, and now you are asking what the big deal is?

Anupama says the matter isn’t as big as Pakhi has made it. She even said that she didn’t push Pakhi out of the home, and Vanraj came there to take Pakhi home, and she just sent her. Nothing more.

Ba tries speaking in between. She took the side of Anupama and said that Pakhi’s words were a representation of what was being taught to her by Adhik. Now, Pakhi doesn’t like it, and she tries to stop Ba. Hearing it, Rakhi congrats Ba saying Pakhi found Ba her Son-in-law. Ba tries to stop Rakhi and asks Pakhi, why they should not speak anything about Adhik, and Pakhi says, it is because I do have my own brain.

While all this happens, Kavya says what a joke, Pakhi and Pakhi responds, you guys are insulting me, and Ba says, as if Pakhi is doing anything right. She, too, is insulting people there. Ba is then stopped by Pakhi, saying that, why is she being affected when Pakhi is speaking to her mother? She even blames Ba, saying since years, Ba, too, has been doing the same. 

Now, this is where Anupama stops Pakhi and says, Ba is like Anupama’s mother, and she can say anything to Anupama. She even says that to date, this is what has been happening in society, but now, with such kids, it seems like the trend has changed as the kids can now do anything. From speaking ill to abusing parents, this generation can do it all. 

Anupama said to Pakhi, keep questioning today. Your questions might end, but not my answers. She even asks her who Pakhi is to stop Anupama from entering the Shah’s house. She even claims that before Pakhi, this home has been her, and it will remain the same.

Well, now the worst comes in when in Anupama today episode Pakhi says, this is yours, that is yours, this is right, everything you want, you call it your own, and this is how you capture everything. She further adds, just 2-3 truth bombs, are they affecting Anupama? Did it all take away her greatness? After it, she even says okay, now I will stop talking, or else you will start crying.

This is where Vanraj steps in and tries to stop Pakhi, but Pakhi requests her not to stop her as if today she doesn’t speak, she wouldn’t be able to do it ever. She requests way too much while everyone keeps looking at her, and Anupama pulls her up and tells her to speak as today she is ready to listen to it all. Everything that Pakhi has to say, she will listen, and none should interrupt.

Does this scene end?

If you are reading the entire Anupama written episode, you know the answer to it is no. Pakhi doesn’t let it end. She keeps saying and blames Anupama that she comes to Shah’s house whenever she wants and stays there, but whenever Pakhi wants to go to Kapadia’s house, she isn’t allowed to stay there and is asked to take permission from 10 people. 

She then says, what is the use of the permission too? I am not even allowed to stay there even after the permission. All I wanted was to stay just for one day, and you couldn’t bear it, right? Why did you do it? Is it because your new daughter will face problems because of me? 

While all this goes on, Ba tries to say Pakhi, talk but talk right. Learn the boundary as Anupama is your elder, and to this, Pakhi says, she learned it from Ba only to speak right and clearly without any filters.

Anupama tries to stop Pakhi and asks Pakhi to talk to her. Pakhi taking advantage says she is the 1st mom in this world who just thinks about herself. She then goes on and on. Calling her selfish, insecure, and full of pride just because she is now married to a well-to-do family.

Pakhi even says, when Anupama didn’t have anything, she was a perfect mother, perfect daughter-in-law, and perfect in every relation, but now, as she became a part of the Kapadia family, she now is full of pride. 

Pakhi even tries to justify her statement by saying in Shah’s house, Anupama didn’t have her way, and at Kapadia’s house, the house couldn’t run without her. She keeps saying bad to her mother and insulting her while everyone just stands there and listens.

Didn’t anyone at the house try stopping Pakhi?

Yes, in Anupama today episode attempts were made to stop Pakhi. Even after all this, Kavya tried making Vanraj stop all this getting a flashback about how Anupama once supported her through the tough situation, where she is seen crying.

Kavya knew this wasn’t right, but Vanraj just stood there. Now, this is where she came ahead and said, when Anupama wasn’t anything, you used to get embarrassed, and today when she has it all, even today, you are disturbed.

To it, Pakhi says that the problem is with mom. Even when at Kapadia’s house, everything is under mom’s control; she still wants us to control us all and to move right and forth as Anuj does. 

Pakhi even says that Anupama has God’s syndrome where she considers herself a goddess, but which goddess thinks about herself before her kids? Instead of getting her daughter married, she gets married. Instead of taking care of a grandchild, she adopts a daughter. She then says you did what you always wanted but did you think about others? 

Pakhi called Anupama selfish and an imposter as she could write a book on how to become a good mother, but she could never be one. Even for a second, she didn’t care about how Anupama was feeling, and so, Anupama said, don’t even give such deep pain that your mother can’t bear it.

What about Anu?

Reading ahead Anupama written update, in the next scene, one can see Anu and Hasmukh together, where he tries offering Anu some sweets, and she says, we eat sweets in happiness, right and when her mom is sad, how can she eat sweets? 

Well, to this, Hasmukh first thinks to himself that, on the one hand, there is Pakhi, who even in so many years, couldn’t understand her mother, and on the other hand, there is Anu, who in just a few days understood Anupama so well. Definitely, the relation of love is greater is than the relation of blood. 

Seeing him lost, Anu asks her what happened, and he says nothing. He says that he thought that sweets aren’t to be eaten just for happiness; one can eat sweets anytime, even to become happy and even when one is sad. So, now Anu becomes happy and starts eating her cream roll.

Hasmukh also thinks that a child can be one’s biggest asset, but when this asset becomes life’s biggest sadness, well, it becomes hard. 

Further scenes of Anupama written update

While all goes on, Pakhi asks Anupama why she is here. At Kapadia’s house, she has everything, so why come to the Shah’s?

In the background, one can see Paritosh entering the scene and inquiring Kinjal about what is happening. To this, Rakhi says, the same thing which always happens. It is just that it is 10 times more now.

All goes on, and so does the blame game of Pakhi, who says to Anupama that 1st you got against all and divorced Vanraj, and then you left home and your kids, then had an affair and finally fostered a child. So, you did everything you wanted but thought of the kids? The decision was yours, but we were bearing the consequences as people and friends laughed at us, and we saw our parents getting away. What about you? You became the owner of Kapadia house.

Now Anupama speaks and says do you feel bad, Pakhi, that I became the owner? Kids like you just want your mother to be a maid and move right and forth, taking care of your needs and crying in one corner of the house when needed. This is what you kids want, right? A mom is only a mom when she is poor, doesn’t speak anything, or doesn’t do anything. Isn’t it? If there is kajal instead of tears in the eyes of a mother, she isn’t a mother anymore. Right?

So, when Pakhi doesn’t have an answer to it all, she says you parents do this always. When the truth is right in front, you get into the sarcastic mode. So, when you get done with your drama, then I will speak.

Anupama says this is what you kids know too. You turn your back and walk away when you do not have the answer. To it, Pakhi says, she isn’t going anywhere, and she stopped thinking about Anupama, or else it could have been bad.

Anupama responds, don’t, by joining her hands. She says you don’t think about me. To date, when did you think of your mother that you are trying to do it now? Do not get this bad habit. You don’t care. Your mother is affected, or if she feels bad or gets her heart broken, even if she dies due to the words of her kids, you do not have to think about your mom. You just keep speaking, please.

Pakhi says, you won’t be able to listen, and Anupama responds, if till now I am standing alive here listening to your words, I will manage through.

Pakhi then calls Anupama a home-breaker and a person who didn’t just break home but relations too. She said Anupama always entered between people and their relations, which is her favorite time pass. She even blames Anupama for all the broken relations at home, including Ba and Moti Ba. 

Anupama asks Pakhi not to take Moti Ba’s name and says if Pakhi brings back her name, she will give her a tight slap. Now, Pakhi says, if you do that, I know how to stop your hand. I won’t get hit by you.

Anupama is now heartbroken, and Kavya tries to handle her. Vanraj speaks in between, but Pakhi says mom has done too much, and it is unbearable now. She knows well to get in between others, and now this has become a habit. First, Ba and Moti Ba, then she didn’t allow Kavya and Ba to get closer, and neither did she allow a good relationship between Ba and Bhabhi. Also, now it is all because of her that Ba and Bapu Ji fight each other.

Hearing it all, Anupama is shocked. However, this doesn’t end here, and Pakhi even blames Anupama for the fights between Kavya and Vanraj. 

By all means, Pakhi leaves no space for Anupama to get back to herself. She keeps blaming her for everything, even for the bad relationship between Anuj and Malvika and even between Anuj’s brother and sister-in-law. Pakhi calls her a wall standing in between the relations.

Where is Anuj?

Anuj is seen still in his car. He worries about why Anupama is not picking up his call and what Anupama is facing considering the previous day’s drama created by Pakhi. He worries about what has happened at Shah’s house, and his worries seem quite reasonable.

Did any of the characters say anything to Pakhi later in the show?

Yes. Kavya comes forward to support Anupama. She called Pakhi a Useless, Thankless, and Pointless kid. She said I used to complain to God about why didn’t I have my own kids, but if becoming a mother means hearing all this, I don’t want to become a mother. She thanks God for not having kids and says if she had been Pakhi’s mother, she would have beaten Pakhi enough to change the geography of her face.

While this goes on, Anupama stands there feeling bad about what she heard about her daughter. 

Rakhi tried interrupting Kavya and said not to be so angry. She said even if Pakhi is saying it all in the wrong tone and in anger but what she is saying is true. If I can be shocked to hear that Anupama picked a kid and brought her home so, Pakhi is quite reasonable with what she is saying.

Now Kinjal tries interrupting and says Anuj and Anupama are foster parents of Anu. To this, Rakhi says, what if someday she picks up a kid and brings her home, telling Kinjal she is your younger sister, so teach her, feed her and do her hair, you too would feel bad. Well, don’t know if what Rakhi says was true, but Kinjal said, you were barely able to handle one kid, can’t expect another.

As the show goes ahead, Rakhi calls Pakhi rude and says at least I raised my daughter right, and she isn’t rude like Pakhi. 

Now, Kavya comes in between and says she is rude because her father is allowing her to be so. She points at Vanraj, saying you say you are a great father, so why don’t you bear the responsibility of it and do right by teaching your rude daughter some manners.

Vanraj, to this, responds, whatever I want to teach her, I will. You don’t come in between. Now, Kavya says that if you don’t stop this rudeness today, this will continue ahead, and soon Vanraj, you too will become a part of the list of this rudeness. Hearing it, Vanraj says, since when do you start liking lecturing? And Kavya says since you stopped.

Kinjal tries to speak in between saying, what is all this happening and Paritosh says, it’s all that mom wanted. He then questioned Anupama, saying are you happy, mom? It is because of you that my wife is disturbed, and my entire family sees fights. When asked to stop, he says I can’t be like Samar, who accepts everything said by mom. I am telling the truth.

Ba now speaks up. She asks everyone to stop, comes ahead, tells Pakhi that she will talk to her later, and asks Anupama not to come back to Shah’s house again. Hearing it, everyone is quite shocked, and the show ends.


Anupama can be seen crying. She says it’s after a lot of difficulties that she learned how to handle what’s her, and so, she wouldn’t leave behind what’s her. She says she will come to Shah’s house and she wouldn’t stop.

Vanraj now asks Anupama to shut up and to stop the drama, or else he will throw Anupama away. This is where Anuj enters and says, don’t even try to touch her. He says, on a normal day, my Anu would have been enough for all, but today, as she is crying, this definitely isn’t a normal day, and so, on behalf of Anupama, today I will fight for her. What next will be seen in the next episode and the next Anupama today written update. Try not to miss.

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