28th July 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: A Total Shocker

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Anupama Today Written Update

Anupama today written update
Anupama today written update [Source: Hotstar]

Anupama today written update: While Anupama prays to the Sun god and the Tulsi plant, Anu asks her the reason for the same. To this, Anupama gives an answer to Anu while Anuj can be seen adoring both Anu and Anupama. Anupama is then seen praying to the God for safekeeping of her family and to keep them together. After the prayer, Anuj then asks Anu and Anupama to give a visit to the Shahs.

Later in the episode, one can see Pakhi apologizing to Adhik and blaming her parents for the entire mess. The best happens when Adhik answers that he is ready to bear anything for his Pakhu. He then adds how much he misses her and how much he likes her presence in his house. Adhik also speaks about his fear that one-day Pakhi might stop visiting him due to Vanraj and Anupama, to which Pakhi replies that she loves Adhik. Even Adhik confesses his love to her, and then Pakhi is seen leaving with a promise to meet Adhik after her college. 

What else can be seen in today’s episode?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama today Written Update [Source: Hotstar]

It is being tried that Anupama written update can cover all of it. Hopefully, it will satisfy your curiosity and will make you come back again looking for more.

As of the episode, Anupama and Anu spend their time together. Anupama is also seen talking to Ankush and Anuj and asking them to have a puja during the month of Savan. When asked by Barkha about the reason for it, Anupama says it’s for the safety of all.

Considering the ongoing savan month, Barkha says that during the month of Savan, all the girls of the house, they should remain together. It is then she takes the name of Pakhi and Kinjal. She further added that Pakhi has been quite upset in the past few days. To this, Anuj asks her not to worry about Pakhi as he trusts Anupama to handle the situation there.

He even asks Barkha not to come in between Pakhi and Anupama. It is then Ankush asks Anuj not to take Adhik and Barkha as wrong. But guess what? Anuj didn’t take the name of Adhik, and that’s what he responded. Then Barkha tells Anuj not to be rude to Adhik, to which Anuj asks her if he isn’t the family and then says Ankush for taking Adhik to work with him.

What More About Anupama Today Episode?

 Anupama today episode
 Anupama today episode

In Anupama today episode, Kinjal is seen making the hair of Pakhi. Seeing her get ready, Leela inquires why is Pakhi getting all dressed up. In between it all, Kavya then asks Leela for not to be a complaint box.

Pakhi is allowed by Vanraj to go to college all alone. He even said that he trusts her and is quite confident in Pakhi. This makes Pakhi elated, while the decision of Vanraj is disliked by Leela.

Later in the episode, Anupama can be seen inquiring to Anuj about why he repeated the other night’s talk right in front of Adhik and Barkha. This talk between Anupama and Anuj is overheard by Ankush. The talk worries Ankush as he gets to know that Anuj is about to make some sort of announcement.

Anupama today episode
Anupama today episode

Shahs get a visit by Rakhi later in the episode. Leela and Rakhi are also seen arguing about the delivery of Kinjal, and Kinjal, on seeing this argument and fight, gets angry. She brings forward her decision that her delivery, it will take place at the house of Shah’s. A decision is also made by Rakhi to stay at the Shah’s till the delivery of Kinjal, and the Shahs, well, they are actually stunned.

Rakhi further learns about Anu. Apart from it, one can see Pakhi misbehaving. She even questions the visit of Anupama and asks her to leave her house. Pakhi is then asked by Vanraj to behave right. Even Kinjal is seen asking Pakhi to give Anupama some respect considering the fact that she is her mother. However, instead of giving respect, Pakhi calls Anupama a Kalank in the name of mother.

She calls her the stone while Anupama is seeing standing there, all full of tears. The worst is that while this all goes on and on, Rakhi calls it entertainment at Shah’s house, and this is how the episode ended, and so do we come to the end of Anupama today written update

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Anupama Today Written Update

Anupama gets accused by Pakhi. She accuses her because of her changed behaviour after becoming the Kapadia. Further, Anuj makes the decision to make a move while Anupama can be seen saying that any helpless mother, she is only considered for the child who is like Pakhi.

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