2nd August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: Stay Right By The Right Side

Anupama: The previous Anupama today episode ended on an emotional note where one can see Anupama going against her own decision of coming back to Shah’s. She is doing it so that there can be peace at the house and the people who have started to hate her, including her own kids, they can too get their space. Now, the question here is, will in Anupama today episode, anything unexpected would happen, or will the story continue the same with Anupama and Anu leaving with Anuj? 

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Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

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Anupama Written Update

The Anupama today episode starts with Anupama talking to Kinjal. She is seen promising her that she would be there whenever Kinjal needs her as she knows her responsibilities quite well. 

Kinjal says, I will be really scared without you in this Shah’s house, so please do not go. Anupama replies, what is there to be scared? All are here with you, including Rakhi, Kavya, everyone else, and then this baby. So, whenever you feel scared, or your heart starts to pace, then talk to this kid.

Saying the above, Anupama turns to Ba and says, do you remember when I was pregnant with Kinjal, I got an opportunity to go to America. I really wanted to, but when I got to know that Pakhi was about to be born, at that time, nothing was bigger than that news. 

She further adds, I would have even left heaven at that point of time. What is America in front of it? However, sometimes I used to get sad. I wanted to show my art and passion to the world. To present them with my dance, I wanted that so bad, but Pakhi was about to be born. But it’s alright as I could easily talk to Pakhi at that time, and she used to give me the courage, and today, my daughter took every penny for the courage she gave me back then.

Didn’t Anupama have anything to say to Kavya?

Yes, Anupama today written update does have a lot of it to be brought ahead. 

Now, saying all the above, Anupama takes a sigh of relief and turns to Kavya. She then says her, your husband, till date, he never understood the relation me and you have, and he would never understand it. 

She adds that for these men, these relations are like a plain straight line. Either a friend or a foe or clarity or stuck. For them, if there is one messed thread, they lose their mind and start to think, oh goodness, why should I get disturbed due to it. Let’s just break it. 

Anupama then says, but we women aren’t the same. We even take care of that messed thread, and this is why you and me, Kavya, even when the relation threat between us has been so messed up, we have tried to keep it properly. Today, when my own kid was there disrespecting me, to be by my side, you were there, Kavya. Thank you so much for it.

Kavya then says to Anupama, it is me who should be thankful to you. You taught me to live my life with my head held high. Thanks to you. But remember one thing that there isn’t one mistake of yours. The mistake of this house and the people of it, and this is why god has blessed you with Anu, a daughter who deserves to be your daughter.

Hearing it, all Pakhi looks angry, but Kavya doesn’t stop. She says, Anupama, Anu loves you a lot. Now, this brings a smile to Anupama’s face and says to her, I know, and I also know that you, too, want your baby.

Kavya responds, the pain which none could understand, you did. Saying it, she starts to cry, and Anupama says to her, if it would have been any other day, I would have prayed to god to give you a kid in your arms, but today, today, my kids have given me such big respect certificate. So, today this wish, this hope, I cannot make it today as I am scared to do so.

Kavya says, you are right. Thank god that I don’t have my own kids. Anupama said, I though am leaving you with the responsibility of my one kid, Kinjal. Take care of her, please. I know Rakhi’s sister will be there, but you too be there. She then cries and hugs both Kavya and Kinjal.

What next for Anupama today written update?

Anupama, after ending her conversation with all, turns to Pakhi and says something in some other language. She then explains the meaning of it, saying, killing a mother, even if you take out her heart, even that would ask about her kid. She hugs Pakhi, but Pakhi doesn’t hug her back. She resists for a long and then Anupama lets go.

Anupama promises Pakhi that she will never return back to the house. Kinjal then says mom Rakhshabandhan is coming. Wouldn’t you be here for that too? Anupama says no. I wouldn’t come here. 

She adds, Dolly, Sanjay, Samar, Toshu, everyone will be here, everyone will celebrate the rakhi festival, and even you enjoy it, Kinjal. We will meet anywhere but not at this home. Never. But this family and the members of it have always stayed in my prayers and will always be there. The relations I have here, it will end only after my death. So, relations are there, but now I don’t have any right here. 

She then says, Jay Shree Krishna and starts to walk away.

Where is everyone else? Where is Anuj?

Anuj is still standing outside the Shah’s house waiting for Anupama, all worried. In the next section of Anupama today episode, he can be seen standing there, and just then, he hears the voice of Anu. 

Anu shouts, papa in a happy tone, and Anuj wipes his tears. He walks toward her and asks, how are you, where are you coming from? Anu replied I was with Nanu, and I had a lot of cream rolls. She then asks Anuj, did you go inside and do everything right? 

Anuj looks surprised. It is then Anu replies, Pakhi didi is too angry at mom. I don’t understand why everyone keeps getting angry at her and shouting at her. 

Anuj replies, do not worry, kido, we will now take your mom from here. Where people shout at her, your mother wouldn’t go there, and neither would we.

Anu says, every day, I used to pray to God to give me a family, and you are leaving the family? If I don’t come here, everyone will feel bad, and most importantly, the small kid. Please do not stop me from coming back here, dad. She then says, my water bottle is in the car. Nanu papa hasn’t had the water in a long time, let me just go and grab the bottle for him.

As Anu leaves, Hasmukh says to Anuj, you and Anupama both are mature, but Anu is just a kid now. she is connected to this home. How will she stay away?

Anuj says, both this mother and daughter have similar hearts, but whatever happened inside today, I am taking my Anupama with me. 

He adds, Even this earth has a limit to bear things, and we are just humans. This home, we are done with it. Today for the first time, I saw a mother getting disrespected by her own kids. I do not come back here to see it again as because if I do, I will lose faith in every relation of this world. I wouldn’t be able to believe anyone. So, it is more than enough.

Anuj was too emotional while he said all this, but then controlling it, he spoke again. He says this Toshu and Pakhi, they were abusing their mother, this mother, to Anupama. These kids do not know what is a mother’s value as when they opened their eyes, their mother was there for them while they grew up. 

He then says, So, what would they know about what a mother is? Ask me, ask Anu, what a mother’s value is as we grew up in empty rooms of the orphanage. Bapu Ji, today when Anupama was insulted inside, I couldn’t stop myself. I don’t even know what things I said in anger, but I am definitely not sorry for that. 

Pakhi and Toshu, are both rude and disrespectful. They are as much mine as they are of Anupama. Even everyone here at this home is mine. My house is even yours, but Anupama wouldn’t come back here ever again.

Hasmukh asks, not even to meet me. Anuj says, no, she wouldn’t come even to meet you. He then says I have a complaint with you too. Whenever Anupama was insulted, knowingly, unknowingly, you leave from there. You never tried to stop your wife and son. Ba and Vanraj openly disrespect my Anupama. No one stops them, not even you. He then takes reference from Mahabharat and says, why?

Anuj then apologizes to Hasmukh. He says I am sorry for talking such things, but it is about my Anupama, this is why I couldn’t stop myself from saying it all.

Hasmukh says, yeah, it’s alright. No one should stay quiet like this. You are completely right. I kept silent not just once but 1000s of times, and this is my biggest mistake. Now, this punishment for it, I should get. My daughter should stop coming to this house, and this will be my punishment.

Anuj apologizes again and asks for forgiveness. Hasmukh stops him. It was then Anu came back. She asks them to drink water. Anuj then asks her, how many cream rolls did you have when you were out there with Nanu papa. She says three, and the scene ends, and so does this section of Anupama written update.

Taking back to the Shah’s house

Anupama is seen praying to God in the house temple while everyone stands there. She says to God, in this house’s temple, I am standing here probably for the last time. I might not come back here again, but please make sure that peace, wealth, and good don’t leave the house. You keep coming back here, please, especially on Jamastmi, so that in this house the entire year, there can be happiness. 

She then takes her bag, looks at Vanraj, goes to him, and says, you never did right by me. Neither when we had the relationship nor when that relationship was broken. Even today, if you wanted, there wouldn’t have been such a big wall between a mother and a daughter. The relationship might have been broken, but it wouldn’t have made such huge noise.

Anupama then says to Vanraj, for you, I always had anger, but now, it has increased to a greater extent. But to date, I haven’t taken anything from this house, and neither will I do the same today. So, my anger, I am leaving it in the feet of God. You always say you are a very good father, but you just keep saying it. At least now, try that you become a good father. Your mistakes, for it, I might even forgive you someday, but God wouldn’t. 

 Anupama further adds that the nameplate of this house, it never had my name. However, on the soul of this house, my name was there, and it will remain forever. I wouldn’t come back to this house ever again, but we don’t know the game this lord plays. Who knows, the lord taking hold of my finger brings me back to this home, and at that time, I have to speak to you just as you speak to me; Anupama is back.

Final scenes of Anupama today episode

Anupama wipes her tears. She looks at Paritosh, who looks away. She then says to him, now, when you have already turned your face from me, what can I say to you? I just pray to the lord that he keeps you happy, and more than that, he gives you a brain.

Once done, Anupama turns to Kavya and Kinjal. She says I will talk to Samar later. You guys make sure to take good care of this home and my kids. 

She then looks out of the home and starts to walk towards it thinking this has been ongoing since centuries. Nothing is new here. On the harsh words of the kids, I don’t recall any mother who didn’t cry. 

When they are in arms, they consider their mother as their home, but when they grow up, they start considering their mother as their foe. They forget it is because of these kids how many nights their mother didn’t sleep. I don’t remember a mother who didn’t cry at the harsh words of her kids. 

The lullaby the mother sang for kids, kids gave it all back. Mother used to think she had a little respect, but these kids showed her the mirror. However, even after it all, there is still love and care. There is only one thing that isn’t lost don’t remember a mother who didn’t cry at the harsh words of her kids.

With the kind of poetry lines, the episode finally comes to an end, and so does the Anupama written episode.


In the next Anupama today episode precap, one can see Anupama hugging Hasmukh and crying. Hasmukh then hands Anupama’s hand in the hand of Anuj and says, go beta, go, stay happy always.

Hasmukh is then seen in anger, saying to all, in the heart of a mother, there lies the God and the people who hurt a mother’s heart, the God never forgets them. He then says, everyone here, the things you did with my daughter today, I hope you all bear the consequences of it for your entire lifetime.

Final Words

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