30th July 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: A Questioning Round

Anupama today Written Update: The previous episode left an open end. Even after the precap, we had no idea what was going to happen next. All we could do was guess, but now, with the availability of a new episode, we are here to take ahead Anupama today episode.

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Anupama Today written Episode:

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

If you remember the previous episode, it ended with Ba asking Anupama, no, never to return to Shah’s house. The current episode begins from the same scene, and Ba seems quite frustrated because of the ongoing situation.

Ba says it’s enough of you, Anupama. You need both your homes, both your daughters; you want to be a Kapadia, a Shah. In this world, everyone doesn’t get everything, so how are you exactly expecting you will get it all?

She even takes the reference of Kanha Ji and says that when he was going to Mathura, he had to leave Gokul and didn’t return to Gokul. So, I join my hands in front of you and request you not to come back to the Shah’s house again. Just take hold of your younger daughter’s finger, leave, go back to your home and be happy with your husband.

What does Vanraj have to say about Ba’s words?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Vanraj is seen accepting what Ba said, and he tells Anupama she is right. It is because of that our family is full of so many problems, and now even your younger daughter is becoming the reason for our trouble.

Addressing Vanraj, Anupama asks, if she doesn’t come to the Shah’s house, will there be no fights there? Will everyone start living then? Will it change the nature of Ba? Will you stop being angry and do Bhajan/Kirtan? Will everything will become that easy? Will Pakhi become a branch of sweetness? Will there be at Shah’s 24 hours, 7 days and 12 months happiness? Do you really think so?

She further adds, well, if this was supposed to happen, it would have changed long ago, right after I left home, because this is a home, and if it is a home, there will be a fight. If there are a lot of utensils, it will stay together, it will fall onto one another, it will make noise, this is how it goes on. So, if you are just pointing on to one person, making them the devil and think of her as the reason for all trouble asking her to leave the place, this isn’t how things happen.

Now, Vanraj gets angry and says, if this isn’t going to happen, it won’t, but at least amidst 1000 reasons for fight, one reason will be reduced. So, please, Anupama, just leave.

Anupama says, my kids are here, and they are an important part of my heart.

Hearing it, Vanraj says, these pieces of your heart, they are standing right in front of you. Ask them if they wish to see your face?

Listening to it, Anupama looks at Pakhi, while Pakhi turns her face away.

Anupama then says, tell me about one home where a kid doesn’t get angry with their mothers. So, if kids are angry and there has been a fight, will it lead to the relationship end? This isn’t how things go on.

Vanraj gets frustrated and says, stop. Just stop with your speech. Go and give it to someone else.

Anupama says, who? Who should I give it to? My people, my kids, my relations, all are here. So, who should I give the speech to? Who should I talk to about saving my relations? Should I start talking about it to the roadside walking people and request them to save my relations?

To this, Vanraj says, speak about it to anyone, or don’t or be quiet or do whatever you want. Just do not do it here at my home. Go to your palace and do it all there, please. Forgive my home.

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What happens next?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Anupama, hearing everything said above in Anupama written episode, starts getting emotional. She says I don’t have anything to do with you or your home. I don’t care, and it doesn’t matter to me. All I care about is my Bapu Ji, Ba, my kids and no one else. So, I will come here.

Vanraj, to all of it, says, these kids do not need you, Anupama.

Now, Kavya comes in between and says, just when the air of this place will change, V, just when these kids will be in any trouble, both these idiots will go running to their mother. Kinjal, too, agrees to it and says exactly that this is what their job is. Just as when the problem kicks in, they keep saying Mummy, Mummy, Mummy and just when it all ends, they get rude to their mom.

Even when Paritosh now tries to stop Kinjal. She doesn’t, and she shouts back. What Kinjal? You didn’t even want our kid to come to this world, and you are giving your mom a lecture on motherhood? And what should I talk to Pakhi? It’s a waste of time.

Pakhi now gets angry and says Bravo! Team Anupama. In becoming a victim, all here are a champion.

Doesn’t Anupama say anything?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Yes. As Anupama today written update goes ahead, you will find a lot of more upcoming drama.

Anupama, hearing Pakhi says, to date, I thought I was a good mother, and I thought I did my best raising you kids, but today, I think if I was a good mother, my kids wouldn’t have been as such.

Saying this, she pointed at Paritosh and Pakhi.

Paritosh, now irritated, says, yes, mummy, we are bad, and we are the villain. You are great, and so is your new daughter. So, please take hold of her finger and go out of the home. Please go.

Well, this was quite a shocking aspect for Anupama, and she looked at everyone, all shocked. She sits down on the nearby furniture and says, stop, stop, please stop. What big mistakes did I make that I am bearing the consequences of it? She then keeps repeating the line while Kinjal and Kavya tries to sympathize with her and give her water.

Even Ba gets worried now, and Anupama says, being a mother, is it such a big mistake that she gets to bear such big consequences? If I took even one breath for myself, it pricked both my kids. One is embarrassed by her mom, and the other has just given the title of characterless to his mother. Should I stop breathing?

She then points at Vanraj, calling him a respectable father and saying he is asking me to get out of the house. Do you all know why? It is because his kids are big enough, and they do not need their mother. When the kids were small, if I even stepped out for a bit, there was complete chaos.

She says, Vanraj used to stay the entire day in the office and all the 3 kids; I raised them up alone. I might have made mistakes raising them. Something unable to give time to one’s studies or sometimes just when I wasn’t looking, one of the kids got hurt, or sometimes the kid just went out and learnt to abuse. However, I tried my best to improve my mistakes, but the only thing I wasn’t able to change was learning to slap my kids when they were wrong. If I had learnt it too, these kids wouldn’t have been what they are acting like today.

Vanraj then says, Anupama, you but before he could say further, Anupama interrupts him and says, there are so many people at home. If anyone takes the kid outside and the kid catches a cold, so the mistake is of the mom. Even if the kid goes to learn cycle with his father and gets hurt, even then, the mistake is of the mother. No matter where the kids go if anything happens, it is always the mother to be blamed. She keeps saying it all and showing how a mother gets blamed for all.

Anupama even said that the number of mistakes of a mother in the eyes of the people at home, it is nothing in comparison to the number of stars in the sky. In everything, it is the mother’s mistake. For 26 years, every time, the mistake is mine. Every time.

She further adds, but now, I wouldn’t take any mistake on my head. Pointing at Pakhi, she says, you listen to me; I didn’t make a mistake loving and marrying Anuj. I brought young Anu home and made her my daughter, it was not my mistake, and just like all my 3 kids, Anu too is my own kid, and I am proud of her, and I am proud to be her mother. I don’t regret anything at all.

Where is young Anu?

In the Anupama today episode next scene, Anu is seen sitting with Hasmukh and is showing him how to make a butterfly. She seems quite exciting. When Hasmukh acts happy, she says, don’t say anything; I know you wouldn’t take me or the butterfly home. I know everyone there might be fighting. This is why mom sent us here. She even questions Hasmukh about why do elderly people fight with one another.

To all her questions, Hasmukh says he doesn’t know. Anu then says, I at your home, Kanta Nani’s place, and at my home, I try to love all. I know mom and dad think that if I see anyone angry, I will get scared. Even at the ashram, there were fights. Kids then said sorry, and the topic was over, but the elders, they just fought, and they did not even say sorry. They are fools.

Hasmukh then sits there and talks to himself. He says the elders truly are fools. If they had been intelligent like kids, then every home might have been living happily.

He then thinks I can’t even call in front of Anu to ask about the situation. Don’t know what my daughter might be facing at home.

Hasmukh then stops Anu, calls her right beside him and says, your mom takes care of all, and so, you must take care of my mom. To it, Anu says, always. I cried so much, and then I could get a mom. I wouldn’t let my mom cry ever.

Coming back to the Shah’s house

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

The Anupama today written update brings you back to Shah’s house, where Anupama is seen crying and saying, my kids are pushing me out of the home. They are saying get out, but they don’t realize that in every corner of this house, my love, my sacrifices and my prayers live. How will you guys take it out?

She adds, you all lived in this same house, but I have lived in this home, and there’s a difference between 2. This home is mine too, and in every corner of this house, I have a right, and I wouldn’t leave it. You both, well, even your father can’t stop me from coming to this home. I have a right, and I will come.

Now Vanraj says, you will come when you leave the place. You wanted to cry and make a scene; you did. You wanted everyone to realize how great you are, and you did. So, listen now. This thing that you are saying crying that you will come, you will come, what exactly will you do coming here? Nobody needs you here. Can’t you understand one simple thing?

Anupama says the matter isn’t this simple. I learnt to take care of my rights with difficulty, and so, now, I wouldn’t let go of my rights. I will come to this place always.

Vanraj now asks her to shut up and stop the drama. He says the truth is, you can’t see anything apart from your younger daughter, not even your pregnant daughter-in-law.

To it, Anupama says, I came here to see Pakhi and keeps repeating her words, crying. Now Pakhi says she is telling the truth. She came here to see me, and Pakhi started the unwanted drama. She then says, papa, if you are so worried about me, why don’t you shout on Pakhi? Teach her some manners. It is she who started it all.

Ba now comes in and says, no matter who started, but the reason was Anupama, right? Vanraj interrupts and says it is not because of Anupama that wastage occurs; Anupama instead comes as a wastage to this place. So listen, Anupama. This is my decision. You wouldn’t come to this place. That’s it, and please stop your drama or I will throw you out of this place.

Entry of Anuj

Just as when Vanraj says he would throw out Anupama from home in Anupama today episode, Anuj enters the scene and says, try to touch her and then we will talk. Now, both Vanraj and Anuj exchange looks, and Anupama starts crying again.

Anuj then says, what kind of Mayka is this where my wife, the daughter of this place, is being insulted and shouted upon, and everyone is standing there looking at the scene? He then claps and says amazing place.

Anuj goes to Anupama, and she hugs him. Then he says, on a normal day, my Anu would have been enough to handle you all, but today she is crying. So, this isn’t a normal day. So, today on Anu’s behalf, her Anuj will have to fight for her. It’s okay. Let’s do it.

He then goes to Vanraj and says, what were you saying a while ago, Vanraj? Kindly repeat it, please.

Now, Vanraj says, this college boy attitude, please keep it to you. What I said, you heard it right. However, you didn’t hear what your wife said, and because of that, all this drama is ongoing. As you are here now and held her hand, so kindly take her hand and take her out of home and don’t allow her to come back in.

Anuj says, my Anu came here with her willingness, and she will leave it with her willingness. He then asks Anupama not to cry. He says, don’t waste your precious tears on these people and home. They do not deserve it.

Vanraj responds, her tears deserve your palace. You are right. So, please take her to the palace.

Anuj says, yes, Vanraj, I will take her but first, let me count. He gets interrupted by Rakhi, who questions him, saying, Oh my God, what are you willing to count, Mr Kapadia?

To it, Anuj says, mistakes. Addressing Rakhi, he says he is very good at keeping accounts and until I count the mistakes, how will the accounts be settled?

Pointing at Pakhi, Anuj says, looking at your face and body language, I can know what happened before I came here. Really bad; I didn’t expect this from you. Just because your mother sent you back from her home, are you going to take revenge in such a manner?

Pakhi says yes. Understand whatever you wish to, but this is a matter between a mother and daughter. If a mother can say, so can a daughter. Anuj stops her and says, clearly, she can, but you spoke too much. Pakhi replies yes. I did. So?

Anuj, out of anger, says, okay, Miss Pakhi Vanraj Shah, I am taking your mother from your home, but now you wouldn’t be seen at your mother’s home. Never think you will come there to visit Adhik as this Anuj Kapadia came to his true self, Adhik wouldn’t be seen at home but on the road, and then I shall see if you were interested more in Adhik or his status, money and lifestyle.

Vanraj interrupts and says; in my home, none can talk to my daughter in this way. Anuj says, and to my wife, no one can talk in an increased voice at any place, Vanraj. Thank god that in this place, Bapu Ji and Kinjal are there, or else this home which you guys call Shah house and do drama, I would have destroyed this place. It was then Vanraj says, and you think after this your palace would have been at its place?

Anuj just laughs out and says, that isn’t a palace. It is just cement, bricks and money. My actual palace is my Anu.

Vanraj is now irritated and says, you guys keep doing this. Call each other universe and world and keep showing people a depiction of it all. Anuj then says I don’t know about the depiction, but you wouldn’t understand anything at all as you didn’t consider your 1st wife your world, and neither do you consider your 2nd wife the same. My foot depiction.

He then says to Kavya, a girl like you does deserve much, much better, and Vanraj says, Raheeshzade, don’t forget you are burning my house, and before you do, do consider what I can do. Anuj responds, whatever you can do, kindly make a list of the list and email. I will delete it without reading.

Kavya tries to stop the fight and says to calm down, but Vanraj shouts. What calmed down? And how does it matter to you? You deserve better, right?

Now, Anuj asks Vanraj to tell Pakhi not to come to his place. Vanraj says, my daughter isn’t dying to be there. This is where Anuj replies, do ask this same question to your daughter.

Vanraj now asks Anuj to talk with respect, and Anuj says, to talk with respect and to have some respect, it is you who needs it the most. He then says, why don’t you go to market and buy books on how to be respectable and please buy 3 copies of it? One for you, one for Pakhi and one for Paritosh. Then go to the roof, read it together and probably then you guys will be able to learn something.

Paritosh now interrupts Anuj saying, Mr Anuj Kapadia, out of respect, if we are not saying anything to you, it doesn’t mean you keep talking anything. Anuj says if you had given some respect or consideration, you wouldn’t have been able to see tears in your mother’s eyes.

Vanraj, in a calm tone, says, please take your wife from here. Make a statue of her or a painting or do whatever you want but take her back to your home. Please, and I wouldn’t listen to my daughter, even a word.

Anuj says this is the difference between us two. I can’t listen about anyone’s daughter and you, Vanraj; you stood here and listened to it all. Vanraj says none of us said anything about Anu, and we have no problem with her. Anuj says you might say this, but her being at my home has been an issue for you all, and from time to time, you guys have proved that in words 1000 of times.

Vanraj then says, so listen to this 1001 talk where I say that kindly take your daughter and your wife from this home and leave.

Well, this is how today’s episode ends and what happens next will be more interesting. So keep coming for further Anupama today written update.


One can see Vanraj catching the collar of Anuj and saying in my home to my kids I can’t bear disrespect. Anuj then catches Vanraj’s collar and says, and I have told you that I can’t bear anyone who talks to my Anu in the wrong tone or with disrespect. Vanraj says, don’t make me angry, or I will kill you. To this, Anuj says, okay, go ahead.

That’s it. This is where Anupama interrupts it all, and in the next scene, Anupama is seen saying sorry to Pakhi for being her mother and telling everyone that she wouldn’t return to Shah’s ever while everyone stands there and looks at her.

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