3rd August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: It’s Time To Speak Up Harsh Truth Hasmukh

The previous Anupama today episode ended with Anupama leaving the Shah house. It also brought to us a few lines of poetry describing a relationship between a mother and her kids. It also showed Anuj complaining to Hasmukh for not standing up to his wife and son and leaving Anupama completely alone in situations where she actually needed to stand by her side.

With what the precap shows, we definitely have a big deal of content in Anupama today episode. It will give us a chance to see a totally new face of some characters like Hasmukh. Hopefully, he might become the reason for the change in the family, but who knows what will happen next until the entire written update is read. So, why not go ahead and try?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

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Anupama Written episode

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Anupama today episode begins where it ended previously. It shows Anupama leaving the house while a piece of sentimental music plays in the background. Definitely, Anupama is not happy with it, and neither are some of the members of the family, but here we are, looking into the decisions that can save a lot of damage, and one might feel quite proud of how Anupama became that bigger person to take the decision.

Moving ahead in Anupama written episode, Anupama is seen recalling past memories as she looks inside the kitchen and walks out. Looking at her, Kavya comes out and gives her a big hug. She even said to her, if you ever need a friend Anupama, just remember I am always here. Anupama replies, yes, I know you are here.

Rakhi is seen thinking in her head that for Anupama, her kids became a foe and her ex-husband’s second wife, a friend. The entire mathematics of the relations here has completely changed. This is great.

What happens when Anupama meets Hasmukh?

As Anupama walks out of Shah’s, she finds Anuj and Hasmukh walking toward her. She gets emotional and hugs Hasmukh while Anuj and Anu stand there. Anupama then pulls out her hand in front of Hasmukh, and he hands her a candy, seeing which she is definitely quite happy.

Hasmukh then takes Anupama’s hand and hands it to Anuj. He says, go child, go, stay happy always. Hearing him, Anupama, Anu, and Anuj leave there with heavy hearts.

Where did Anuj and Anupama go?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Well, it is quite expected where they might return. Anupama and Anuj drive back to the Kapadia house, and as the car stops, Anupama asks Anuj if she can stay in the car for just a while. Anuj agrees and leaves with Anu.

They didn’t wish to leave her there alone, but they had to, and while they were leaving, Anu handed Anupama a bottle of water, asking her to drink some of it. 

Anupama then sits in the car all alone and recalls the words of Pakhi. She feels frustrated, and it seems like she had a panic attack recalling it all. She then tries to take deeper breaths and control herself. 

Do we get to see what’s ongoing at Kapadia house?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Yes. Anupama today written update will get you a look inside Kapadia’s house too. Moving on to it, we see Ankush and Barkha, brother and sister-in-law, talking to each other. Ankush informs Barkha that Anuj is about to make some sort of announcement. To it, Barkha is shocked and says, and you are telling this to us now?

Ankush then replies I was too busy. I thought I would ask him about it in the office but couldn’t get a chance to do so. So, I couldn’t ask. Then I thought I would ask him indirectly while talking, but he left for Vanraj’s house.

Hearing it all, Barkha panics. She says, oh my god. At first, he gave us indirect taunts regarding business, and now this announcement. Don’t know what he is about to say. Why did you just listen to half of what he had to say?

While she was speaking, Anuj entered the house and listened to a bit. Sara comes there, too, and asks Anuj where Chachi is. To this, he replies she is coming. She then looks at Anu, takes her in her arms, and says, hi, I missed you so much. Anuj then says I will come back after getting fresh and asks Sara if she can get him a cup of coffee. Sara says sure.

Before Anuj leaves, he says to all that he actually wished to make an announcement.

Back to Shah’s house

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Rakhi asks everyone, why isn’t anyone speaking? Oh, you all might be tired of speaking. I do understand. But honestly, I am tired of listening. She then asks everyone, can I get a cup of black coffee, please? Now, all look shocked at her while Kinjal asks her to stop. 

Then Rakhi says, fine, I will have my coffee at my home, but tomorrow I am coming here with my clothes and all. Okay? Kinjal says okay, and Rakhi then asks her to take care as she leaves.

Now Hasmukh says people bid the goddess goodbye with so much of instruments and loudness. They requested her to come back again next year, but from my house, the goddess was sent with taunts, insults, harsh words, and with tears. You all even asked her not to come back again. My family threw out my daughter right in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t do anything. Nothing.

He then adds I don’t know why I am even alive. Why don’t I die with all this shame? He then says, instead of showing me this day, you, my lord, could have called me instead to you. If you are there, God just takes away my life fast. Take it now.

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Everyone then tries to stop him from speaking such words, but Hasmukh says, I don’t want to live. I feel suffocated in this house. I don’t want to live.

Kavya tries to stop him and gives him some water to drink, but instead, he ignores him. Then Kavya says, not for you, then drink it for Anupama. If anything happens to you, what will happen to her? Here take the medicines. So stop worrying; everything will be fine soon.

Hasmukh, hearing Kavya says, no, not possible. It isn’t possible to do anything right in this home. Nothing will be right. A home where a daughter doesn’t have respect, a mother doesn’t have value, and goddess Laxmi has no respect and place; in such a home, nothing right will happen. 

He then adds that in this house, all look out for themselves. If a mother is needed, they call out for her. If a mother is there for the kids right to their feet doing everything, she is great, but if she says no to anything, then this mom becomes a bad ghost for these people. The day a mother stops being a mother, you wouldn’t have anything. 

Well, it is for the first time in Anupama written update, that Hasmukh is seen speaking so much, and it is hoped it continues; after all, this is only what can get these Shahs in line.

Is Anupama alright now? Did she get back inside the house?

The story then takes us to the Kapadia house, where Anupama still is in the car with her hands on her ears. She is hurting recalling the words of all, and she is even trying to calm herself. She then gets out of the car, takes a deep breath, and enters the Kapadia house.

Was that all, that Hasmukh spoke before? Did he add anything further?

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

No, Hasmukh wasn’t done before. He continues with his words as we are brought back to Shah’s house. Hasmukh says to all, in the heart of a mother, God resides, and a person who hurts her mother, God will never forgive them.

He then says, I never wanted to speak, but today I will. He then points at Vanraj and Paritosh. He says, from how many days have you both been struggling to get a job? Did you guys get it? How will you get when you both hurt the Laxmi of the house? How will you get it?

Pointing at Pakhi, Hasmukh then says, you, you passed all your limits today. I wouldn’t say anything to you, too but remember, whatever you did today, the burden of it all will stay on your head and heart, always. Forever. He then says Anupama is a mother. She might have forgiven you till now, but me, I will never forgive you. Never. And what me, even your heart wouldn’t forgive you ever.

Hasmukh points at all, then says, you all will bear the consequences of what you did with my daughter today. You all will bear it for a lifetime. Saying this, Hasmukh starts crying.

Is Anupama alright?

Well, as we get back to Kapadia’s house, we see Anupama coming out of the washroom. She then sees a toy kept on the bed. She keeps opening it layer by layer and, in the end, finds a note in it. The note was from Anu.

The note says, Mom, if you will be happy, there will come out more happiness but sad, if you stay sad, then more sadness will be received by you. I love you, and me and papa are waiting for you outside.

Anupama reading the note, feels a little satisfied and a bit of happiness.

Vanraj is back

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

Well, it is after a long silence of an episode that Vanraj is seen speaking again. He comes to Hasmukh and tries to check his BP, but Hasmukh doesn’t allow him. He asks him not to touch him. 

Hasmukh says, be it an increased BP or a heart attack; I don’t care. Vanraj says, we do care Bapu ji. To this, Hasmukh says, if it is as such, then you wouldn’t have done all that you did with my daughter. Hearing it, Vanraj says, you are still worried about your daughter. Hasmukh agrees to it and says, yeah, so? Do you want to push me out of the house just like you all did to her? Just like you asked her not to come back inside the house again? Do you want to do the same with me? I will get out.

Vanraj says, why are you talking as such, Bapu Ji? Please do not. Your health will deteriorate. Hasmukh says, leave it be, let it be. If the situation and vibes of the house have become bad, you’re all mind is disturbed, then my health wouldn’t affect.

A little pinch of change and happiness

While Anuj and Anu wait for Anupama outside, Anuj asks Anu, what do you think? Will your mother come? Anu says in doubt, yes, she should come, and before she says further, Anupama enters and tries to scare them.

They are all seen laughing now, and Anu and Anuj now become happy too.

Anu says, yes, mom is finally smiling, and Anuj says, your mother is smiling; it means she is okay. Now Anupama says, if mummy is fine, then only everything will be fine. Whatever happened, happened. Now for that, why should I waste these memories and moments that we can all live happily?

Anupama then asks, do you all know why I became so happy? Anuj asks how and Anupama replies because in the room I got this happiness one Santa and then from it, another came out and then another and then another. So much happiness, one Santa, and this made me happy.

All of them are then happy, and Anu then goes to the little tent house-made there. She says, wouldn’t you come to our house? Anupama says, why wouldn’t I?

Anu then asks Anupama to come knocking, and Anupama does the same. When she was asked who was there, she replied, Khushi. Hearing it, Anu says, okay, come in, in our home, only happiness is allowed, and Anuj replies, come on, Khushi and they all enter the tent.

To the next scene

Hasmukh says Vanraj, I didn’t see it all, but whatever I did, I can understand what happened here. 

He then points at Pakhi and says, this daughter of yours, she is just like you. She speaks but never thinks before doing it. She didn’t stop, and you didn’t stop her. She insulted her mother right in front of all, and you didn’t stop her and didn’t say a word. When she back talks with you, you get quite burned up, but today she said so much to her mother, but today you didn’t speak? Instead, you supported her?

He then reminds her how Anupama will fight with anyone but never allow them to insult him. He then says, and today you gave encouragement to Pakhi? Not even once you said, talk to your mother with respect. Not even once do you make her understand what a mother is. 

Hasmukh, then pointing at his wife, says, this is your mother; if anyone disrespects her or talks rashly with her, then do you stand there and watch the scene?

Hearing it now, Kavya speaks. She says, exactly, just like you take a stand for your father and mother, why didn’t you take a stand for your kid’s mother? Why didn’t you slap her for the way disrespectful and rash talks?

Well, this is how today’s Anupama written update ends. On the one hand, there is all the sad and frustrated Shah family, and on the other hand, there is the happy Kapadia family, finding happiness in small things.


Today’s precap is about side-by-side going-on scenes in two houses, Shah’s and Kapadia.

In Shah’s house, Pakhi is seen having a realization. She cries and tells Vanraj, I threw my other out of the home. Why didn’t you, Ba, or anyone say anything to me?

The precap also brings us the scene from Kapadia’s house. Anupama can be seen saying, the visit to a place that gives you pain, and it gives you tears, I do not want to go back to that place. 

Getting back to Shah’s, Pakhi says to Vanraj, papa, I want to apologize to mom and want to everything right. However, Vanraj, instead of supporting her decision, says, whatever had to happen, it happened. Now you do not need to do anything, and neither are you required to go to her home.

This brings us to the end of the precap, and all we can do now is await the 4th August Anupama written episode.

Final Words

With the ongoing Anupama today episode, it is difficult to predict what will happen next. Especially after seeing Pakhi in the precap, we are now to question, is she really all the fault of the kids? I mean, obviously, Vanraj seems to be quite a father, not in a good way but in a way that he, instead of making things right and supporting his kids in the right, is instead supporting them to continue with wrong instead of accepting that they wish to apologize.

Now, what happens next is definitely worth watching. It will help focus on the characters and the steps and missteps they continue to take.

Apart from it, I hope you can find whatever you need to know about Anupama today episode through this Anupama today written update. If you are looking for further updates, including the 2nd August Anupama today written update, you for sure will receive it on a daily basis. All you need to do is, visit moviestandor.com and get an entire update about further episodes of Anupama through Anupama written update

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