4th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: Insults, Regrets Is All I See. Will Apologizing Set Me Free?

Anupama today written update: Previously Anupama today episode showed us how Hasmukh finally took a stand and made sure to speak all that was in his heart to his wife Leela, his son Vanraj, Paritosh and Pakhi. He didn’t leave the chance as he knew, now things had gotten out of hand. Well, all of it was seen working and with Kinjal and Kavya on his side, more positive support was seen coming in.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update

With what the precap showed for Anupama today episode, it was definitely expected to see some changes in the heart of Pakhi, but we have no idea how it happens or why it does. However, the question is, even if her heart is now on the right side, will she be able to apologize for her mistakes? Will the family support her? Will Vanraj support this decision?

Who knows what was going to happen but then here we are, in the events of Anupama today episode, where we get all the answers. Just make sure not to miss any bit of the Anupama written update.

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Anupama Today Written Update

Today, Anupama written update starts with Kinjal. She is seen talking to Pakhi and Paritosh and saying, being a daughter-in-law, I understood the value of your mother. Even Kavya, who is your father’s second wife, she understood her value, but you both, being her kids, couldn’t realize it. When would you all?

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Both Kinjal and Kavya are seen taking Anupama’s side and blaming Shah’s

Hearing it, Kavya speaks, never. These kids are selfish. She then, pointing at Pakhi, says, you Pakhi, to date, I haven’t seen a person as useless, pointless, selfish. Waste and pathetic person. Sometimes I wonder if you are Anupama’s daughter.

She then adds, looks at Anu. It has just been a few days in their relationship, but she is more worried about her mom. She is a kid, and even then, she can understand the feelings of her mother, but you, Pakhi you, were born out of her womb and yet you couldn’t understand the feelings of Anupama. Shame on you, Pakhi.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Kinjal says Pakhi, you must feel ashamed. You don’t understand Anupama

Kinjal then says, did you feel bad, Pakhi? Isn’t it? Just think how bad mom would have felt when her daughter said so harshly to her. You used the wrong words for her, something which was totally not expected.

Kavya interrupts Kinjal and then says, and what was that? Go out of my home, go out of my home? In which bubble do you stay, Pakhi? Is this your home? Who said it’s yours? It was Anuj’s and Anupama’s good nature that was not speaking anything to you. They were quiet. If Anuj could have come to himself, he could have thrown us all out of this house.

Kinjal then says you have not insulted your mom and dad for the first time Pakhi. You and Toshu, you both have had the same pattern for a long. At first, you both make mistakes and then ask forgiveness and then make a much bigger mistake. Remember, Pakhi, not every mistake can be forgotten and forgiven, especially what you did today.

Kavya, even after all this, then gives a suggestion to Pakhi and says, ask her for forgiveness Pakhi. Your sorry might not mend her broken heart, but possibly the pain of it can reduce a bit. Kinjal adds she is your mother, Pakhi. Even if you do not ask for forgiveness, she will forgive you, but if you both didn’t ask her forgiveness, for a lifetime, you guys would live in the guilt of it.

What has Pakhi got to say about the situation? Will she ask for forgiveness?

Duh! Hearing so much, Pakhi starts to leave. Doesn’t seem like in Anupama today episode, her apologizing will be seen.

As Pakhi starts to leave the scene, Kavya says, perfect, Pakhi, perfect. Make sure to keep this attitude. It will definitely help you in your life. They first shout, say harsh, disrespect and then when an elder suggests something, just walk away.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Kavya taunts Pakhi for walking away

Kinjal also speaks now. She says, show as much arrogance and attitude as you want, but at the time of a problem, you will only remember your mother. If I give you a hard slap on your face, words like Barkha, and Adhik won’t come out. Only mummy will come out.

She then says, sadness, happiness, and pain, at every single place, every time you will remember your mom. Your mother’s absence will be killing you. Those kids are quite unfortunate who do not have a mother, and you and Toshu are more unfortunate than them as even when your mother is there, you wouldn’t be able to find her when needed. This will only happen just because of all your mistakes, arrogance and anger.

Even after all this, Pakhi prefers to walk away. She doesn’t seem like she can handle it anymore, and she leaves.

Ba is seen wiping her tears, and Kavya asks Kinjal to go to her room and rest as for her, in the condition of pregnancy being so hyper, it isn’t good. Kinjal responds, I am okay, Kavya and to it, she says, at least sit down, Kinjal.

Vanraj- Where is he? Does he regret whatever happened?

Anupama Today Written Update is quite important. With the way, events are building up, and things are ongoing, Vanraj doesn’t seem to be affected. He was trying to walk out of the scene when Kavya stopped him and said, one minute, I am not done.

How are the Kapadias doing?

Well, the Kapadias in Anupama today episode, including Anupama, Anuj and Anu, all seem very happy. They were playing, taking pictures and making memories together in the little tent they sat down in before.

Soon they all start to feel tired. First Anu, then Anuj, they close their eyes and try to sleep. Anupama seeing it gives a peck to Anuj on his cheeks, and he seems very happy with it.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Kapadia family is making memory. Enjoying themselves after a tough day

Does it seem like Pakhi was affected by everyone’s words at all?

Not at the start, but now, in this next scene, Pakhi is seen in her room, and she seems to be affected. She was crying alone, lying on the bed.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Pakhi cries her heart out as she gets to her senses of what she did today

Pakhi then mistakenly, while trying to give her head a little support, gets it near the wall but instead ends up hurting a little.

Guess what word comes out of her mouth, then? It was mummy. With it, Pakhi then starts recalling Kavya and Kinjal’s words. Thinking about it, she cries more and more. She feels a sense of regret.

What happened between Kavya and Vanraj?

As said above in Anupama today written update, Vanraj was leaving the scene, but he was stopped by Kavya. Now, Vanraj says to her, what is that you want to say to me now?

Kavya responds, whatever I want to, I will talk straight. She then addressing everyone and said, kindly do listen to me as I wouldn’t repeat my words. She says, V, I love you, I really do and not just you but your entire family. I love them all, including Pakhi and Toshu. I am attached to this family. My ways might be different in showing this love, but I am attached.

She then adds, you know V, I never said it, but I always thought, I wished I was like Anupama but now, thank god I am not like her. Whatever these kids did today with her, after this, I am glad I am not like Anupama.

She says, the world’s biggest curse is to be good, more than required. You know V, even if Anupama gives her life for this home, you know what you would say? Go, Anupama Ji, go, go and die in your palace, and this Toshu, he would say, why don’t you take care of my kid for a few years and then die? And Pakhi, she will say, I am being insulted, I am feeling embarrassed, that mom will die like this.

Kavya says, no matter what Anupama does, it will never be enough for you all. When people in love simply lay there, others simply walk over them. Forget about walking, they wipe their dirty shoes and make such people a doormat, just like you all did with Anupama. What didn’t she do for this home, and today her own daughter and son did this to her?

She then says, today, one thing is clear. To do anything for this family, it is completely pointless. You all, you are no one’s own, and you would never be happy with anyone. If you haven’t been happy with Anupama, how would you ever be happy with me?

She says, so, I am not even going to try from today. I wouldn’t insult anyone. I would love and only love as the bond I share with them. I will fulfil every duty of mine, but I wouldn’t be a puppet anymore, and neither would I listen to anyone’s taunt.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Kavya addressing Ba said she wouldn’t bear the taunts anymore

Looking at Ba, she says, these are my eyebrows, I will grow them. It’s my hair, I will even curl them, and then she looks at Vanraj and says, and this is my life, so I will live it. If anyone taunts me, then I will give 100 taunts in exchange for 1. I will work, hard work, live my life, but today, what happened in this home with Anupama by her kids, even a per cent of it if anyone does with me, I wouldn’t bear it.

Kavya added, Anupama got slang, she bears it all without saying a word. She might have become great due to it, but me? I wouldn’t become great. I will get to my true self and teach everyone a lesson. Remember, I am not Anupama, I am Kavya. Anupama has her husband, her daughter, she might have forgotten this grief and even might have started smiling, but you all wouldn’t be able to laugh ever. You shouldn’t laugh even. Peace, happiness, all of it, you guys do not deserve it, but Anupama deserves it all. May the lord keep Anupama happy, always.

4th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update
Kavya says, she would live her life as she wants. She is happy for Anupama.

Is Pakhi okay now?

While all of the drama at Shah’s house is going on, Pakhi is seen crying and missing Anupama. She even starts to hallucinate where Anupama comes to her and says, did it hurt too much? She then hugs Pakhi, and Pakhi says to her, I hurt you, and this is the punishment for it.

Hearing it, Anupama wipes her tears and says Pakhi, you missed your mother; your mother is here. Pakhi cries and says, no matter how angry I am with you, at the time of pain, it is only you who I miss. Anupama then wipes her tears and says it is because of a mother’s and child’s relation, it is as such. No matter how angry you are and you hate me, a mother cannot forget a child and neither can a child forget her mother. Both of them cannot break the bond with each other.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Pakhi apologizes to Anupama but she didn’t realize, she is hallucinating

Anupama then adds, what parents are, a child only understands it when they become parents. So, you cannot understand me now. It’s alright. It is said rightly that what is walking can only be understood by someone who walked. The other person there, they just have a hint of what happens, but for the kids, they don’t even have a hint of how even one of their harsh words impacts a mother’s heart. But I love you a lot and a lot Pakhi and no matter how angry you are with me and talk harsh to me, but you are in my heart you will not be Pakhi but will be sweetu.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Pakhi falls down from bed. She is hallucinating

Hearing it all, Pakhi tries to hug Anupama, but as she is hallucinating, she falls down from her bed.

What is ongoing at Kapadia house?

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama recalls some past memories and feels disheartened

The next scene takes us to the Kapadia house, where we see Anupama looking at the Rakhi and remembering some past memories and whatever happened at Shah’s house. She looks disheartened.

While she was standing, Anuj came and said, yesterday, I didn’t want to cut your relations. However, when someone forgets their limit talking to you, I forget my limits too. For many days I stood far and looked at you bearing it all, but now it is enough. Not anymore. Now we share the bond of husband and wife. When I can’t let anything wrong happen to me, then how can I see something wrong happen to you?

She then says, yesterday, it was your family, so I stopped when you said to stop; otherwise, if it had been the world, I would have burnt it down to ashes.

Hearing it all, Anupama looks at Anuj and takes hold of his hand. Anuj then asks her, by the way, you mothers, where do you get your heart from? I mean, if my daughter, even as a joke says, that papa, I hate you, I will die. He then says, your respect, disrespect, it is all mine and my responsibility. So, I wouldn’t allow you to go to that house, Anu, and I am sorry. Actually, I am sorry. To the place where you are disrespected, taunted, at that place, my wife wouldn’t go. End of words.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama is happy to have Anuj by her

Anuj then says, I am sorry I am taking your decision on your behalf but don’t for a second think that I am doing so because I am your husband or a man, so I can do it. I am doing this as this decision was taken by you, it would have been more hurting and difficult for you. So, in this way, the blame will be on my head, and I can take it. At least people will say, he didn’t allow her to go to her maternal home, didn’t allow her to meet her kids, and I am ready to be on the bad side, but I can’t see you being insulted.

He even added that, even after all this, if you think my decision is wrong, the house is yours, the life is yours, family is yours, and so, the decision will only be yours.

What’s coming in next?

Anupama listened to every word Anuj got to say with patience. She was happy even when she was sad, and so she finally speaks up now. She says, to go to a place which gives you pain, causes my daughter Anu to have tears in her eyes, I will never want to go to that place. Never.

Anuj then says, however, in case there is any emergency, do not say no. Just go.

Anupama says, if they call, I will definitely go. Then she looked at the plate Anuj was working on. She says, by the way, who would eat such big pieces of sweets? It will be wasted. Please cut it small, Mr Kapadia.

Anuj responds, sorry, baby.

Suddenly we hear the voice of Anu in the background, and both Anuj and Anupama get quiet to listen to what she got to say.

Anu said, Sara didi, how can mummy become your idol? Sara says, why not? Anu responds idols are those the picture of who can be seen in newspapers and get a lot of awards.

To this, Sara says, where is as such written? Idol is the one who you look at and wish to be like them, and from the work and words of whom, you learn to live, and as much as I have seen Anu Chachi, and observed her, I haven’t learnt more than anything from anyone more than what I learnt from her. So, for me, your mother is my idol.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Sara says, Anupama chachi is my inspiration

Anuj says, here, finally, one more appreciator of yours is here. Congrats. Sara says, oh please, uncle, I am no appreciator, I am a big fan, and I am really happy that she is my aunty. Anu then says, and my mom. Saying this, they all hug Anupama.

Next daunting scene at Shah’s house

Viraj is seen entering Pakhi’s room. He looks surprised seeing her sitting on the floor, crying. He goes to her, picks her up, makes her sit on the bed and asks her what happened. To this, Pakhi hugs Viraj and says, Papa, what have I done? I hurt mom so much. I said too bad. I am very bad. I always hurt her, and today I crossed all the limits. How did I speak so much, papa?

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Pakhi feels guilty for what she did with Anupama & wants to apologize

She then says, why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t Ba or Bapu Ji stop me? Why didn’t you all give me one tight slap? I deserve that. Kavya is right. In this world, I am the worst, stupid, selfish daughter who threw her own mother out of her home. How can I do that, papa? How can I? First, I insulted her at the Kapadia house and then here. I even hurt Bapu Ji, disappointed Bhabhi. I didn’t even think that she was pregnant. How can I be so stupid? I even hurt Buddy (Anuj). How good he is, and how bad am I?

She then adds, it is because of me, you and Buddy fought, mom got hurt, and papa, why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you make me understand? Why didn’t you take a stand for mom?

Pakhi keeps crying. She then says, papa, tomorrow is Rakhi. Mom wouldn’t come, and Buddy wouldn’t let her. Papa, if mom doesn’t come, how will we celebrate Rakhi?

Vanraj, to all these responses, get used to it beta. Happiness, festivals, good, bad, it’s all yours. Learn to celebrate and share without your mom as now your mother’s family and our world are totally different. To it, Pakhi says, but the differences were brought in by us. Mom is not at fault. The mistake is especially mine. I want to apologize for my mistakes.

She adds, mom always tried to save the relations and me; in one strike, I ended it all. I was so wrong and me, I want to make this right. She says to Vanraj, papa, I want to ask for forgiveness from mom. I want to do it all right. Please.

Vanraj then thinks in his head, the issue isn’t from your sorry or from your mother and daughter relation, but if you ask for forgiveness, Kapadia’s visit to this house will begin again, and I do not want that.

He then says to Pakhi, whatever was to happen, it happened. You do not need to do anything, and neither will you visit your mom at Kapadias’. It’s too late, sleep. Good night.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Vanraj asks Pakhi not to apologize and focus ahead as what’s done is done

Saying it all, Vanraj leaves the scene, and the episode comes to an end.


In the precap of Anupama today episode, one can see Anupama. She says, with time, wounds heal and even pain reduces but the wounds given by our own, it never fills. She remembers her past when Kapadia and Shah both were seen taunting her. She then says that the pain of our own, it breaks a person.

What is worst herein the precap is that Anuj is seen breathing through tube. He was in the hospital bed.

4th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Anuj is seen in hospital bed breathing through tube with Anupama by his side

Anu is seen too. She asks Anupama, mummy, would papa never be able to get better now? Anupama hearing her, hugs her and says to Anuj, now, it is not just one but two Anu’s waiting for you. She is also seen talking to Anuj, where he sits on the chain unconscious. She says to him, no matter what this world says, I will get you on your feet again.

That’s all for today.

Final Words

The uneven turns and twists can be read through the Anupama today written update. Make sure you do not miss on any of Anupama written episode, as what is about to come next will surely give you chills and make you question- how long is Anupama going to bear it all? When will her sufferings end? Why can’t problems just leave her life?

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