53-years-old Anne Heche In Coma- Expected Not To Survive The Blazing Car Crash Injuries

Anne Heche In Coma; Anne Heche suffered ‘severe anoxic brain injury’ due to the last week’s car crash. As said by USA Today, Anne is “Not Expected To Survive.” This statement was made on Thursday by one of the publicists of Heche.

53-years-old Anne Heche In Coma- Expected Not To Survive The Blazing Car Crash Injuries
53-years-old Anne Heche In Coma- Expected Not To Survive The Blazing Car Crash Injuries

Heche- About 

Anne Heche, she was one of the most prominent Hollywood film stars of the late 90s. She has played her roles opposite to the actors, including Harrison Ford in ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ and Johnny Deep in ‘Donnie Brasco’. In one of the memoir of her from 2001, she even discussed her mental health struggles.

53-years-old Anne Heche In Coma- Expected Not To Survive The Blazing Car Crash Injuries
Anne Heche

Recently she played recurring roles in the series named ‘Chicago P.D.” and ‘All Rise’. She was even a contestant in ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in 2020.

Anne Heche in Coma- critical condition

Anne Heche, 53, is in a comma and is in quite a critical condition. As per the statement made by her publicist, it was said that “It Has Long Been Her Choice To Donate Her Organs And She Is Being Kept On Life Support To Determine If Any Are Viable.” 

The statement even thanked the staff and the nurses who were available to take care of Heche at Grossman Burn Center, West Hills Hospital, Los Angeles.

Official Statement Released

As per the official statement released by her publicist, it said that “Anne Had A Huge Heart And Touched Everyone She Met With Her Generous Spirit.” It further added, “More Than Her Extraordinary Talent, She Saw Spreading Kindness And Joy As Her Life’s Work — Especially Moving The Needle For Acceptance Of Who You Love.”

The statement ended with the note that, “She Will Be Remembered For Her Courageous Honesty And Dearly Missed For Her Light.”

What did the police say?

As per the statement by the police after the blazing accident, it was said that they are investigating Heche to know if she was driving under drugs influence that caused her to crash into one of the houses in Los Angeles and caused her some critical injuries.

Heche’s blood was taken for examination by the detectives, and it was found that her system had narcotics. The discovery was revealed by Jeff Lee, LAPD Spokesman Officer. However, there is a requirement to have a toxicity test for identifying drugs clearly and ensuring to differentiate the same from the medications Anne was given at the hospital after the crash. The reports of this test can take a week to provide the results.

Officer Annie Hernandez reached out to USA Today on Monday with the news that a warrant had been issued for doing Heche’s toxicity blood test. This warrant was issued to them on Friday.

As per the police update provided on Thursday, they are still trying to gather evidence from the crash and will be soon presenting the case to the prosecutors, if the same is warranted after the completion of the investigation.

On the given investigation, one of Heche’s representatives stepped down to comment anything to The Associated Press. 

As of now, the information we have is that it was on 5th August 2022 when Heche’s car, it smashed into a House located in Mar Vista Area, Los Angeles, Westside. Soon after the smash, there was an eruption of flames. Heche was alone in the car embedded in the house, and she was pulled out of the car with the help of firefighters. 

No injuries have occurred to the people living in the house.

Extreme Critical Condition after crash

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman said that Heche is in critical condition and she had been in a coma right after the accident. She added that because of the burns, which needed surgery, and with Heche’s lung injuries, she has been breathing on a ventilator.

As per Michael Mcconnell, manager of Heche, it was told to USA Today on Monday that Heche’s condition is extremely critical.

He added, “She Is In A Coma And Has Not Regained Consciousness Since Shortly After The Accident.”

A video was also telecasted on TV, which showed the blue mini cooper clubman, completely damaged, being towed while firefighters carrying a woman put her in the ambulance.

As per the fire department of Los Angeles news released, the vehicle got struck in the two-storey home. They said it caused “Structural Compromise And Erupting In Heavy Fire.”

Heche Podcast Episode about ‘Bad Days’ 

It was just a day before the car crash when Heche was talking about the ‘Bad Days’ in the podcast episode named “Better Together” of her. She tried detailing Heather Duffy Boylston about having a bad day. This podcast was released just a day before the crash and was recorded on Tuesday, as said by podcasting company Straw Hut Media.

One of the members from Straw Hut Media said that previously “Just 2022 Of US” titled episode was removed from the streaming platform after the crash because of inaccurate reporting, which stated that the episode got recorded on the day of the accident. However, the episode is still available on the website of The Straw Hut.

As per the Podcast, it was said by Heche said, it was a unique day. She further added, “I Don’t Know What Happened, Sometimes Days Just Suck, And I Don’t Know If You Ever Have Them.” 

Later on in the episode, Heche And Duffy were seen drinking during Podcast. She shared that “Each Have A Bottle (Of Vodka) In Front Of Us.” 

Final Words

Considering the news, we cannot say or hope for Anne Heche’s speedy recovery, but we hope her family and friends find the courage to deal with this situation. 

We will update our post if any further updates are received about Anne Heche. Until then, for more updates from the entertainment industry, visit moviestandor.com.

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