5th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: With Festivals Comes In Happiness And With Happiness Comes In Samar

Anupama today written update: Previously Anupama today episode showed us how Vanraj tried to stop Pakhi from apologizing to her mother. It also showed that he did this as he didn’t wish Kapadias to come back again at the Shah house. Well, on the one hand, all of this was ongoing, on the other hand, there were the Kapadia who seemed quite happy and enjoying with Anu. No matter what happened, in the end, Anupama was smiling. So, all good.

Anupama today Written update
Anupama today Written update

With what the precap showed for Anupama today episode, the same showed Anupama all disturbed seeing Anuj on a hospital bed. We are definitely expecting something big to happen in Anupama as the precap brings us to the scene where Anuj is breathing through the tube, and later, Anupama promising him to get him back on his feet.

Now, what happened and how it happened, it will be revealed in further episodes. Now, who knows, today’s episode is the revelation to it? So go ahead and read through the events of Anupama today episode and find out all the answers. Just make sure not to miss any bit of the Anupama written update, as intensity is the one thing that the writers are not missing in it.

Anupama today Written update
Anupama says she will get Anuj back on her feet

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Anupama today written update

Today’s update of the Anupama today episode begins with Kapadia house, where Anuj, Anupama, Anu and Sara are seen together. Anupama seems surprised, looking at the Rakhi’s in her hand. She, in action, asks Sara what is so special about it, and it is then she gets to know that it was Anu who made those Rakhis.

Anupama Today Written update
Anupama is surprised that the rakhi was made by Anu

Anupama was surprised to see this talent of hers and asked her did she make this? Anu replied, yes. We were taught to make this in the ashram. I used to make it there, so I thought to make it here too. She then says we will send it to the ashram too. Anuj, hearing it gets quite happy and says, yes, of course, we will send it. We will send it online, and everyone will get it.

Suddenly Anu says we also need to send it to Nanu Papa’s house too. It is he who taught me the importance of Raksha Bandhan. Will Toshu and Samar Bhaiya come? And moustache uncle will also need it, right? For Adhik and Ankush’s uncle, even mom and dad, well, need for all of them, isn’t it?

Anupama Today Written update
Anu inquires if all from Shah house are coming at Kapadia house

Anuj, hearing it says, but why us? She says because Nanu Papa taught me, whosoever protects us, we tie rakhi to their hand. It is the reason why we tie rakhi to the hands of lord Krishna, isn’t it? Anupama agrees to it and says, so, you guys protect me the most. Tomorrow is Rakhi; we will enjoy it a lot. We will celebrate it together.

Hearing whatever Anu had to say, Anupama, Anuj and Sara are seen smiling. It was just then that Anu said, mummy, we are visiting the Shah family tomorrow, right? It reminds Anupama and Anuj of all that happened there, and they get a bit serious at the moment.

Anu again inquires whether they will be going to the Shah’s tomorrow. Anupama to it replied, kiddo, tomorrow, this festival, we will make it in this home. Whosoever will be able to come, great, if they aren’t, we will still celebrate the festival happily. She then adds this is your first festival in this house, so tomorrow will just be filled with happiness, nothing else. Listening to Anupama’s words, Anu gets too excited, and Anupama, she completely avoids the situation without making Anu sad.

What is ongoing at the Shah house? Has everyone settled back?

In the next scene in this Anupama written update, we are brought to the Shah house, where we see Kavya handing a glass of water to Hasmukh while all sit & stand around.

Vanraj then enters the scene and, looking at everyone, begins. Whatever happened today, let’s just forget it and prepare for tomorrow’s festival. We will celebrate the festival, right? Kids, they get angry, and they speak a lot, and then they cry. Before Pakhi goes into depression and does anything wrong in her guilt, we should try this topic never comes up in this house.

Leela agrees to the same and says, okay. No one will talk on this topic here. Vanraj thanked her, looked at all and walked away.

Here comes a fresh day- The day of Raksha Bandhan in Anupama today episode

The scene begins at the Shah house, where everyone is praying to God. We are also taken to the Kapadia house, where too celebrations seem to be in full force. Anupama, with her family, was praying too. She was even singing to the lord. Anu was the happiest with all of the celebrations ongoing.

At the Shah’s, Pakhi stood back and didn’t seem to be in the mood to pray. It was then that Vanraj came in and asked Pakhi to go ahead and pray too. She did the same with half her heart and didn’t seem to be in the mood, but with Vanraj on her side, she did it.

Later in the scene, Anu & Pakhi are seen tying the rakhi to the hands of lord Krishna.

As we move ahead in the Anupama today episode, we see Barkha taking some medicines. She was not herself completely, and this is where Ankush came in to see her, she asked what are you doing, Barkha? She then hugs her and says she is quite scared. She adds I don’t know what would happen. Anuj now is happy and cheerful now, but what if he simply flips after the veneration? What will he say then?

Ankush, hearing concerns put forward by Barkha, says, even I am scared. Even I am tense, but we cannot do anything apart from waiting and being scared, we do not have any other option.

Barkha then says I think something quite serious is about to come up. To it, Ankush says, I hope may god give all the joy to Anu and Anupama today so that they forget everything else. Barkha, hearing it, asks him, how do you think this will help? Whatever is about to happen today, it will happen tomorrow too.

Anuj is worried, but he seems calm. He says to Barkha, no one has seen the future. We don’t even know what will happen next.

Even hearing it all, Barkha doesn’t seem to be relaxed, and it is at that moment we get to see that this entire conversation has been overheard by Anuj. He gets a smile on his face and walks away.

Rakhi Celebrations are on

The scene brings us to the Shah house, where we see everyone with their plates full of stuff, including the most important thing, the Rakhi. They all tie the Rakhi on their brother’s hand, and once done, everyone settles down.

Kinjal then says, don’t know when Samar will come and Leela to this responds, we don’t know how late the train will be. It is good that we didn’t sit in his wait and went ahead with the rituals. Even Paritosh agreed to it and said, when Samar comes, we will celebrate with him too. To it all, Kinjal agrees.

Suddenly Dolly starts crying, and Vanraj inquires her about what happened. She says, in 26 years, this is for the first time, there’s a festival in the house and Anupama, my sister-in-law isn’t home. She then goes to Hasmukh and tells him, Bapu Ji, if Bhabhi didn’t wish to come here on her own, it would have been another situation, but she got forbidden to enter the house, to come here. She was sent from this home with disrespect.

She then hugs Hasmukh and starts crying. She says I do not like anything. This place isn’t the same without Bhabhi.

Vanraj then speaks up and says, it is not necessary, Dolly, that whatever has been happening to date, it continues ahead. This family and house aren’t for Anupama anymore, Kapadia mansion is for her now.

Pakhi interrupts him and says, no, papa. My mom’s family is here and there too. Hearing her words, everyone is shocked. It is we, especially me, who separated her from this house and family. If you had stopped me yesterday, we would have been celebrating the festival of Rakhi together happily.

Dolly then says Bhabhi wouldn’t come here. So, I am going to her home.

Vanraj, being shocked, said to her, have you got mad, Dolly? Whatever happened here yesterday, you are aware of it all, and yet you want to go to the Kapadia house?

Kavya speaks in between and says it is Anuj who asks Anupama not to come to this house. It doesn’t mean we cannot go to their home. Vanraj stands up and asks Kavya to stop all this, but she instead asks him to do so. She said today is a festival. There isn’t a better chance than today to resolve the differences between the relations.

She then talks to Pakhi and says, Pakhi you? Just in a night, you realized the value of your mother, right? It’s been just 24 hours, and I see the condition of this house. Today is the day of the festival, but none of the people present here has a smile on their faces. She then asks Pakhi; this is what you want? Do you want this house and family to be in such a situation forever? No matter its festivals or anything else but, happiness isn’t present.

Kapadia’s have much to share today

Getting to Anupama written episode ahead, we see the Kapadia family happily celebrating the festival with Anu, and why wouldn’t they, it was her first festival in the house.

It was then that Anu inquired Anupama, mummy, bhaiya, bhaiya and didi, along with the others, when will they arrive? Anupama looks at Anuj when Anu asks Anupama to call her. She then asks them, will anyone not come?

Anuj takes a stand and says, let’s do one thing, you tie this rakhi to your father. Actually, the thing is Toshu, and Samar bhaiya have some work, so it might be they wouldn’t come here this time.

Anu gets sad but then suddenly turns happy. She shouts out, Shamar bhaiya and everyone is happy and a bit of shocked.

Samar enters the house hidden behind a huge teddy. Anu says we thought you wouldn’t come. Samar then says, my little sister and my first rakhi. Also, it’s my mother’s first rakhi in her in-law’s house, so how can I not come? He then says, it is said one finds heaven in the feet of a mother and love in the rakhi of a sister; how could I have missed it all?

Is everyone happy seeing Samar at Kapadia’s house?

Why wouldn’t they be? They are all happy. Especially Anupama, she is very happy seeing Samar, and she hugs him. Samar is also quite excited to meet Anu, and then he asks her, so what is it today? a festival, right? In my language, what do we call a festival? Party. So, today’s party is from my side. Wow.

Later in the episode, Samar is seen dancing to the song. He even includes the entire family in the celebration, where everyone is seen enjoying, irrespective of their age.

Anupama than thanks Samar for coming. Samar replied I always teamed with you, mummy. Always on your team, and whatever happened yesterday, this is why I came here directly from the station.

Anu then thanks Samar too and says she loves him. She says, if you hadn’t been here, my Rakhi would have been incomplete. Samar replies, how could it be incomplete, my sweet little sister? And I love you too. He then adds, with me present, yours and my mother’s happiness, it wouldn’t be incomplete ever.

Anuj then says, wherever God is, flowers by any means reach there. Samar was to come here.

Then Gopi Kaka says, exactly. The era of today underrates goodness to a large extent. He further adds people consider good people as weak, but in the end, good wins, and to come closer to goodness, it is required to have a little bit of goodness inside. Only a magnet pulls the iron and allows it to come closer. Grass never gets attracted and stays behind.

Anuj laughs at it and says, correct.

Sara then says to Samar, wow, dude, what an entry. He replies, thanks, dude. With this, there is seen a chemistry beginning, but the same gets interrupted by Anupama. She says I will bring the water for you. You sit.

Anupama goes to the kitchen, and Samar follows. He flashed the mirror on her face. Anupama asks him what are you doing? And he responds, I knew it. Kitchen’s corner, and my mom’s crying. Anupama. I hate tears re.

Seeing this, Anupama smiles. Samar then says the kitchen changed, but my mother didn’t. To this, Anupama says, the entire world changed, but my Samar didn’t. Samar says, am I a shirt that I would change? He then says to her, I wouldn’t say sorry for sweety’s disrespect as an apology isn’t enough. Just coz of one mistake, a family is celebrating the festival divided.

Anupama asks him to leave it all behind, but Samar says, no, mom. Not today, please. She agrees. She says, not even a bit today because we will only smile today. To this, Samar agrees and says, how? He shows his teeth and says like this, and Anupama laughs. He then says, now give me the water. I came from so far away. All of it goes on, and Anupama finally seems to be happy.

To the next scene- Here comes a call to the Shah house

While all are busy celebrating, Anu picks up the phone and dials a number. It was then that rings to the Shah house. Kavya picks and hearing her voice, Anu says, hello, beautiful aunty. Kavya is surprised and happy to hear her voice while all are shocked.

Anu then asks Kavya to put the call on speaker. She says, Nanu papa and Nani Ba, Moustache uncle, Pakhi didi, Paritosh bhaiya, Bhabhi, didi, to all of you, Jai Shree Krishna. Happy Rakhi.

She then gets a bit sad and says but there is no fun without all of you. I know you are all upset with one another, but at the festival, you should forget it all. Samar bhaiya is here. All of you too, please come here. Please.

Hearing Anu, everyone is shocked.

Anu then says I know even mom is sad. Please come here. We will all have fun together.

While all this was ongoing, Anu heard Anupama’s voice calling, so she got scared and said, okay, bye. I am disconnecting. Please do come on time.

Anupama then enters the scene and asks her who she was talking to on the call. She says no one. Anu says I was playing phone-phone.

Anupama then says, come inside the home and play. As she leaves, Anu then says, for lying to my mom, I am sorry, lord Krishna, my brother.

Did the call from Anu create a scene at Shah’s house?

Well, we don’t know yet but read ahead the Anupama today written update to know about it.

With the call disconnected, Kavya says, even this little girl has a brain. Kinjal adds, and a big heart.

However, instead of focusing on it all, Vanraj is focused on Samar. He says, Samar. How did Samar reach there? Definitely, Anupama called him there. Hearing this, Kavya interrupts him and says, oh please, V. To settle scores, taking revenge, all these are your qualities, not Anupama’s.

When Vanraj hears this, he says, from yesterday, your attitude is quite changed. Kavya responds, my attitude has not changed V; I am changed, and no one changes overnight. I am changing gradually. But as usual, you didn’t pay attention to it all.

Vanraj then says, me not paying attention… now before he spoke ahead, Kinjal gets up and starts to walk away. Suddenly seeing her do so, Vanraj asks, what happened, Kinjal beta? She responds, sorry, papa, but on the day of the festival, I just want to keep myself away from this negativity. So, I am going to Mom. Kavya says, even me.

Hearing them, all are shocked. Vanraj says no one will go anywhere. Kavya responds, try stopping us. If you have this in your head, kindly try and see. But remember, none can stop us.

Paritosh then gets up and says, Kinjal try to understand. Kinjal, don’t you remember what happened when you went there last time? Please try to understand. Now, even Anu is there, and the chance of accidents increases because of the kids.

Dolly interrupts him and says, Toshu, say it clearly that Meenu too isn’t allowed to get to this home as you don’t like it. Toshu replies to Dolly, I didn’t talk about Meenu here. Also, Meenu is big enough.

Kinjal hearing it says, so there is a cut-off age? Why don’t you tell me that? You are an expert on kids, and so you know what age kids can pose a threat to me by staying near me.

Dolly says, Toshu, inside you, you don’t even have guilt’s G. So, even I am not willing and feeling like to stay here in this house. Even I am accompanying Kavya and Kinjal.

Hearing it, Hasmukh and Jignesh get up. Leela asks Jignesh why did he get up. He says because Hasmukh did. Then he says, because we both, along with Dolly, Kinjal, and Kavya, are going there too. He then inquires from Hasmukh. Says brother-in-law, we are going there, right? Or did I just give a dialogue just like that? Hasmukh says we are going, we are going.

So, while all of them leave, even Pakhi starts moving forward, but Vanraj stops her. Now the question is, will she stop, or will she just like the others go there at Kapadias? Well, that will all come ahead in the next Anupama written episode. Stay tuned to read.


The precap seems to be similar to the previous one, where Anupama is taunted by Anuj’s brother and sister-in-law. She is also seen being taunted by Vanraj. However, most of all, we see Anuj on the hospital bed, breathing through the tube again, while Anu comes and asks, will papa never get alright again?

It is after this that Anupama says to Anuj, see, two Anu’s are waiting for you now. At last, Anupama and Anuj are seen together where Anuj is on the chair looking still and Anupama caring for her and saying, no matter what the world says, I will help you get to your feet back again.

Final Words

With the way things are ongoing in Anupama today written update and with the way the episode of today ended, it seems like even when Pakhi would try to make things right, she will be stuck. She will be stopped by her manipulative father, who just wants things to remain just as it is and doesn’t want Kapadia to enter the house again.

Try not to miss on miss on any of Anupama written episodes, as even today, the reason behind Anuj breathing through the tube is not clear. We are unaware of what happened to him, and so we can just keep guessing it to be revealed in the upcoming Anupama today episode.

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