6th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: No one forgets how you make them feel, No one.

Anupama today written update: Previously in, Anupama today episode brought us closer to the fact that a person who wishes to apologize will find a way to speak his heart out. Just like Pakhi did by in front of her entire family. It also showed us that when everyone was leaving for Kapadia’s house except Vanraj and Ba, even Pakhi wanted to go along as she wanted to apologize and do things right. But then again, she was stopped by Vanraj, and whether or not she went even after it, it is something that Anupama written update today will tell us.

6th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
6th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update

Even the precap was the same. It showed for Anupama today episode that Anupama was all disturbed seeing Anuj on a hospital bed. We are definitely expecting something big to happen in Anupama as the precap brings us to the scene where Anuj is breathing through the tube, and later, Anupama promising him to get him back on his feet. Now, what happened and how it happened, it will be revealed in further episodes. Now, who knows, today’s episode is the revelation to it? 

So go ahead and read through the events of Anupama today episode and find out all the answers. Just make sure not to miss any bit of the Anupama written update, as intensity is the one thing that the writers are not missing in it.

6th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update
Vanraj tries to stop Pakhi reminding of what she did previous day

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Anupama today written update

To the good, good finds a way, and for a person like Samar, who is all cheerful, happy, and giving, good can never walk away. Well, today’s Anupama written episode is as such. It starts with bringing out the truth of how Samar has been helped by Anuj through the investment. He is seen thanking him and promising to return the money with interest. 

On the one hand, a thankful conversation is ongoing; on the other, it shows how selfishness and greed burn up. Yes, Barkha overhears the entire conversation and is worried about the upcoming consequences because of Anuj’s big heart and moves. However, all she can do is wait and wait.

While all this is ongoing, we are taken to the Shah’s house, where Pakhi was stopped from going to Kapadia’s in the last Anupama episode update. Vanraj, Leela, and Paritosh, all try to stop her by talking about the insults she can face. Hearing it all, Pakhi takes a step back, and the scene ends.

In the next scene, Kapadia’s are seen celebrating Rakhi, and Anu informs them about the phone call she made to the Shahs. She says sorry for doing it, but everyone instead appreciates her effort.

6th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Shah family come to Kapadia house

While all this was ongoing, Hasmukh, Jignesh, Kavya, Dolly, and Kinjal made an entry, and everyone was happy seeing them except Ankush and Barkha. They are worried about how all this can get them lesser space in the thoughts of Anuj.

Well, as not everyone is talking and meeting one another, there comes another entry. Pakhi is seen standing at the Kapadia house’s gate. Now, the question is, what would happen? Will she be insulted back, or will she be given the space back in Kapadia’s heart?

6th August 2022 Anupama Today Written Update
Pakhi too comes to Kapadia but the question is, will Anupama allow her to enter?

With the scene break at this, we are back again to Shah’s house, where Ba asks Vanraj why he let Pakhi go, and he says he doesn’t wish to see her back in depression. He tells Leela, Ba, at least you try to understand. My head is hurting; please stop. Hearing this, Leela says to Vanraj that Pakhi has got all bad things from her parents truly.

Will the forgiveness come free, or will it set Pakhi free? Anupama Today Episode

It’s not easy to seek forgiveness, especially after past incidents, and so the same is the case herein. Anupama seeing Pakhi, asks her, isn’t she satisfied with all the insults she did to her mother, or did she learn anything new and come here to show? She even asks Pakhi if she has lost her memory that she is here at Kapadia’s house.

All of it stops as Anu asks Anupama to let Pakhi in. Anupama couldn’t say no after this and called Pakhi in, but Anuj, he didn’t seem to like her decision here.

Pakhi thanked Anupama for letting her in and for forgiving her. However, Anupama is quite clear and says, I didn’t forgive you, I just let you in. She insults her and speaks harshly, but who wouldn’t agree with the fact that Pakhi deserved it?

6th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update
No one forgets how you made them feel Pakhi. No one.

Anupama then tells Pakhi, that whatever Pakhi did, it didn’t make her angry but instead made her numb and that she wasn’t able to believe that her own daughter did all of it with her. She even tells her, yesterday, Pakhi, you asked me one thing. You wanted to end the relationship between us, here we are, and the relationship between us ends now.

A huge list of words are exchanged between Pakhi and Anupama. Anupama, frustrated, said Pakhi, a mother is not like their kids. She adds that today is the day of the festival, and no matter who comes to the door, the door is always open for them but remember, it’s the day of the festival, so you will get the sweets but not the forgiveness. 

It is soon after that the scene changes to a happy mood, and Anupama says all, it’s Anu’s first festival in the house, and we will all celebrate it happily. Everyone agrees and is ready to have an amazing time.

While all go inside for celebrations, Anupama and Anuj stay behind. Anuj tells her that he is quite proud of her. To this, Anupama replies, a mother is required to not just be the shade but also the burning sun for her kids. Anuj agrees. Anupama then pulls Anuj’s leg and they both, in a happy mood, go inside too.

6th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update
Anuj and Anupama discuss about the right decision Anupama made letting Pakhi in

Also, let’s not forget how happy Adhik on seeing Pakhi at the Kapadia. 

Festivals are to come together, not to eat alone

But then again, you have to bear the consequences, and so do we see Leela and Vanraj bearing through. In the next scene of the Anupama today written update, Vanraj and Leela are seen eating alone. Leela keeps talking and blaming others, and this is where Vanraj says, ‘Today is the day of the festival, and on today’s date, my entire family left me and went to Kapadia’s house.’

Vanraj seemed too sad, but he had to bear the consequences.

6th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update
Ba and Vanraj sit alone at Shah’s on the festival day

With it, we are brought back to Kapadia’s house, where we find everyone celebrating and sharing balloons.

On the one hand, this is ongoing, and Vanraj is seen as quite disappointed and uncomfortable. However, this doesn’t affect the celebrations at Kapadia’s house. It is still ongoing with all dancing, tying rakhis, and celebrating the festival.

Time to share some happiness with Shah

While Vanraj sits at home disappointed and sad, recalling the events of the past day, suddenly, everyone is back at home. They come in dancing, and Vanraj is suddenly all happy to get back to his family. They all enjoy their time to their best, and even Vanraj is dancing.

Well, well, well, let’s get to the reality now. It is all just a thought, a hallucination, a dream kinda thing, and it is quite difficult to see the above-mentioned situation in Shah’s house. Still, even for a moment, if this hallucination gave Vanraj little happiness, we are all happy; after all, it is the festivals.

Vanraj is seen blaming Anuj and Anupama for it all. He says, you guys have taken away my happiness; my bad eye would be now on yours.

It is all just an indication of how people, instead of accepting their mistakes, keep blaming others. Well, such are the people who suffer a lot, and Vanraj is having his time.

Episode’s ending minutes 

Anupama seems happy, and Barkha plans to go to Delhi with respect to a property case. She still seems worried about Anuj’s decision and asks Ankush to keep in mind their kid and her brother.

At the Kapadia house, all seem to be darkened, especially Vanraj. Leela comes and turns on the light and asks Vanraj why he is sitting in darkness. This is when his entire family returns back from Shah’s.

Vanraj makes sure he ensures to insult them right in a sarcastic tone. He even says all were together apart from him and Ba and asks all, did they even think about them? Nobody cared about it, right?

With everything ongoing, Vanraj acts rash while all just stand there and look at him enjoying the sweets that they brought from Kapadia’s house.

Well, this is where the scene ends, and all we can do is wait for the next Anupama episode written update to see what happens next.


The precap is still the same. With Anuj on the hospital bed breathing through the tube, with Anupama recalling the taunts of Vanraj and Barkha, with Anupama asking Anuj how now 2 Anu’s are waiting for him to wake up, and with Anupama promising Anuj to get him back on his feet.

So, even in Anupama written update of today, we couldn’t find the answers to the repeated precap. Hoping the next one will bring us closer to what actually happens with the happiness of Anupama.

Final Words

With the way things are ongoing in Anupama today written update and how the episode of today ended, it seems like Vanraj and his taunts are coming ahead more and more. Now, how the family will deal with it and will the same affect the life of Anupama is a question that will be answered in the next episode.

Try not to miss on miss on any of Anupama written episodes, as even today, the reason behind Anuj breathing through the tube is not clear. We are unaware of what happened to him, and so we can just keep guessing it to be revealed in the upcoming Anupama today episode.

Keep reading Anupama written update for more. Visit moviestandor.com to read other important updates about the upcoming movies and series too. Good day!

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