9th August 2022, Anupama Today Written Update: Critical Is The Game For Both The Names- Anuj & Vanraj

Anupama today written update: Previously in Anupama today episode, we get to see that Vanraj asked Anuj to meet, and at the end of the episode, Anuj was seen leaving the puja and going to meet Vanraj. Even when he was stopped by Anupama, he said, today, he wishes to clear it all, and he wouldn’t take Anupama as if Vanraj told him anything, he wouldn’t be able to bear it. Hearing it, Anupama allows him to go, but she isn’t okay with this decision.

Anupama Today Written Update
Anupama Today Written Update

The precap showed us how rashly Vanraj kept driving the car, and later came the news of the accident that gave us chills. What happened next can only be known in today’s episode.

So go ahead and read through the events of Anupama today episode and find out all the answers. Just make sure not to miss any bit of the Anupama written update, as intensity is the one thing that the writers are not missing in it.

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I will be back soon after meeting Vanraj

People work on intuition at times. Don’t know how and why, but their heart just knows when something is about to happen very wrong. Well, such is the case ongoing in the reel life of Anupama written episode too, where Anupama was in the previous episode first seen getting a vibe, an intuition that something wrong was about to happen.

This intuition exists even now and doesn’t feel right when Anuj plans to leave everyone at the temple and go to meet Vanraj. However, Anuj makes her understand that he will be fine and he will come back soon. It is with this that Anupama allows him to leave.

Coming back to the main story with Anupama written update, Anupama today episode began with Anuj leaving and, in action promising Anupama that he will go and come back soon enough. Anupama was not that happy with the decision Anuj made, but she trusted him, so he allowed him to leave. She then came back to everyone and began the aarti.

Anupama Today Written Update
Anuj signals Anupama that he will soon come back

Later in the episode, Anuj and Vanraj travel in a car while Kavya follows them both as she overhears Anuj saying on the phone that he is going to meet Vanraj.

Anupama Today Written Update
Kavya overhears Anuj that he is about to meet Vanraj

It was just seconds after all of the ongoing situations that Anupama’s phone rang, and they got the news of the accident where the car had fallen down the cliff, and the people in it had been badly injured. Everyone is truly devastated to hear the news, and Anupama breaks down.

Tell us what happened, Kavya, please tell us

In the episode, it is seen that the car didn’t fall down the cliff, it was just Anuj and Vanraj. Now the question was, what exactly happened therein to cause such disaster? Did Anuj provoke Vanraj, or was Vanraj provoked enough to get blind and stop thinking about any consequences? Well, whatever it was, as soon as the Shahs and Kapadias reached the location, they did not like the ongoing situation, and Anupama seemed to be totally broken.

Anupama Today Written Update
Everyone reached the location of accident and are devastated

Every single member of the family is crying, screaming, and questioning what happened to Kavya as she was present there before. However, due to either of the reasons, she is unable to speak out even when she tries to.

Soon, news comes up that both Anuj and Vanraj are being brought up, and the ambulance too arrives. What next? Well, all we can hope for is that these two people are alive, or else both families would be broken beyond repair.

They are both alive but are badly injured

The next half of the Anupama written episode is about what happens next. The scene takes us to the Shah house, where Kinjal and Pakhi are worried a lot, and Jignesh makes them feel better that God will do right by them. They will be okay, do not worry.

Anupama Today Written Update
Kinjal tries to calm Pakhi and assures everything will be fine soon

As soon as the above scene ends, we are taken back to the accident spot, where both Anuj and Vanraj are brought back up and they are carried to the ambulances.

The entire family shouts, runs, and screams just to have one look at them, but the police stop them as there is no time to waste, and they are both required to be carried to the hospital on time.

Anupama Today Written Update
Seeing Anuj and Vanraj carried to ambulance, Anupama and Kavya breaks down

Once the ambulance leaves, Anupama inquires the police in charge that both the people are alive, right? She gets a big sigh of relief when he says they are both alive and breathing.

Anupama thanks a lot to her lord Krishna and is asked by the police to reach directly to the city hospital as these guys have taken Anuj and Vanraj there for immediate care.

I pray you Krishna bro, please don’t let anything happen to my papa and mustache uncle

In the last few minutes of the episode, Anu prays to the lord, and Kinjal, Pakhi, and Jignesh get to know that Anuj and Vanraj have been taken to the hospital. Pakhi, on seeing how Anu is praying for both the people, gets emotional and hugs her. She tries to calm her and her mind that seemed to be roaming around, just like all.

In the next scene, the entire family of Shahs and Kapadias enter the hospital and inquire about the whereabouts of Anuj and Vanraj. They got to know that both their situations were quite critical, so they were taken to the emergency room, and a doctor would soon reach out to them to inform them about the patients.

So, now, all anyone can do is wait and wait and wait until the doctor arrives, and this is how the Anupama today episode ends.

Anupama today written update: Precap

The precap brings us a little closer to the fact of what happened at the cliff and how did the two people fall off the same. The entire family is seen pressuring Kavya to tell them what happened, and Kavya is quite broken. She recalls bits and pieces of her memory. However, before she could say anything, they heard the nurses that the situation was quite critical, and this is where the episode ended with us left to wonder, what would happen next?

Final words

The only thing that comes to a head after getting through the Anupama today written update is that everything gets back to normal. People live and live happily and what we say in the previous precaps, where Anuj was bit sat still on a chair with Anupama promising him to get him back on his feet, we do not get to that situation.

All we can do is hope, and the same goes for the Shah and Kapadia families. Try not to miss on miss on any of Anupama written episodes as there are a lot unanswered. We are unaware of what happened, and how it did will only come up in the upcoming Anupama today episode.

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