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After We Collided | After We Collided Review, Cast & Crew

After We Collided

After We Collided- The same old complicated college romance story

After based on the book of Anna Todd showcases the ups and downs of a passionate romance brewing between innocent young women and a brooding bad boy who unexpectedly swept her off her feet. Despite receiving a bad review from the critics the movie managed to do pretty well on the box office. After We Collided which is the continuation of the first part After is a disappointing story line which lacks plot, and chemistry between the characters. The second part of the After series is all about sex which is pretending to be a plot.

After we collided Review

After We CollidedThe story of the second part After We Collided film begins with young Tessa joining a publication House after an recommendation from Hardin. The story mainly focuses on showcasing the trouble and depression the couple is facing after their breakup. During this phase things start getting intense between Tessa and her co-worker Trevor. In fact she ended up kissing him that although she might have regretted. Being a well wisher Trevor advised her to maintain a safe difference from Hardin as he knew about his abusive and drug addict side.

The story line starts getting a twist after Tessa end up making a call to Hardin from a night club. To her surprise Hardin finds is the hotel and creates a scene there.  The drunk Tessa ended up having sex with Hardin but once realised the mistake in the morning they both parted their ways. Thinking of the fight and all the negativity Hardin has brought he decides to  off to London to her mother. This was just the beginning. For romance craver the story will offer just the perfect amount of love hatred care and other feelings leading to an emotional connection with the characters.

After We CollidedAs a couple the characters haven’t made much progress since the first After movie. It seems to regress more when the fate or Hardin’s mother pushes them to each other again giving the romance another shot. Despite this there are several ridiculous misunderstandings which creates conflicts and makes it difficult to communicate. Besides the story line also presents an unexpected visit from Tessa’s father and the suspense behind Hardin’s hatred for his father is revealed.

The supportive characters have managed to portray their role well and bring forward some life to the movie. However despite all the effort the story line still continues to show the same old love and conflict between the characters. It is a typical story showcasing the characters finding their way back to each other despite all the conflicts.

When compared to the first After movie Tessa in After We Collided is  stronger and a bolder girl. It is clearly visible during the new year party wear she takes on Hardin’s ex girlfriend. But the party end up on a different note with Hardin and Tessa having a big fight and cursing.

After We CollidedIt was now clear that the characters had given up on each other. But the twist was yet to come. Hardin when didn’t return home, Tessa decided to make her way back and apologize to him. While on road she faces an accident. Thinking of all the trouble he has caused and warning from Trevor Hardin leaves for London.

Despite being separated both the characters fail to move on. Being deeply in love they both think about each other all the time. Seeing the condition Hardin’s mother suggested him to go back and when over the girl.

On the other side Tessa accepted a job offer in Seattle. During an office party when she was finally ready to move on Hardin suddenly appears and makes things difficult. Despite all hardship Tessa forgive Hardin and the story ends on a happy note showing the couple taking a walk along the road side where a stranger tries to grab Tessa and she recognises him as her father.

All in all the movie is full with sex, jealousy, a love triangle. It is a must watch for the romance lovers but if the decision was to be made based on the movie then investing your two hours in watching a movie like After We Collided isn’t worth. Although the  After We Collided book seemed pretty fair the movie has failed to meet the expectations.

Key Takeaways

After We CollidedWhat will happen in the next movie? Will Tessa work out things with her father? Will the love grow between the characters? To know about this you have to watch After We Fell which is all set to release in September, 2021. But given the story line of After We Collided movie it won’t be worth wasting your time. If you are a fan of Twilight, kissing booth or any other college romance stories then you surely can watch the romance brewing between the two characters who ends up having passionate sex in the entire movie.

After we collided Cast & Crew

StarringJosephine Langford
Dylan Sprouse
Shane Paul McGhie
 Samuel Iarsen
Karimal Westbrook
Dylan Arnold
Imanna Sarkis
Ken Scott
Jennifer Beals
Peter Gallagher
Pia Mia
Khadijha Red Thunder
Selma Blair
Based OnAfter by Anna Todd
DirectorGenny Gage
Release Date2nd September, 2020
IMDb Rating5.2/10
Box Office Collection$48million


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