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After We Fell

After We Fell- The Journey to Unexpected Surprises

If you thought the second part of the After series- After We Collided ended on a cliffhanger then you just have to wait until the release of After We Fell. The story is all set to bring in drama and twists more than you expected. So you cannot wait to know what will happen in the next movie? Do you want to know if After We Fell is worth watching? No matter your question or queries everything is covered in this review post.

After We Fell Full Review

After We Fell

The movie After We done take off with the lead character Tessa unveiling exciting news of moving to Seattle to Hardin. It is a big opportunity for her to work with Vance Publishing. But the first thing she needs to focus on is her past, her father. Tessa as shown in After We Collided was eager to reconnect with her father who she hasn’t met since she was 9. But her boyfriend who is over the top protective about her raises some rightful concerns.

If you have watched After We Fell movie trailer all you would have seen is the intense sex scenes which will remind you of fifty shades of grey but the story line has a lot more to it. It is deep and intense with some emotional aspects which will bring in unexpected twist and turns.

Tessa’s Desperation to know her dad will make her avoid all the warnings from Hardin. She will invite here dad for the dinner but as in the book her dad is getting mixed up in wrong crowd developing a heavy drug addiction. Seeing the way Hardin’s dad brought back life to normal, Tessa hope she can help her dad do the same. But the story line will start unrevealing the past showcasing there is not much hope for her father.

After We Fell

Besides the family issues Tessa deals with a major question is love enough for her? To be honest the never-ending cycle of anger, jealousy and rage is having a negative impact on her.

The story of After We Fell mainly focuses on Hardin’s constant effort to gain back Tessa’s. He teams up with Landon to help Tessa’s father and even reaches out a mother for advice. Although the efforts will help get close to Tessa but her guards are still up. Also there is Zade lurking in the background to gain benefit of Hardin so that he can try getting close to Tessa.

Just like After We Collided the movie After We Fell with end with a surprise. Hardin will find that his mother has been in a long term affair which dates back to the time she originally got together with his father. She has been in a secret affair with Christian Vans his father’s best friend. In fact Vance is actually the biological father of Hardin.

With all the steamy sex, anger issues fights and twists there is a surprise note in the film makes everything worth. So the question is- Is the movie worth watching? If you are a craver for suspense and romance then there is no point in waiting for another day after the release to watch the After We Fell movie.

All we can hope from the movie is to bring forward some great story which keeps engaged and offers a good entertainment. Of all it is romance which is fully expected in the movie.

A key things to note is due to the covid-19, the movie wasn’t shot in America. The location was changed to Bulgaria but it won’t have any effect on the storyline. However After We Fell movie cast has been reduced to some extent owing to the Covid restrictions. But don’t you worry the lead characters are going to fulfill the gap well.

After We Fell Cast & Crew

Cast & CrewJosephine Langford 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin 

Louise Lombard 

Dylan Sprouse 

Candice King 

Charlie Weber 

Max Ragone

Selma Blair 

Inanna Sarkis 

Shane Paul McGhie 

Pia Mia 

Samuel Larsen 

Dylan Arnold 

Karimah Westbrook 

Rob Estes 
Based OnAfter by Anna Todd
DirectorCastille Landon
Release DateIn September, 2021

When will After We Fell released?

Every After series lover is excited for the release of the third film. This year Canada and Europe will be the first one to see the movie in September 2021. While the viewers in US have to wait until October for a more definitive release date.

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What did this film show? I will give you a synopsis. After being evicted in the hands of Jules at the station and then relapsing, Rue celebrates Christmas.

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In the Little League game already in the entire game (sorry), Lee’s son, who is in school, Marcus, is playing inside the dugout. The other Abbotts, including Lee’s wife Evelyn and his deaf daughter Regan and son Beau, the smallest, Beau, enjoy the game. Lee can exchange some words with the guy sitting behind him, the type of man who stretches his arms over his biceps without irony. His son is also playing well. Just as Marcus starts to bat, the entire team spots an object in the distance. Something is hurrying through the clouds and is heading in a terrifying direction toward Earth.

It’s essential to take in the opening prologue of After We Fell, John Krasinski’s sequel of his out-of-nowhere film of the year. It’s an excellent watch-the-skies film in miniature, brimming with silence and violence. First thrilling and unique into one set piece. We’ve been rewinding to Day One and the final moment before a silent silence equals staying alive. The bewildered crowd has earlier gathered in Main Street, then those aliens who answer the enduring questions “what would it look like if a daddy-long-legs spider mated with Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors” announce their presence. The chaos ensues.

Another time, Krasinski occasionally lets the soundtrack completely disappear and relies on the silence and Regan’s reaction to guide the story. If you’ve watched the trailer, you’re aware of the point-of-view shot of a bus that is in a collision with the Abbotts car, as one swaying arm is pushed out of the cracked windshield. The family dodges, ducks, and weaves their way out of their path to destruction. Lee and his child briefly go to a pub before rushing to the safety of their home. No matter the director’s intention, we’d like to believe that this is an “fuck you” to inconsiderate spectators who could continue to treat theaters as their homes upon returning to theaters after one year of absence.

Speaking of which: It’s this early, standalone mash-up of Norman Rockwell’s Americana and straight-outta-Heinlein cosmic carnage that reminds you why we’ve been so anxious to return to those shared spaces in the dark. As with many other movies, small and big, After We Fell was planned to be released in the year 2000, but a real-life terror took over the fiction we’d consider to be an escape. The opening sequence of life, interrupted by an unimaginable threat that rapidly escalates into emergency measures and confusion, plays differently towards 2021. However, for the better or for worse, the film’s depiction of survival in dire circumstances is now the most blaring couldary that can be heard regarding the return of movie theaters and a returning to order. Part II’s kickoff gives you thrills-spills-chills mayhem that would play well in any space. You can watch it in an area with hundreds of screaming people, and the action is a swell of joyous excitement.

There’s a risk in starting your film with such an impressive performance. However, it could be that you’ll peak too early. (Just ask Zack Snyder.) After the excitement of After We Fell, we’re transported through time, a.k.a. moments after the Movie’s finale. Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Regan (Millicent Simmonds — who was once again the main character in this film), Marcus (Noah Jupe), and their infant brother are about to leave their house to search for other survivors and a safe place to stay. A map is filled with areas of possible safe places. They finally come upon Emmett (Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy) -the man Lee talked to during the game and his set-up beneath an old factory. He reluctantly entices them to join and believes that pursuing other human beings could be dangerous: “You don’t know what they’ve become.” If an entire lifetime of watching zombie films and post-apocalyptic epics hasn’t taught us anything, we’ve learned the deeds humans commit in such situations make the most beasts feel cozy in comparison. The sexy agent does have a point.

Still, Regan persists. The family has come across an internet connection, which broadcasts Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea.” She can discern a clue from the song’s title: Search for an island, and you’ll find your Eden. Evelyn would prefer to stay to get their bearings and let injured Marcus recover. Her daughter goes off in the dark of the night in defiance of her mom’s wishes. Emmett is after her, firstly to bring her back. However, there could be something to this young woman’s notion that somewhere the promise of a better tomorrow is only an hour’s ferry ride away.

In this scene, Krasinski and his below-the-line dream team shout-outs to the composer Marco Beltrami, cinematographer Polly Morgan and (especially) editor Michael P. Shawver, and the CGI-creature team — switch between various levels of action. Regan and Emmett are in the middle of the road. Evelyn is on a shopping trip. Marcus and baby back home, trying to avoid creepy-crawly predators. A tense business involving gasoline, oxygen tanks, docks with a radio station, and an industrial furnace that is now an emergency room that has been temporarily set up that all play a role. There’s nothing that can top the opening sequence in any way, and you get the feeling it’s not a coincidence that Krasinski & Co. aren’t looking to. The actor has been on record declaring that horror was never an opportunity to make a point for him. Still, he’s undoubtedly a master at maintaining tension and utilizing the frame effectively to create terror. The former Office actor was more focused on the viewers supporting the Abbott family. The chips are on your willingness to care enough about them Abbotts that you would follow their story wherever they go.

Yet, following that intro, it’s tough not to feel as if After We Fell is all prettified up and, with its numerous inter-game quests and boss-level battles and boss-level fights, there’s no place to go. The first film was a double-feature as parable about parenting. The second film focuses on the difficulties of letting a child go to college, but the concept itself is surprisingly not explored here. The same is true for the notion that in the case of the social contract that is under pressure, you’ll be able to see the best of humanity and, more likely the worst,

 something that the film’s director, Krasinski, who wrote Part 1 in the middle of the Trump timeframe, would have imagined would resonate more intensely in the present. 

(What an impact an entire year, as well as an outbreak of pandemics across the globe, followed by an insurrection on the political scene, creates.) Two actors show up after the deadline, and a filthy beard conceals one. You may beg to ask why they’re ejected fast with only any sign of character development, mainly when it raises an old cliche about who is usually axed early from the genre movies. However, if this is a deliberate ploy, they’re just waiting around and ready to play when the next chapter is released. This brings us to the film’s most notorious crime.

Without giving away any specifics (though should you be concerned about the possibility of spoilers, you’re done until now), After We Fell concludes with a dramatic cliffhanger. Another film directed and written by Midnight Special’s Jeff Nichols is in the making. There are many sequels to blockbusters that are bridges between the beginning and a conclusion they can have the potential to be superior to the previous films. Still, something is troubling about how the film abruptly and abruptly ends abruptly in its tracks. The best formalism or pure joy at getting back to a film theatre can revive a story that is is stuck in a rut, 

and no amount of commitment to the characters of this family can prevent the feeling that you’ve been through an episode of a place after Feller that is a slow-burner.

After We Fell was a riff on movies about alien invasions with a touch of heart and chops, it was an excellent self-contained piece of genre music that touched a nerve. Part II is another sequel-itis case that is meant to grow into a new franchise in the midst of many. Simply go through the script and then keep an eye on next year in the summer, the following financial statement or board-meeting announcement of discovering the whole story. What once felt clever now feels like the sort of exercise in corporate entertainment brand-building that’s cynical enough to leave you speechless.

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Key Takeaways

Loaded with romance, sex and trust issues between the characters the movie is all set to impress the audience. Besides its twist and turns will make things a lot more interesting. It will be worth watching how Hardin will win back the trust of Tessa and if their love grows stronger or suffers  due to the trust issues they have been facing. Besides with the new entry of Tessa’s father things are going to get a lot more complicated. Finally it is the cliffhanger ending to the movie which is something everyone is rooting for. All in on it can be said the movie will stay up the expectations and deliver what the audience has been waiting for.

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