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After- A Love Story| After Review | Cast & Crew


After- An Unconventional Love Story

After movie is based on the best-selling novel of Anna ToddAfter. It’s the story of a young girl Tessa who meets a brooding and mysterious classmate Hardin Scott. It however didn’t took time for the sparks to fly. Despite being opposite of each other both had deep interest and love but the question is will their love survive against all the odds?

Although the story does not have many twists in but you will stay involved thinking something unusual will happen the very next moment.  The After film is a perfectly curated movie which includes just the right amount of romance, suspense, and jealousy, all set in the perfect background of a not so common romance story.

The story line is almost similar to that of the After book. Not many changes have been made to ensure the originality. The After movie although received great response from the audience didn’t satisfy the critics much. The critic found it’s screenplay a narrative of a glamorized abusive relationship. The rating of the movie is quite low but for teenagers and youngsters who enjoy college romance the movie is just the source of distraction to get mind off the current pandemic situation.

After movie review

AfterFor Scott being simple or nice is another word for boring. He has a certain charm and an uncertain cryptic behaviour which is probably a irresistible combination in a young boy who also is conventionally good looking. While Tessa is a girl next door with good behaviour and studious attitude.

With an ambition to make a mother proud she joined the college where she unexpectedly met Hardin. Although it might take away the surprise element but it is the story line of the characters which will keep you interested in the movie.

The unpredictable behaviour of Hardin throughout the movie is something you need to look forward to. Besides the chemistry of the two characters is extremely steamy. Given the good looks and behaviour of Hardin it is just not possible to stay away from him even when he is not doing the right thing.

Josephine Langford as Tessa in the movie has brought the vulnerability to the character. Her performance is completely understated and honest which shows her hunger for new experiences. Selma Blair playing the character of Tessa’s mother although has limited screen time, delivers a good performance. When talking about the rest of the after cast they have too many clichés.

AfterBeing in a college life the teens spots tattoos, piercings, vampish like appearance and a constant smirk. The story line also showcases the hard family life of Hardin which has made him grow hatred for his father. However this does not hampers emotional texture. The writers Tamara Chestna and Susan McMartin have done a fabulous job in weaving a intense romance story between Hardin and Tessa in a conventional get mysterious way that builds the interest.

With look at that After trailer you can know it is worth watching. The story line does not have many turns and the narration is kept simple. The movie is loaded with sex scenes but none of them are over the top. The scenes are executed aesthetically and remains complementary to the storyline. The director Jenny Gage has perfectly handled the scenes with finesse. He has managed to maintained the next door image of both the good looking characters.

Thus, it has help the audience stay connected with the characters and develop a emotional feel for them. The base of the movie is a bit slow but is consistent with the moments that will help you keep interested. Besides the soundtrack is quite a punch to this college romance.

The After series has three parts. The first part After was released in 2019 while the second After We Collided in 2020. The fans of the After series are excitedly waiting for the final part After We Fell which is to be released in September 2021.

Should you watch After series?

AfterIt is a must watch movie for someone who loves college romance. The ambitious character of the young lovers will keep you interested in a story. You might find the story line to be boring during the initial stages but it will eventually grow into love, lust and heartbreak which you will definitely enjoy.

After Movie Cast & Crew

StarringJosephine Langford
Dylan Sprouse
Shane Paul McGhie
 Samuel Iarsen
Karimal Westbrook
Dylan Arnold
Imanna Sarkis
Ken Scott
Jennifer Beals
Peter Gallagher
Pia Mia
Khadijha Red Thunder
Selma Blair
Based OnAfter by Anna Todd
DirectorGenny Gage
Release Date8th April, 2019 in Los Angeles
12th April,2019 in United States
IMDb Rating5.3/10
Box Office Collection$69.7million


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