Andor Trailer & New Premiere Date Unvieled: Star Wars Spinoff trailer Is A War

September 21 has been unveiled by Disney+ as a start date to stream Star Wars new show Andor.

Disney this morning released the Andor’s trailer. This show is said to be the Star Wars series’ next big hit. The show will be available for viewers on Disney Plus soon.

Together with the release of the trailer, another piece of news was announced. It said that the show’s release had been delayed by one month. The show was to premiere on 31st August. However, according to the new clip, this debut will be released on September 21st, and it is going to have a three-episode premiere.

Andor | Official Trailer | Disney+

What to expect from Andor?

Serving as the famous Rebel spy, Andor helped out to deliver the death start which Princess Leia received in- ‘A New Hope’.

Now, the story here will follow Andor to the adulthood after the world has been destroyed. According to news, the adopted home of his will become season one entire base. Later the place, it gets radicalized.

It is later one can see the other planet that was taken apart completely just like the way of colonial. Also, while the Empire keeps expanding on a rapid note, they keep wiping off anyone coming in its way.

Andor Trailer & New Premiere Date Unvieled
Andor Trailer & New Premiere Date Unvieled

Andor has been said to be a development that has been ongoing since 2018. Diego Luna in 2020 also said to The Hollywood Reporter that the series, it has been filmed like ‘a very long movie’.

The first season of the show is expected to have 12 episodes covering Andor’s life. The second season which will be filmed this fall, it will be stretched totally onscreen for the four diegetic years. After every three episodes, there will be a jump of one year.

According to Tony Gilroy, who has directed five episodes of the series, including the plot, the show’s scale is quite huge. He even explained that the Directors are working in 3 episodes block, and so for the season one, four blocks have been created.

Andor Cast

Andor Trailer & New Premiere Date Unvieled
Andor Trailer & New Premiere Date Unvieled

The show is said to be the prequel to the prequel. The events of this show take place even before the Star Wars movie Rogue One’s. The setting of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was even before the movie of 1st Star Wars.

The show is about to star Diego Luna. He will play Cassian Andor’s titular role, who had the courage to steal from Empire and who definitely brings to the Star Wars, the war. Also, Stellan Skarsgård is seen here leading the charge as against the regime. Through the role of Saw Gerrera, the trailer also revealed Forest Whitaker’s return. Along with it, the show stars Genevieve O’Reilly, Fiona Shaw, and Adria Arjona.

The score of the show is being handled by Nicholas Britell, a composer of Succession who won an Emmy for it. Apart from it, Luna has been revealed to be the executive producer of the series that got created by the co-writer of Star Wars Rogue One, Tony Gilroy. Gilroy has also directed this show’s five of the episodes that include the plot.

Definitely, this brings in a lot of hope and expectations; as per a teaser by Luna, one can expect here a lot more practical effects than the other productions could bring in.

Where to watch the show?

Well, you already have the answer to that. The show will be premiering on 21st September on Disney+. On the date, the first three episodes will be released, and the latter will be available soon. Do not forget to watch Andor Rogue One before.

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