Anupama fame Rupali Ganguli reached 86kgs- Listened taunts from pokey neighbors

Rupali Ganguly and her weight have been quite in talk for a while. It is now that she has started to open up about the harsh reality of the increased taunts.

Popular faces of TV equals high fees. They are praised, and their fans appreciate them. However, there is then the role of Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) from the famous running show named after her name.

She is certainly popular, but in the past, she has been through rough taunts from neighbors due to her increased weight.

Giving time the needed time is the right decision one can take as none can get ahead the same, and none can turn it around. Rupali Ganguly, who has been a part of the television industry since years, is one best example to take.

After years of hard work, her recognition was not up to what she deserved. It was her hard work and consistency which landed her an opportunity to win hearts in every home.

Today, Rupali Ganguly is one successful artist who has made a name through her role as Anupama. But let’s not forget how she heard taunts from people for her increased weight and survived through it.

Rupali Ganguli reached 86Kgs

Rupali Ganguli reached 86kgs
Rupali Ganguli reached 86kgs

After the birth of her son, Rudransh, in 2015, Rupali gained some weight. At that time, according to one of the interviews, she couldn’t feed her son due to some unexpected circumstances.

It was after some time when she started to gain weight, and it went from 58kgs to 86kgs in just months.

According to Rupali, whenever she was out of her house, people gave shocked reactions. They used to call her Monisha and, on her face, taunt her about the increased weight.

It was definite to feel bad, and at times, she even got angry, but instead of showing it, she worked upon herself.

One of TV’s Highest paid Actress today is- Rupali

Working on herself, Rupali is today, now in her best shape. She is counted as one of the highest-paid TV actresses. Also, after Anupama’s success, even her fees increased from INR 1.5 to INR 3 lacs per episode.

Rupali today is one of the most successful artists. She works hard to make sure of it. She might have been affected by the taunts before, but today all she does is win viewers’ hearts.


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