Chahat Sharma

Chahat Sharma, the Author of “An Audacious Lass- A Girl Who Wants to Liver Her Life on Her Own Terms,” is a simple mind with a twisted sense of humor. Apart from her personal achievement as an Author, she has been highly dedicated as an Academic Writer & Content Writer for Webstrummer Infolab since 2018.

Therein, her work has covered varied Legal, Managerial papers and different niches related to the blogs and articles she worked upon. Chahat has also dedicated her time as an Associate Writer with one of the renowned news-media websites, Postman News (2019-2021), and ensured that her career & professional life could flourish.

As of today, she is recognized as an Author, Academic Writer, Blogger, and Content Writer, having worked on more than 10-15 websites as a Ghost Writer like Reelmovienation, GaugeWork Technologies, SPOTRACK, LIVINN, etc.

Writing as a passion, she did discover late but once done, she was in no way willing to leave the same. Realizing her true potential, she made a bold step to choose “Writing” as her full-time career.

As of now, Chahat has completed her Certificate course in Screenwriting and plans to take a Bachelor’s in the same. She has been part of a few Anthologies, like Fragrance of Life, Colour of Dreams, and ABCD~ The rhythm of Life.

Inspired by how she moved ahead and took hold of her diverting life, all she wishes is to create a change through her words, her book, and she definitely sees every girl being an Audacious survivor and follower of her dream. With all that she aims for, sooner or later, with her efforts will definitely bring it in for her.

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