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Bangarraju 2022| [Bangarraju Full Movie Download In Hindi]



Today, we will tell you about a new movie Bangarraju. We’ve covered every information about Bangarraju Movies like Bangarraju Release Date, Bangarraju Budget, Bangarraju wiki, Bangarraju Songs, Bangarraju Cast, Bangarraju Cinema, Bangarraju cinema Song, etc. Most people who are interested in watching and downloading movies are probably familiar with this movie. According to the results of the poll, this movie has already gets the intensions of the viewer.

Bangarraju Storyline


After the Akkineni family’s most memorable film, “Manam,” Akkineni Nagarjuna and his son Naga Chaitanya share the screen for the second time in “Bangarraju.” With their fantastic chemistry in “Manam,” the father-son combination created magic, and it will be so great to see them together in another remarkable film, Bangarraju, which is a sequel to Nagarjuna’s biggest hit, “Soggade Chinni Nayana.”

The teaser for Bangarraju will be released on November 23, Naga Chaitanya’s birthday.

They did, however, release Naga Chaitanya’s first look poster today.

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Some Interesting Facts About Bangarraju


Naga Chaitanya is seen striding smoothly while holding a luxury cattle prod and dressed stylishly in a yellow shirt and denim ripped jeans. He is seen with a new hairstyle and a trendy beard. He also sports sunglasses and a large bracelet, which add to his fashionable look. The poster depicts Naga Chaitanya as a vibrant and energetic character.

Bangarraju” is also regarded as a perfect blend of romance, emotions, and a hint of commercial appeal. “Bangarraju” also stars Ramya Krishna and Krithi Shetty from “Super Deluxe.” They play heroines opposite Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya in the film. Everyone was taken aback by Krithi’s first appearance as village belle Naga Lakshmi, which was revealed by Naga Chaitanya.

The soundtracks are composed by Anup Rubens, and the first single, “Laddunda,” is a chart-topper. Zee Studios and Annapurna Studios Pvt. Ltd. are co-producing the film. Nagarjuna is the film’s producer. Satyanand wrote the screenplay, and Yuvaraj is in charge of the cinematography.

The film is currently being shot in Mysore, and key scenes involving the lead characters are being canned. Chalapathi Rao, of “Anaganaga Oka Roju,” is also in the cast, as are Rao Ramesh, Brahmaji, Vennela Kishore, and Jhansi.

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Bangarraju Release Date | Bangarraju Budget

The Movie Bangarraju is Releasing on 15 Jan 2022.

Talking about the Bangarraju Budget the film budget is generating more buzz than expected. It appears that the time set aside for the new film was well spent. As a result, it is said to be more than the budgeted amount. After all, ZEE Studios is producing, and Annapurna Studios is presenting the film.

Bangarraju cinema is said to have a budget of around Rs 50 crore. The budget for this film is the highest in Nag’s Carrer. Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya’s scenes in the film, on the other hand, are sure to please Akkineni fans.

Bangarraju Cast

Bangarraju Movie Cast Ramya Krishnan as Satyabhama

Krithi Shetty as Naga Lakshmi

Nagarjuna Akkineni as Bangarraju

Naga Chaitanya Akkineni as Chinna Bangarraju

Phanindra Gollapalli as Teacher


Rao Ramesh

Vennela Kishore

Bangarraju Budget 50 Crore
Bangarraju Cinema Release Date15 Jan 2022
Bangarraju Cinema DirectorKalyan Krishna
Bangarraju WritersKalyan Krishna (story)

Satyanand (screenplay)
Bangarraju GenreDrama
Bangarraju Production companiesAnnapurna Studios

Zee Studios

Bangarraju Songs Lyrics


BangarrajuVaasivaadi Tassadiyya Lyrics” is a new song from the movie Bangarraju. It is sung by Mohana Bhogaraju, Shahiti Chaganti, and Harshavardhan Chavali, and the music is composed by Anup Rubens. Dhanush wrote the lyrics for Vaasivaadi Tassadiyya. Check out the full lyrics of Vasivadi Thassadiyya from Bangarraju Film in English and Telugu. Akkineni Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Ramya Krishna, and Krithi Shetty star.

Bangarraju Songs Lyrics

Vaasivaadi Tassadiyya Song Lyrics

Male Voice : Neekemaindhi Bujji ? Female Voice : Moodu Ledu Masteru.. Male Voice : Ye ..Nee Mood Kemaindhi ? Female Voice : Emaindhi Ante Em Cheppamantav… Oye Bangarraju… Nuvvu Pelli Chesukellipothe Bangarraju Maakinkevvadu Konipedathadu Kokaa Blowju

Nuvvu Pelli Chesukellipothe Bangarraju Maakinkevvadu Konipedathadu Kokaa Blowju Nuvvu Sree Ramududi Vaipothe Bangarraaju

Maakinkevvadu Theerusthadu Muddu Moju Nuvvu Middle Drop Chesesthe Bangarraaju Maakettuko Buddavvadu Bottu Gaaju Naa Chethi Gaari Thinnappudu Bangarraju Nannu Pogidi Pogidi Champavu Nuvvaaroju

Are Kathipoodi Santhalona Bangarraju Nuvvu Thinipinchavu Marchiponu Kobbari Lowju

Rendokatla Moodantav Bangarraju Nee Yekkaalaki Padipoyaa Nenaaroju

Male Voice : Vaassivaadi Vaassivaadi Vaassivaadi Thassadiyyaa… Pillajoru Adirindhayyaa Vaassivaadi Thassadiyyaa Deeni Speeduku Dhandalayyaa

Female Voice : Pelli Chesukellipothe Bangarraju Maakinkevvadu Konipedathaadu Kokaa Blowju


Male Voice : Are Are Dappu Kottu .. (Charanam 1) Female Voice : Aa Nuvvocchinappudu Muddichinappudu Nee Gunde Chappudu Hundreddu Male Voice : Nee Cheera Kattudu Nee Nadumu Thippudu Naa Gunde Chedugudu What To Do ? Female Voice : Oorukunnadokkadu Pelli Anta Ippudu Memu Yetta Bathukudu Do Do Do…

Male Voice : Pilla Peru Gillidu Inti Peru Dookudu Deenni Etta Aapudu Do Do Do

Female Voice : Hola Holammo Ye Hola Holammo Yehe .. Ee Pillaadu Nacchaadu Manasaina Soggadu Muddosthunnaadu

Male Voice : Vaassivaadi Thassadiyyaa Pillajoru Adirindhayyaa Vaassivaadi Thassadiyyaa Deeni Speeduku Dhandalayyaa

Female Voice : Dan Dan Dandanak Dan Danda Dandanak Dan Dan Dandanak Dan Danda Dandanak

(Charanam 2)

Female Voice : Nuvvunte Sandadi Neemata Gaaradi Neeraaka Kosame Alaadi Male voice : Gaarala Ammadi Nee Soku Puttadi Kalloki Vachesthaavu Ventaadi F: Nuvvu Pedda Thuntari Veesesthavu Pandiri Kallathone Kalchuthaavu Thandhori

Male Voice : Thenepattu Sodari Paala Munje Maadiri Ninnu Chusthe Gunde Jaari Ree Ree Ree

Female voice : Hola Holamma Ye Hola Holamma Yehe… Ee Pillaadu Nacchaadu Manasaina Soggadu Muddosthunnadu Male Voice: Vaasivaadi Thassadiyyaa Pillajoru Adirindhayyaa Vaasivaadi Thassadiyyaa Deeni Speeduku Dhandalayyaa

Female Voice : Nuvvu Pelli Chesukellipoyinaa Bangarraju Maa Gundello Undipothaav Bangarraju Nuvvu Yekkadunte Akkada Undu Bangarraju Nuvvu Happy Ga Undaalo Bangrraju Male Voice : Vaasivaadi Thassadiyyaa…

Bangarraju Movie Download

Bangarraju Movie Download: The Bangarraju Movie is an intriguing thriller film, but it was leaked ahead of its official release on a popular website called Tamil yogi. This website is well-known for leaking Telugu movies and has a large collection of movies in various resolutions and easy-to-download options.

Bangarraju is an upcoming Telugu supernatural drama film written and directed by Kalyan Krishna. It is a prequel to the 2016 Telugu film Soggade Chinni Nayana and is produced by Annapurna Studios and Zee Studios. The film stars Naga Chaitanya and Kriti Shetty, as well as Nagarjuna and Ramya Krishna, who reprise their roles from the original. The Movie is an intriguing and one-of-a-kind film that will be released in theatres on January 13, 2022. However, before that could happen, the film was leaked on piracy websites like Tamil Yogi, Moviesda, and Cinevez.

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Bangarraju Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Isaimini 720p

Bangarraju Tamil Dubbed Movie Download Isaimini 720p: The movie has been leaked on some well-known piracy websites, including Tamil Yogi, Moviesda, Cinevez, and others, just as the film is preparing for an official theatrical release. These are all well-known Tamil Piracy websites with a slew of third-party links and pop-up ads that can harm your device and steal your data.

Bangarraju movie download tamil yogi

Bangarraju movie download tamil yogi: The film “Bangarraju” has been leaked on the well-known website Tamil Yogi. This website is well-known for leaking Tamil movies and has a large collection, particularly of Tamil movies, with various resolutions and easy-to-download options.

Bangarraju movie download Cinevez

Bangarraju movie download Cinevez: Cinevez is a popular public piracy website known for regularly posting new Tamil movies and series on its website. This website has even leaked the latest Bangarraju film. The website is very user-friendly, and users can easily download the movie.


Piracy is a punishable offence under the Indian Copyright Act 1957, and strongly opposes it. The information provided here is provided solely for the purpose of raising awareness. Please avoid such websites and only watch and download movies from legal sources.

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