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Bekaaboo Season 2 | Cast, Story & Review

Bekaaboo Season 2

Bekaaboo Season 2 ~ Cast, Story & Review

After a successful run of “Bekaaboo” released on ALT Balaji OTT platform in 2019, the makers have come up with Season 2 after the long wait of the fans.  The lead role in Bekaaboo was played by Priya Banerjee and her bold and appealing performance made her fans go gaga. Fans remain excited to see her again teasing them onscreen. The release of the trailer for Bekaaboo season 2 on 5th March left the audience mouth-opened as it seems to be double-thrilling and appealing.


Bekaaboo Season 2The story of Season 2 begins where the season 1 ended. The audience will find Taher Shabbir as the new face of Kiyaan earlier which was earlier played by Rajeev Siddhartha. The role of Kiyaan is different in this season as has developed grudge for the lady and thus wants to take revenge for all the losses he has gone through because of her. Thus it claims to be a presentation of “Psycho-thriller”.

Bekaaboo Season 2 Review

Bekaaboo Season 2Bekaaboo season 2 is full package of revenge saga. Audience will come to see the ultimate revenge game played by Kiyaan who is very desperate and loud. Whereas on the other hand the performance lay down by Priya Banerjee as Kasthi is alluring, teasing as usual. She was the sole reason for all the troubles caused in Kiyaan’s life shown in the earlier season. Because of her Kiyaan lost his career, comfortable life and ultimately his love, for some unexpected exposure of his dark secrets.

The story holds a nasty side of love is the in this web series. And how a person goes through the trauma is also put up by Ekta Kapoor with many thrilling scenes and unexpected twists and turns.

The concept behind the story line caught the fans attention and kept them awake for the release of the web series. How Kiyaan is going to take revenge against Kasthi? Will Kiyaan be able to gain all his losses? Or what will happen if Kasthi comes to recognize Kiyaan and understands his cunning motive? Let’s see what happens.

Cast Priya Banerjee, Madhussena Upadhaya, Rajeev Siddhartha, Taher Shabbir
Director Ekta Kapoor & Aarambhh M Singh
Genre Thriller, Romance, Drama
Production house ALT Balaji
Distributor ALT Balaji
Released on 15th March, 2021
Available on ALT Balaji & ZEE5
Language Hindi
Country India

You should watch it or not?

Bekaaboo Season 2Audience will be delighted to see Taher Shabbir in the new face of Kiyaan in this series. After the release of the trailer his appearance has already grabbed the attention of the fans as he looks stunning and deceitful. Not to be forgotten about Priya Banerjee, who plays the role of the Diva in the series and reveals her potential haughtily and fearlessly. The 18+ content scenes in the movie could not turn to be a hit without her. She can take away your heart by flaunting and teasing during the run time.

There always remain some pros and cons in all the stories. Therefore Bekaaboo season 2 is not an exception. This web series can be rated poorly because of its unnecessary plot indulgence, which made it stretched and can left the audience uninterested to watch the episodes one after the other. The reason the representation looked unrealistic in the action sequences because of some trash VFX. The show could be a set back if the bold scenes of Priya kept cut short.

Hence it contains a lot of adult scenes just in sequence of 5 minutes which were unnecessary and irritating. The over concentration of the adulatory plots made it unsuitable for a regular watch and gives the message to see it only in self isolation.

The Director casted the roles in the web series very poorly as the storyline became pale because of the acting skills of them. It was more of the portrayal of sexuality and its requirements in one’s life rather than putting emphasis on the actual plot of the story i.e. the Revenge thriller.

Overall the story is not that interesting as it seems to be from the trailer because it has nothing but a lot of steaming scenes which made it a complete package of an Adult movie. Therefore it’s a big thumps down for Bekaaboo season 2 running on ALT Balaji and ZEE5.

Written by Faizan

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