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BOMBAY BEGUMS 2021 | Netflix | Review | Cast

Bombay Begum


Alankrita Shrivastava yet again portrays her dominant components in the story of “Bombay Begums” recently launched on Netflix on 8th March, 2021 highlighting the women’s dreams and desires in life and how it can affect if not taken under consideration. The story revolves around the lives of five women who are anyhow related to the India’s City of Dreams- Mumbai.

The story depicts the aspirations of these five women who all belong from different socio-cultural background, varied income class in the society. Their main goal is to fight against all the odds happening in the society and survive in the City- Mumbai. It has a strong message to the entire womanhood that if you are a woman, you always have to fight for your rights every time in every inch of the way.

The web series go round the periphery of Rani-the female lead protagonist played by Pooja Bhatt and how she comes to know and get indulge with other four female protagonists namely – Fatima (Shahana Goswami), Lily (Amruta Subhash), Shai (Aadhya Anand) and finally Ayesha (Plabita Borthakur) in the story.

Alankrita has cleverly used the title of the series as “Bombay Begums” as it is a catchy alliteration to strike the audience and get prompt attention. However the six episodic series confines about the antiquated truth as seen through the inter-connected stories of the Mumbai-based Begums.

Bombay BegumSpeaking about the characters in the series, Shrivastava has put more emphasis on building up some epic characters to make the show go fascinating, where she made Rani is the CEO of a Mumbai based biggest Bank where Fatima works as an employee and has a tendency to reach at the hierarchy level steadily even compromising her family life. On the other hand, Lily is supposed to be a bar dancer striving hard to make her young son get established in the society by sacrificing her everything as she stands alone in the world being a single mother.

People will find Ayesha as a small town happy go girl who has migrated to a big city to achieve something worth recognizing and finally another shade among the five women is a lonely teenager- Shai, who possess some issues regarding her mother and suffers from depression. Irrespective of their classes, socio-economic background, age groups all of them are inter-connected by a specific orientation i.e. “Gender” and their aspirations towards achieving their life’s goal withstanding all the difficulties against the patriarchy.

The genre of the story is not very unseen and uncommon as this type of tale is quite familiar in the TV serials and in some movies as well however the writer added a bit salt to add more flavor in the series by involving an incident related to a sexual assault in the workplace and how it changed the life of individuals in respect to professional and personal life.

Bombay Begum Cast And Crew

Main Cast Pooja Bhatt
Plabita Borthakur
Amruta Subhash
Shahana Goswami
Aadhya Anand
Genre Drama
Story Alankrita Shrivastava
Screenplay Alankrita Shrivastava
Produced BY Madhvani and Amita Madhvani
Production Endemol Shine India Production House
Release Date 8th March, 2021
Available On Netflix
Total Episodes 06

You should watch it or not?

Bombay BegumAlankrita Shrivastava has a tendency to majorly focus on the women-centric stories where she depicts the strong desires and fighting spirit of the women. In this series she has been consistently lining boundaries with her desperate portrayal of woman’s sexuality. The involvement of extra marital affair between Rani (Pooja Bhatt) and Mahesh (Rahul Bose) has been shown in the story which drags the storylines making the audience more anxious about what next will happen. How the women in the story fights all the odds, how their life gets changed, how the sequential situations brings out the tragedy in all the women’s life. Perhaps, the series is a compact of a contemporary feminist fiction.

To conclude, the presence of the steamy scenes in the series seemed unnecessary. In spite all the flaws, overdose of drama and the fake accent addition in the story; it has a strong message for all the women to fight for self-independence, achievements of dreams and stand with head held high against the unjustified rules made by the society. Rani being the backbone of the story has made it clear by her acting skill that how one woman should challenge against the patriarchy. Therefore one who’s willing to watch something unique and realistic representation on women centric issues arising in the society and how can they overcome it can definitely check out the web series on Netflix.

Written by Faizan

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