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Chakravyuh 2021 | Story, Cast & Crew, Review


Chakravyuh (MX Player) 2021| Story, Cast & Crew, Review

Under the banner of Applause Entertainment and Mayavid Online LLP Production, Director Sajit Warrier launches a web-series Chakravyuh 2021. The story is based on the book “Anti social network: An Inspector Vikrar Crime Thriller” written by Piyush Jha. It is decided that the web-series will be released on the OTT platform of MX Player with specifically 8 episodic formats. The series cast a bunch of talents starting off with brilliant cast like Prateik Babbar, Simran Kaur Mundi, Asish Vidyarthi among others.

Chakravyuh Story releasing on MX Player (2021)

The story is about a bold and desperate cop named Vikrar who is an encounter specialist. He never awards a minute to think before shooting the criminals and because of this extreme habit of him he has to face a lot of pressure from his higher authority.

The beginning of the series happens with a frightful murder cases in the city of Mumbai. The incident showers dreadful fear to the citizens. Vikrar is assigned with the task to this case. How he spots the criminals and solves the case is the ultimate plot of the series.

Chakravyuh movie (2021) Review by the Critic

Chakravyuh 2021The lead role played by Prateik Babbar as Vikrar was averagely sketched as he couldn’t meet the satisfactory level of the audience with his pale and rigid expressions. The screenplay and editing was also appallingly adopted as his dubbing was awful. But only his appearance in the series made a balance to all the negative aspects hence the show became an average hit and not an ultimate trash.

Talking about the sweet lady, Simran Kaur Mundi she was good to start with the show but gradually her performance graph was not up to the mark as she seemed to be camera conscious and failed in proper throw in dialogue delivery. Last but not the least of selecting Asish Vidyarthi in one of the important role as ACP Wagh was definitely a good choice by the filmmaker; it is sad but true that the magic didn’t work in this show and is utterly wasted. 

The narration to the decent plot was medially portrayed by the director Sajit Warrier which can be effective to make the audiences engaged throughout all the episodes but with the fast and forward option. The premises of the plot were covered with exciting thrills and unexpected twists. However some of the incidents could be easily predictable.  

Cast & Crew of Chakravyuh 2021

Web series TitleChakravyuh 2021
CastPrateik Babbar Simran Kaur Mundi Shiv Pandit Asish Vidyarthi
GenreAction Crime Thriller & Mystery
WritersKaran Shah Chaitanya Chopra & Kailash Surendranath
DirectorSajit Warrier
ProducerSameer Naik, Deepak Segal, Kailash Surendranath & Aarti Gupta Surendranath
Production houseApplause Entertainment Mayavid Online LLP Productions
DoPHari K Vedantam
Released on12th March, 2021
Available onMX Player
Total episodes8

You should watch Chakravyuh 2021 or not?

Chakravyuh 2021Well if I need to consider the plot of the show then it should not be more than 2 stars. One because of the decent plot written by Karan Shah, Chaitanya Chopra and Kailash Surendranath; another for some thrilling sequences notably represented by the director Sajit Warrier.

The deduction of rest of the 3 stars can be stated because of its lengthy plot which can make the audiences feel boring at some point as some of the scenes can be predetermined as it holds the “ordinary storyline” of Bollywood. The unpleasant cinematography by Hari K Vendantham is another reason for withdrawing another star. And lastly for sub-standard music presentation by Faizan Hussain which eventually turned out to be unconventional. 

Chakravyuh 2021The generalized concept behind making the movie makes it an unworthy web series to give it a watch. It can also makes the audience feel boring due to the failure in making them connected throughout the play hence people can feel the web series to be extremely stretched and unconvincing.

Overall if you are a person driven by the genre of the web series then you should check out the show once on the recent release on DOWNLOAD MX Player on 12th March 2021. But as per my experience I will not recommend such a feeble exhibition of cast and recreant editing to the viewers at any cost as I felt the series to be banal and not an enjoyable art.

Written by Faizan

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