Conor McGregor Retiring From MMA: Is UFC Star Another Fighting Departure Just A True Cryptical News Of 2022 Or Is It A Provocative Move?

Mcgregor Retiring From MMA: Conor McGregor, is now healing from the UFC 264’s injury. It is quite a guessing job for the fans as to what his next move would be. Conor has been quite cryptical before, and even now, he has made a cryptical announcement regarding taking retirement from the MMA.

McGregor Retiring From MMA
McGregor Retiring From MMA

McGregor made a series of posts on Twitter. He teased about the official Octagon’s absence of him. He said, “Mma, I’ll never forget you! Easy work.” 

The above tweet was made by McGregor right after he secured the role with Jake Gyllenhaal, an American actor, in the remake of ‘Road House’.

It was just a few hours later when a quote from Titanic was made by him. The tweet said, “Ill never let go, Jack!” 

Now there is quite a possibility that the reference was made to the MMA. 

Conor McGregor Retiring From MMA- Is he actually doing so?

Just a few years ago, Conor McGregor, he was on top of the world. He won UFC lightweight title and featherweight titles. All was done with ease. 

McGregor Retiring From MMA
McGregor Retiring From MMA

Previously in 2016, he even beat another known personality named Eddie Alvarez and won the lightweight title. Well, that was his last UFC fight till 2019.

It was in 2017 that McGregor in the boxing bout fought with Floyd Mayweather. This fight made him all time richest athlete. However, his time at the Octagon, it was quite limited. He got dominated when fighting against Khabib Nurmagomedov. After the return, McGregor became 1-3. 

In a row, 2nd fight of McGregor was also lost at the UFC 264. The fight was with Dustin Poirier. It was here that McGregor suffered the broken tibia. He even underwent surgery to get it fixed.

Is McGregor returning?

McGregor Retiring From MMA

He was expected for returning in full action in the year 2021. However, it is possible that there might be a delay. It is because of him being cast in the film ‘Road House’. A teaser with Mayweather has also been done by McGregor.

McGregor used his new venture for teasing that he would eventually return to Octagon. The teaser was made right after McGregor announced his potential retirement.

He said, “I’ll be back! For the sake of humankind! I must return! Happy birthday my man, @Schwarzenegger ! Hope you and H are proud of my recovery / work and my latest move on the board. Fun times ahead, bring it.”

Retirement history of Conor McGregor

The news McGregor Retiring From MMA is true. McGregor definitely teased his MMA retirement.

McGregor previously in 2016 announced his retirement, which led to his rematch. This match was against Nate Diaz. All of it happened right after McGregor got in trouble with UFC after he didn’t show up to the media event that was important. However, this retirement, it just lasted for a day.

To leave sports again was teased by McGregor even in 2019. He then lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov, the 2018 lightweight champion of UFC. This fight was McGregor’s first one since 2016, and in it, there was a massive brawl that took place right in and out of the octagon. For this, Nevada State Athletic Commission also suspended him.

According to Dana White, the UFC President at that time, the retirement of McGregor was the result of him trying to secure a UFC ownership stake. The situation as such also occurred when he was dealing with some of the legal issues.

Here comes another retirement news

Spotlight has again been stolen by McGregor after he made the post of retirement after the 2020 UFC 250. At that time, he beat Donald Cerrone. He started his year as such and was completely ready to be back for the fight with lightweight division top fighters.

As of now, it remains completely unknown regarding the intentions of McGregor and his retirement news as per the tweets made by him recently. So, all we can do is wait and see how this all goes on and whether he actually retires.

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Conor McGregor- About

Conor Anthony McGregor is the Irish professional who was the former UFC’s lightweight and featherweight champion. McGregor is the first of the UFC fighter who holds the championship of UFC simultaneously in the two weight classes. Formerly, he was the Cage Warriors lightweight and featherweight champion.

McGregor is well-known for his cryptical comments, which get him into the limelight, especially after his continuous declaration of retirement and return.

As of today, McGregor has many endorsement deals, and now he is about to star in the film ‘Road House’. A lot of hopes with the role and upcoming opportunities. For future, his fans await for his tweets as for they don’t know for how many days this one retirement phase for McGregor is about to last.

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