Darlings Controversy And Review: Negative Comments Rise After 5th August Release on Netflix

Darlings Controversy and Review: Alia Bhatt Darlings full movie, it is a unique story that brings forward Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah within the duo role of mother and daughter. The duo in the trailer is seen trying to navigate through some of the craziest circumstances just to make sure that their place in the world can be made and can remain intact.

Darlings Controversy And Review: Negative Comments Rise After 5th August Release on Netflix
Darlings Controversy And Review: Negative Comments Rise After 5th August Release on Netflix

This Mumbai set Dark Comedy has a backdrop of the lower middle-class neighborhood that is quite conservative. It also brings forward the traces of 2 women and their lives who try to find the courage and the love so that they can deal with the circumstances exceptionally.

Darlings budget for the production is 20-25 crores. As stated above, the movie was expected to be released in theatres, but now, the same has been acquired by Netflix. Now, Darlings available on the digital platform Netflix. It was released on Netflix on 5th August and is now available for viewers to stream.

Darlings Review: Time For A Moment Of Truth And Acceptance Of Heart

Darlings, a movie, is about a society we live in, the people of it we ignore, and the steps we take to ensure “Steps away from someone’s personal life.”

Darlings Controversy And Review: Negative Comments Rise After 5th August Release on Netflix

In a society where we are taught to love with compromises, hate, and still love, fear but yet support, anything is possible, and for those who don’t know to take the right steps at the right time, it is they who keep bearing the consequences of it all. The question is, why? Why do we even have to do it?

Well, we do it because we allow ourselves to do it, and the same has been clearly indicated in the movie Darlings through the role of Alia Bhatt as Badrunissa. She is a true depiction of how people give out loud screams and yet are ignored like silent ones. She also shows the dark reality of the society we live in, but most of all, she, through her role, has brought to us, a chance to learn, accept and fight back.

Every single character in the movie, including Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Sharma, and Roshan Mathew, has played their character to the best. Even the co-actors left no space for any mistakes, and this is what made the movie Darlings, script-ly perfect.

However, if you are of a soft heart or have been through any kind of trauma before, like domestic violence or suffered physical pain due to the actions of someone you were married to or loved, make sure your mind is on the right side while watching the movie. With every slap, with every item breaking, you can easily get triggered. This is why we personally request you to watch it only when you are ready to.

Now, the above-mentioned paragraph doesn’t suggest that we ask you to boycott or miss on to this amazing movie. We are just asking you to watch with the right mind so that you can take the lessons from it and make the right moves while making a change in your life.

Darlings Controversy And Review Negative Comments Rise After 5th August Release on Netflix
Darlings Controversy And Review Negative Comments Rise After 5th August Release on Netflix

Darlings is a story of getting back one’s right space back to the society which, due to the actions of others, especially our own, gets lost. We forget who we are and what we are capable of because we just remember that society has taught us that divorce is wrong, living your life as per you is wrong and to keep asking permission from your husband for everything is wrong.

Why? Why does the world even need to do it? Does society even think how much time one can take to realize that they are being abused, tortured, and losing themselves? Badru took a long time. Even when her mother saw it and warned her, she ignored her. She tried to talk her out of it and always showed how much she could adjust with her “Husband.”

Now, the question here is, what good is that husband who keeps hurting, torturing, mansplaining, and judging you without even considering all the facts? Isn’t a life alone better than bearing such things?

Well, Badru did understand it, as the fear of being left out kept eating her. Her requirements of a bare minimum kept pushing her to forgive her husband repeatedly and bear with all the hitting and torture. If she could have made the complaint the first time Zulfi gave her a way to it, Hamza wouldn’t have caused her the suffering and trauma of losing her child. He would have been in jail. But then again, we live in between people who know well how to get through things, and so did he.

Wishing every minute of the movie for Badru to take the step and raise a domestic violence case against Hamza, it is all you would wish for while watching the Darlings storyline. This might even give you chills but wait for the other half as it shows to us how Badru took a step, she stood up, wished for revenge, and gave the taste of what she used to get all along.

She definitely chose the wrong way, trying to kidnap her own husband, but she definitely made the right move, a move to fight back. And god knows, Hamza did deserve every bit of what he went through after the mother and daughter took things into their own hands.

The movie has a lot to give, especially the lessons. It teaches us all to not bear anyone crossing their boundaries, no matter if they are our own. It teaches us to take the right step at the right time. It teaches us not to become someone who we keep running from.

So, if you are planning to watch this movie, go ahead. Do not by any chance miss on to it, as Badru, Hamza, Shamshunissa, and Zulfi are here to give you a mirror to see what we don’t and to give you an opportunity to think about walking out of what we don’t deserve.

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Darlings Controversy And Review- Is Darlings promoting domestic violence?

Is the movie promoting domestic violence, or is it giving a mirror to the ones’ doing it? I wonder how people can consider it a promotion of domestic violence when the movie is bringing out the true picture that gets built, all because of society. 

Don’t do this, don’t do that, go back to your husband, we just want you to be happy with him, we don’t want this society to think otherwise about our daughter… and what not?

A movie like Darlings should be taken as an inspiration. Do you know why? Because it gives the women a chance to look at themselves, to see if they are being mansplained, to see if they are being triggered, and to see if they are going through the same violence just like Badru. 

To learn from someone’s mistake, this is what the movie Darlings give a chance to women not just in India but around the world. It also gives us a chance to appreciate the filmmakers of the movie as they are able to portray it freely.

Don’t think, even for a second, that he loves me, so he hits me, I love him, so I forgive him, I stay with him. Don’t. It is time to bring a change within society. Be it physical pain or mental trauma, any man, any person who steps out of the boundary, a lesson is what they deserve. They deserve to be shown the true path, no matter whether it is 3 years of jail or 4 years.

Just like love doesn’t promote hatred, it doesn’t promote domestic violence. To accept it in the name of love, it is the biggest fall a lover can take, and if watching the movie Darlings one yet cannot learn the same, they are nothing but an epitome of their self-destruction.

Final Words

In the world of today, we are being presented with movies and topics we didn’t even wish or expect to see on screen. However, here we are in the century that is bringing out some of the most hidden truths of society and giving a slap to those who don’t find their actions to be wrong.

Darlings is one such movie. It might have been too direct to show the domestic violence, suffering, and the actions with consequences but believe it, this was needed. We have been watching a lot of movies surrounding topics like this, and today, it was a need to have one more. 

We might again need a need for the same again, and again these stars and writers will come up with a concept that is something new, and perfect and helps people understand things that they fail to do due to the blindfolding of family, love, and society right on their eye.

It is really hoped such movies are what we get to see more and more of in the future. It will be a chance to learn, accept and fight back. As for now, do not miss on to Darlings, a movie by Eternal Sunshine Productions in association with Red Chillies Entertainment. Take lessons and support someone if they are in need instead of turning a blind eye to them.

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