Dino Skips Jimmy Kimmel Live; Tests Positive For Covid-19

Seventeen on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Seventeen on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Dino skips Jimmy Kimmel Live; Seventeen gets hit due to another Covid-19 case that was revealed on Wednesday, August 17th, as the management company of K-pop, Pledis entertainment, made a statement wherein it was revealed that rapper Dino is covid positive. It was also revealed that he would be stepping back from the upcoming late-night appearances and concert dates while he continues to recover.

Dino Skips Jimmy Kimmel Live after testing Positive For Covid-19
Dino Skips Jimmy Kimmel Live after testing Positive For Covid

Dino Skips Jimmy Kimmel Live

The PCR test taken by Dino on August 16th (PT) in Los Angeles confirmed that he was covid positive as per the statement of the company. The statement further read, “He is currently experiencing a mild sore throat and has been under self-quarantine and administering self-treatment, away from the other members.”

All the other members of Seventeen took the PCR tests just out of caution. All of them tested covid negative.

With Dino contracting covid, he skips the Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday appearance on August 18th, and he would also skip the upcoming concert that was to be held at the Houston Toyota Center. The concert was scheduled for August 20th, and it would continue without Dino with the other 12 members remaining.

Meanwhile, Dino will be complying with the guidelines of the United States health authorities and would be sitting out on the scheduled events. The 17th August concert, which was to be held in Los Angeles, it was also skipped by Dino.

4th Coronavirus case that hit K-pop group

With Dino testing positive, it is said to be the 4th case of the coronavirus that hit the k-pop group in 2022. Dino previously had contact with Vernon, who got the virus in Feb. He didn’t experience any symptoms and even tested negative at that particular time. One week just after Vernon, even Hoshi contracted coronavirus. He came down with covid symptoms in the month of April.

Seventeen’s on the horizon is the remainder of the Sun Tour, and in it, the K-pop group will be making their stops in New York, Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago and more.

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