Emilia Clarke Received Apology from TV executive who called her short and dumpy during speech

Emilia Clarke Received Apology from TV executive. The fame of ‘Game of Thrones’, Emilia Clarke recently got an apology from the Australian TV executive who, in his speech, called her the “dummy girl” during the premiere of the ‘House of The Dragon’ spin-off series.

Emilia Clarke Received Apology from TV executive
Emilia Clarke Received Apology from TV executive

Patrick Delany was skeptical about success of ‘Game of Thrones’

The chief executive of Foxtel, Patrick Delany, while giving the spin-off introduction at the launch of the season in Sydney started by confessing that he was skeptical initially about the success of ‘Game of Thrones’.

It was told by Delany to the audience that, “I was like, ‘What’s this show with the short dumpy girl who walks into the flames?’”

It was later that the spokesperson of Foxtel informed Crikey that, “On behalf of Mr Delany, the Foxtel Group apologizes if his remarks were misunderstood and caused any offense.

“The aim was to convey that for him, Games of Thrones was something very different for television in 2011 and that Emilia Clarke went from relatively unknown to one of the most recognized and most-loved actors in television and film,” she said, adding further.

Emilia Clarke Received Apology from TV executive
From the sets of Game of Thrones

It was further added that all those comments, they were to remain, “self-deprecating and light-hearted”.

Crikey was told by one of the audience that, “It felt like he was expecting us to laugh along but people in the room were obviously shocked by it.”

Then again, the other audience added: “There was a bit of a gasp.”

Foxtel has the rights to air ‘Game of Thrones’ in Australia

It is Foxtel who has rights in Australia for airing the fantasy series.

Clarke, aged 35, has played the role of Daenerys Targaryen, the villainous queen in ‘Game of Thrones’ between 2011 and 2019.

House Of The Dragon’s spin-off also stars Matt Smith, as Prince Daemon Targaryen.

The given prequel has been set before 300 years, just before fantasy drama events and has also been inspired by the creator of ‘Game of Thrones’, George R R Martin’s Book named Fire & Blood.

According to Clarke, she believes that Kit Harrington would reprise the role in the spin-off series as Jon Snow.

When asked by BBC, it was revealed by Clarke, “He has told me about it. And I know it exists. It’s happening.”

She further added, “It’s been created by Kit as far as I can understand, so he’s in it from the ground up. So what you will be watching, hopefully, if it happens, is certified by Kit Harington.”

When asked if she would be willing to reprise the role, she said a clear no. Her words were, “No, I think I’m done.”

Clarke previously spoke in 2011 and 2013 about brain aneurysms while she starred in ‘The Game of Thrones’, an HBO show that’s quite a hit.

Emilia Clarke Received Apology from TV executive: Final Words

With an apology issued, not all can go back to just the way things were, but still, let’s hope for the best. 

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