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Escape Room 2: The Horror Drama that will give you Chills

Escape Room 2

Escape Room 2 Storyline

Escape Room 2The Escape Room 2 is among one of the most anticipated films of 2021. In the film Indya Moore is stuck in the deadly escape room. As shown in the upcoming horror sequel of escape room tournament of champions the trailer clearly shows how deadly the game will be around this time. It is bigger than the last film.

The original series was released in 2019 wherein a group of people gets trapped in a room where they have to with solve the deadly puzzles to get out. They have all signed up for a mysterious competition to win $10000 price.

The upcoming film Escape Room 2 will have 6 people showcasing the story where they have to get in some common aspects in order to survive. This will help them discover they have all played the game before. According to Adam Robitel director, The Escape Room 2 movie will take up exactly where it left off with the remaining survivors Zoe and Ben who have supposedly beaten the game and is determined to expose the truth of the deadly escape rooms.

Escape Room 2 trailer review

The trailer showcases Ben and Zoey sticking to bring the evil Minos corporation to justice but the find themselves being caught up in the new game along with the others who survived past test of the shady organization. Escape Room 2 cast includes Logan Miller and Taylor Russell as Ben and Zoey. The other cast members include Carlito Olivero, Indya Moorez, Holland Roden, Isabelle Fuhrman and Thomas Cocquerel.

Sony has uncovered the first look of movie Escape Room 2 horror sequel.  Besides the return of the survivors of the original 2019 from the trailer showcases the views of the deadlier and bigger challenges, the central group have to face in the upcoming film.

Escape Room 2Given the cliffhanger ending of the first film, the sequel was not only inevitable but also desired. It is a sum of the wildest traps the Saw franchisor could ever put out to the film. The trailer points towards several exciting puzzles like its Entrapment like chess match. The only fundamental flaw of the trailer is the spoiler of who will make out alive at the end of the film.

The first time trailer did spoil the demise of one character which the sequel seems to also confirm the death of at least 3 different players. However even with though it is revealed early in the escape Room movie trailer the film still promises the fans potential follow ups and a great thrill.

Initially directed by Adam Robitel and Bragi Schut  and Maria Melnik as the writer the first Escape room received mixed response from the critics for its innovative rooms and ceiling atmosphere. However the story line served well leading to a massive box office collection of over $155 million against its $9 million production budget.

Escape Room 2This gave the green signal to the sequel just after a month of its release. Nearly after two and half year of the first release the production is all set to release the film but due to the covid-19 situation the release date was shifted so as to offer theatre release. But now there is no longer to wait as the firm is coming to the theatres this July.

The synopsis of Escape Room 2 shows the tournament of the champion in the sequel will head psychological thriller that will terrify the audience in the film. There will be 6 people who unwittingly find themselves locked in another escape room where in they will slowly uncover their common aspects to survive. This will make them discover that they have already played the game before.

Escape Room 2 cast

DirectorAdam Robitel
CastTaylor Russell
Thomas Cocquerel
Logan Miller
Deborah Ann Woll
Holland Roden
Jamie-Lee Money
Indya Moore
Carlito Olivero
WriterWill Honley
Daniel Tuch
Maria Melnik
Release Date16 July 2021
Should We WatchYes

Key takeaways

Escape Room 2If you are a fan of thriller and horror series then this movie Escape Room 2 is definitely worth watching. From the cast of the Escape Room to the story line everything is much anticipated for. It is one of those films the audience has been waiting for nearly two and half year. The teaser trailer of the film has already given a great idea about how amazing this upcoming film will be.

If you are ready to experience a great adrenaline rush then prepare yourself to watch the film in theatres. You can only visit the theatres if you are vaccinated. For countries hit by hard covid-19 there isn’t an official theatre release date yet. But you can wait for online release to enjoy the horror trailer movie of 2021.

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