Formerly Fired The View Guest Host Elisabeth Hasselbeck Announces Comeback As The Show’s Guest Co-Host From August 3

One of the long-running hosts (2003-2013) Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who made her appearance on the morning talk show from season 7-16, established one conservative seat therein. After this long break, she is to return on the sets on August 3.

A temporary comeback, Elizabeth Hasselbeck is going to make on The View.

How long did Hasselbeck host the show?

Hasselbeck, the former host of The View, aged 44, who made her appearance on this morning talk show between 2003-2013, will be soon back on sets.

She said, “It will be an honor to cohost The View, share our bestselling children’s book, Flashlight Night and tackle some hot topics!” She even asked the people to pray for her.

What got Hasselbeck off the sets of The View?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Announces Comeback

The View is a series running since a decade. It is on the sets of it that Hasselbeck had a clash with the co-hosts on varied occasions. It was in 2007 that Hasselbeck got into a heated argument with Rosie O’Donnell, the co-host, during one of the heated debates on the Iraq War. This dispute didn’t have a happy ending, and it led O’Donnell quit the show.

According to Ramin Setoodeh from Variety, Elisabeth also had some fiery exchanges of the words in 2006 with Joy Behar and Barbara Walters. So, one can know that it was not the 1st time such heated arguments were seen on the sets of The View.

As per the reports, in March 2013, the outspoken host got fired as she had views that were too conservative.

It is after a long that Hasselbeck is expected to be back on the sets of The View from August 3. The Daytime series is also making a new addition, Alyssa Farah Griffin, from the next season of the show.

Did Hasselbeck talk about what happened on/after the show?

Yes, Hasselbeck did open up regarding her time on The View in the book released by her in 2018, Point of View: A Fresh Look at Work, Faith, and Freedom.

In the book, she said, it was known as The View, which meant singular and definite. She added that definitely, even after opposing views, there were friendship bonds, but such differing perspectives also led to broken bonds.

Hasselbeck’s life after The View

After making an exit, Hasselbeck Landed the job on Fox and Friends. She replaced Gretchen Carlson as the co-host. She got this gig with the help of Barbara Walters, the creator of The View.

To the amazing support offered by Walters, she was thanked by Hasselbeck in her 2019 book. She said, working with her was one of the most educational times of her life, and by the time she walked out of The View, she had a wealth of experience.

For all the viewers looking forward to Elisabeth Hasselbeck on the show- The View, it airs on weekdays on ABC at 11 a.m. ET.

What have the fans to say about this comeback?

Fury has been sparked amidst the fans hearing the news of Elisabeth’s temporary return to the show. 

One of the fans commented on the Twitter post of PEOPLE that, “No, I’ll pass didn’t like you the first time around don’t see you being any better the second time around.” Some even said that why are they getting punished or why is Hasselbeck subjecting herself to this crazy place again?

Well, no matter what the fans have got to say, the temporary comeback of Hasselbeck is assured, and we are hoping to see many more amazing conversations on the one and only, The View.

Hope you like the show.

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