From Twist to End, Orphan First Kill Starring Julia Stiles is one Epic Story from 2009

From Twist to End, Orphan First Kill Starring Julia Stiles is one Epic Story; No matter you watched Orphan, a movie released in 2009 or not, there does exist a good chance of you knowing how the same might end. It has been 13 years since the movie and of course, the twists and shocks of the movie aren’t to be spoiled, but still, we would go ahead as the movie is definitely worth it. 

Orphan First Kill
From Twist to End, Orphan First Kill Starring Julia Stiles is one Epic Story from 2009

Well, the Orphan in the movie, the role of who has been played by the well-known Isabelle Fuhrman, she isn’t the 9-year-old she might be appearing to be. She, in actuality, is an Estonian woman who is 33-year-old and she is murderous. She also has rare proportional dwarfism, which is what allows her for posting as the little girl named Esther for so many years.

In the final, the surprise is revealed, and it is quite hard for topping the same. However, Julia Stiles, who was starring in the prequel of the movie, ‘Orphan: First Kill’, which is now available in theatres and also on Paramount+ for streaming online, believes that the twist of the new movie, it is quite memorable just like it was for the predecessor.

In an interview, it was told to TIME by Julia Stiles that, “We’re in on Esther’s secret from the very beginning, so we get to spend the movie watching her try and trick everyone.” 

She added, “To then have her meet somebody that’s going to one-up her is a very satisfying twist.”

From Twist to End, Orphan First Kill Plot

The events of the movie, it takes place just 2 years before Orphan’s events. It brings to us Leena, who is 31 years old and is a patient at Saarne Institute. We also see how she stole the identity of the missing girl from Connecticut called Esther. She is then seen to become the murderous con artist who seems to be lusting over her adopted fathers.

In the movie, Fuhrman, who is 25-year-old reprised in the dual role of Orphan with the use of several camera tricks, which were, of course, quite clever.

Julia Stiles is seen playing the role of Tricia Coleman, who is the birth mom of Esther and also the worst nightmare for Leena, that is hiding her one big secret. She says, “In order to trick the audience, you want Tricia to just be this genuinely grieving, delicate woman in the beginning of the movie,” and adds, “Then in the second half you realize she’s a really good liar.”

Orphan: First Kill Twist with Secrets

When one is in the midway of the movie, Orphan: First Kill, we see an unexpected revelation made by Tricia, who talks about how she knew that Leena for sure was not her daughter who went missing. She reveals that the real Esther, she is dead.

From Twist to End, Orphan First Kill Starring Julia Stiles is one Epic Story from 2009
From Twist to End, Orphan First Kill Starring Julia Stiles is one Epic Story from 2009

With the secret revealed comes in a twist wherein we get to know that Esther, who was a grade-schooler, she got killed accidentally by her own older brother. So, Tricia, for protecting her son, pretended for holding out the hope that Esther would be returning even when she knew that she wouldn’t. 

However, we see Esther returned, and we also see that Tricia wasn’t willing for giving up on the newly reunited family she got. She did it because she knew it was making her husband happy. 

Rossif Sutherland plays the role of Allen, Tricia’s husband, in here, and he seems to have no idea of all the lies that have been built by Tricia. Tricia even tries to explain that the one thing that gets worst than having the dead child is knowing that she has gone missing.

All because of this, she seems to have gone far for killing the investigator who found out that her DNA of Leena wasn’t matching with the DNA of Esther. Also, with the investigator getting out of the picture, it would allow Leena for playing the dutiful daughter’s role.

Stile says, “Tricia really believes that everything she’s doing is justified. That she’s protecting her family. That’s the scariest thing about her.”

One another point and the scary thing herein is how fast and easy Tricia goes from a sweet and caring mother to becoming a total sociopath.

Stiles have made sure in the movie for creating the 2 voices that are completely different from one another for differentiating the before and the after Tricia.

At the start of the movie, Tricia sounded more of skittish and a breathy person, but her voice became powerful when she actually revealed her one true self to Leena. Also, Tricia more than often tries speaking in a dulcet tone with the hope that she can convince the world or maybe convince herself that she is a kind and gentle person.

Julia Stiles admits that she preferred playing Tricia’s sinister version, who seemed to be becoming much more Henry Higgin’s unhinged version from My Fair Lady.

After Tricia comes clean in front of Leena, she tries spending much more time to teach the woman how to act and how to dress just like Esther so as to let the ruse continuing ahead.

Stiles says, “I think they’re like two peas in a pod,” in regards to the sociopathic bond that exist in between the duo of the fake mother and the fake daughter. She also added, “I think, in many ways, Esther found the right family.”

Esther found the right family
Esther found the right family

So as to assure that Fuhrman appeared to be child-sized on the screen instead of 5’6, she wore Gene Simmons boots pair which, according to her, were quite humiliating as it made her taller by 7 inches, and she is already tall, and now she felt like a baby giraffe.

Fuhrman said, “They kind of made me walk like a baby giraffe. So to not let that at all be distracting was the biggest acting challenge.”

Orphan: First Kill Ending

In the original Orphan, it was claimed that Leena was just the survivor of the fire in her house that was caused by her, and with the Albright family’s death, she became an orphan, but the truth, it is quite complicated.

The fire, it wasn’t the arson product, but it instead was a casualty of Tricia’s and Leena’s bloody battle, which covered every inch of the house. They just left the kitchen burner turned on. The oven mitt then caught fire. Soon the inferno engulfed the entire home and hence forced them to get outside onto the roof.

It is with the final moments of the film when we see Leena and Tricia hanging off the roof, and they hope Allen might save them both. Allen seems to remain completely unaware at this moment that Leena, she isn’t his real daughter. This is why it was claimed by Tricia that Esther is the grown woman who just trucked; then, he flinched, and this caused Allen’s wife to fall down to her death.

Stile says, “I think, in that moment, he realized what Tricia had done and all that that means. He turns on her and decides to save Esther instead. That’s the ultimate tragedy.”

Esther was chosen by Allen as he believes that he was trying to save his daughter, but instead, he soon comes to the realization that his wife, who sounded crazy, she was actually telling the truth. 

Allen then tries to squeeze the face of Leena, and this is where fake teeth of her, it popped out. He called her the monster, and Esther then pushed him off the roof. This is how with his death, Esther becomes the only one who survived the house fire. However, it was definitely not her plan for becoming that final girl.

Now all this might sound delusional, but she did believe that she might get a chance to love and to live happily ever after with her father, Allen or better to just say, Allen.

To know about the past and future of Leena, it becomes quite difficult when considering her to be the story’s hero. However, Julia Stiles doesn’t seem to mind if her fans might be considering Tricia the real villain in the Orphan series, and she says, “the villain is the hero of her own story.”

Final Words

Yeah, well, the entire story of Orphan: First Kills sounds quite interesting, and we are sure after reading it, you would definitely wish to see it all on screen, to imagine the change of voice, to imagine the imagination which Leena seems to have for having a happily ever after with Allen and much more. 

So, why not just go ahead and try? Why not watch it all today? 

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