Growing Troubles With Ezra Miller Might Cause Warner Bros ‘The Flash’ To Shelve In & Scrap; Shocking

Growing Troubles With Ezra Miller Might, Warner Bros ‘The Flash’ Might Shelve In; Warner Bros, looks like they have to get done with the unenviable task. They will have to make a decision about ‘The Flash’ and its fate.

Growing Troubles With Ezra Miller
Growing Troubles With Ezra Miller

Warner Bros ‘The Flash’ Might Shelve In

Warner Bros is an illustrious studio that is behind some of the franchise films including, ‘Harry Porter’ & ‘The Lord of the Rings’ from DC. They are now to decide the fate of the upcoming movie ‘The Flash’. This movie, directed by Andrés Muschietti, is said to be quite ambitious and a game-changer. 

Warner Bros ‘The Flash Might Shelve In

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, is said to be a movie that is about to explore the multiverse concept of the DC universe. Ezra herein plays the role of The Flash or Barry Allen, and they also a member of the Justice League apart from being the speedster superhero.

Ezra Miller, a debutant from Batman v Superman

Miller made a debut in the movie Batman v Superman in 2016. They also appeared in the ‘Justice League’ in 2017. 

As of now, Ezra has been said to be allegedly involved in a lot of incidents that are said to be of violent nature. They got accused of grooming one of the underage girls, while some attributed her behavior to the mental illness.

Recently The Hollywood Reporter revealed that three options are being regarded by Warner Bros in regards to the movie and the fate of Miller. They have to make a pick soon.

Growing Troubles with Ezra Miller: Three options regarded by Warner Bros

There are three options being considered by Warner Bros in regard to Ezra Miller and the growing controversies.

The first considers Miller to seek help, professional help and later on give the interview with a proper explanation of her behavior. They are even considering the movie to have limited press while the movie releases as scheduled.

The second option considered is to release the movie as scheduled, but with Miller not playing a big role within the marketing of the film, if they aren’t ready to seek help. Also, the roles will be recast in the upcoming projects.

The third and last option which Warner Bros seem to be considering is for the situation to get out of hand or get worse than now. Well, in such a case, they are willing to completely scrap off the movie as they previously did with ‘Batgirl’ killing her character.

Yes, previously, it was shelving $90 million for ‘Batgirl,’ and now it would be $200 million if The Flash gets to scrap, and it might sound impossible, but there would be no choice left to the studio.

The Flash

The Flash movie, it was first confirmed in the year 2014. It has been said that the movie seems to be cursed forever as it always gets stuck in the hell of development. With all the going and coming of varied writers and filmmakers in these years, before Warner Bros got Muschietti, the director of ‘IT’ for Warner Bros, even now, the movies don’t seem to be out of trouble.

The Flash was meant to give one big comeback to Michael Keaton as Batman. As the movie is regarding multiverse, it has varied versions of one character. The fans were also supposed to see back Ben Affleck in the role of Caped Crusader. Even Sasha Calle was about to debut as Supergirl. 

Final Words

As of now, all we can hope for being a DC fan is that the movie releases as scheduled to be released on 23rd June 2023. The rest is up to Warner Bros. We hope they are able to choose one amidst their three options soon, and we hope it isn’t the third one.

We assure with any more updates about the movie being available, we will post the same on as soon as the same comes to light.

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