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Hit and Run Netflix

Hit and Run

Hit and Run Netflix

Hit and Run Netflix

Hit and Run Netflix is a new popular thriller series on Netflix which has recently launched its trailer. It is a new power-packed thriller action series that might be one of the biggest cross country releases of Netflix. The film has Dawn Prestwich, Lior Raz, Nicole Yorkin, and Avi Issacharoff executive producers and co-operators. At first, one might think of this as a straightforward revenge-action thriller, but in reality, the writers keep the audience gasping the west world film will bring next.

The Hit and Run movie trailer offer a glance into the gripping storyline, and there are some visuals of action and drama one can expect to see in the movie. Here check out all the details.

Hit and Run Movie Trailer Review

The film’s storyline follows the current life of a family man, Segev Azulai, who is a tour guide and is married to an American woman. The story also shows his young daughter. As the traveler finds his wife was killed in a hit and run case, this leads to the suspense that it was not an accident. He starts digging into the background with the Israeli police, a detective cousin and ex-lover, and all his friends help. Finally, with everyone’s help, he uncovers the secret that his wife has kept secret from him.

It is now time that Azulai has to confront his violent past. It is essential for him to protect his daughter from all the threats he has unravelled while investigating his wife’s murder. The Hit and Run trailer shows the International series to expand from Tel Aviv to New York, showcasing different characters and nationalities getting tangled in the web of suspense and intrigue.

Hit and RunFrom the Hit and Run trailer, it is clear that Raz is a former special force soldier who has retired to enjoy a quieter life but is forced to confront his violent past after his wife’s death in a hit and run accident. Lathan, a passionate and ambitious New York journalist who is also an old flame of Raz, is contacted to get help with investigating a murder that comes with newsworthy Global implications. The Hit and Run cast include Lior Ashkenazi, Gal Toren, Gregg Henry, Lior Raz, Sanaa Lathan, Kaelen Ohm, and Moran Rosenblatt.

The official synopsis of the film mentions it is a new action trailer series of a happily married man. But things change when his wife is mysteriously killed in a hit and run case in Tel Aviv. The situations make Raz confused and grief-stricken, making him search for his wife, killers who now have fled to the US. With the help of an ex-lover, he then uncovers the reality about his wife. He also finds some secrets she has kept hidden from him.

Hit and RunThe Hit and Run movie has a dynamic creative team who might help Hit-and-Run 2021 become the next cross overhead of Netflix, especially after the success of international shows like Elite. The trailer gave an idea about the film. It certainly delivers political intrigue and intense action scenes.

With the combination of international characters and languages, the film is promising something on the next level to the audience. It is a straightforward premier offering an easy and understandable point for viewers of all different nationalities and ages. Hopefully, the storyline and the film’s plot will offer great twists and turns to keep the audience engaged for multiple seasons.

At first, there was no official release date for the series. However, recently the news came to light mentioning the Hit and Run release date is set to be 6th of August 2021. So, all you have to do is wait a bit longer to enjoy this amazing thriller series.

Hit and Run Cast

Top Cast
Kaelen Ohm

Gregg Henry

Lior Raz

Moran Rosenblatt

Igal Naor

Sanaa Lathan

David Shumbris

David Anthony Buglione

Siena Kelly

Michelle Federer

Michael Aronov

Jason DeStefano

Yosef Kasnetzkov

Alex Gemeinhardt

Julienne Hanzelka Kim as Karina Choi

Jay Hieron as Crazy

Alex Morf as Gordon Beller
Release date6 August 2021
Official siteNetflix
Countries of origin United States
Production companiesMandeville Films
Artists First
Filming locationsIsrael, Jerusalem
Should you watch it?It is a power-packed action thriller film that is worth investing your time in.
Hit and run cast

Key Takeaways

Hit and Run TrailerThe Hit and Run film includes some Israeli actors who are not a known face in America, but Netflix doesn’t give a damn about it. The trailer has shown how amazing the film is going to be, with all those actors leaving a great impact. It is a power-packed trailer film that can make anyone have an adrenaline rush. The storyline is so intense that the audience will love it. No doubt it’s going to be one of the best Netflix series of 2021. This the trailer has proved. From the sound quality to the cinematography, everything is incredible. The viewers can expect a lot from this movie.

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