Hugh Hefner Is The Daddy For All In Bedroom- Girls Next Level Podcast 22nd August 2022 Calls It Embarrassing

Hugh Hefner Is The Daddy For All In Bedroom- Girls Next Level Podcast; Holly Madison said, all called Hugh Hefner in the bedroom by just a word, ‘Daddy’.

Hugh Hefner Is The Daddy For All In Bedroom- Girls Next Level Podcast 22nd August 2022 Calls It Embarrassing
Hugh Hefner Is The Daddy For All In Bedroom- Girls Next Level Podcast 22nd August 2022 Calls It Embarrassing

Hugh Hefner Is The Daddy For All In Bedroom Reveals Girls Next Level Podcast

It was recently that a new Girls Next Level podcast got launched by Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison on Monday. They therein planned for dishing out some drama from behind the scenes from a show named Girls Next Door. However, before they took in a dive, the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner dedicated one entire episode to the relationship she had with the Playboy founder.

The podcast was titled “In the Bedroom…” and herein, Bridget Marquardt and Holly Madison talked about the first time they slept with Hefner. Believe this spoiler alert before you hear it all, it wasn’t romantic at all.

Madison In Girls Next Level podcast said, “Everybody wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. None of the females were into it, like sorry to burst the bubble.” She added, “We thought of it as a chore that we had to do or else we’ll get kicked out of the house and everybody just wanted to make it go by as quickly as possible.”

Hefner & his encounters

Marquardt, aged 48, continuing ahead in Girls Next Level podcast talked about when she slept with Hefner after night clubbing for the first time. She slept with him and the other girls, and as she recalls her encounter, it did last just one minute, and that too was “disappointing and embarrassing.”

Holly Madison, aged 42, agreed with it, saying, “So embarrassing.” She told in the podcast that at age 21, she became one of the girlfriends of Hefner, and they dated between 2001-2008.

Madison says, “I can’t explain to you guys how embarrassing that whole routine was, especially as we got later down the road when there would be, like, a lot of conflict with the other girls.” She then continued saying, “You’re literally sitting there naked having sex in front of a group of people who hate you and talk s**t about you while you’re having sex and you can hear it. It was just, like, hell.”

Bridget Marquardt, hearing it added, “There’s definitely not really romance involved.” It was later in 2009, after seven years, when she got separated from Hefner.

The stories go on….

Madison was then seen sharing the story again about how it was her first time with Hefner. She said it all happened after they were in Los Angeles and had the night out and she was all wasted. She added that when they returned to the mansion, all of the girls, they went up to the room of Hefner, and they had a bath even before moving on to the routine stuff.

She said, “I go over to the bed, the other new girl is already lying there.” “There’s vibrators laid out for everybody. I’d never used a vibrator in my life. So, I’m lying there waiting for everybody else.”

Madison then also talked about a woman who they called ‘The Recruiter’ in the podcast. They didn’t reveal the real name of her.

Madison recalling the night said, “The Recruiter says… ‘Daddy… Do you wanna get the new girl?'” She then noted that therein “everybody used to call [Hefner] ‘Daddy’ in the bedroom which is so gross.”

Now the question is true- Hughs Your Daddy
Now the question is true- Hughs Your Daddy

She continued ahead saying, “I shit you not, the next thing I know he’s on top of me.” “Later on, things would get so routine, like, he wouldn’t move. He would be like a bump on the log in the middle of the bed.”

It was just that night that The Recruiter, she got a pajama pair to Madison, and then soon after, she too moved to the Playboy Mansion. After that, Madison became the no. 1 girlfriend of Hefner, and she even starred in ‘The Girls Next Door’ alongside Marquardt & Kendra Wilkinson (2005-2009).

Past is all we recall

Marquardt and Madison, they both were seen recalling how gross the bedroom of Hefner was. Marquardt says, “I was shocked at how messy it was.” “We walked in and it was just a disaster in there. The lights were out, but there were two giant TV screens in there that were playing porn… There’s just so much junk.”

Marquardt also said that there were too many vibrators up on the bed, and the lair was called by her “hoarder-style.”

Continuing, she said, “Imagine thinking you’re this big player and you’re bringing all these girls home, and your room looks like s**t.” “It’s like the weird eccentric millionaire version of the guy with the mattress on the floor and a Pulp Fiction poster.”

For Madison, in her words, it was a traumatic experience, and she felt just gross and even used. Marquardt, on the other hand, explained how she felt guilty and then beat herself for a little while after she got intimate with the Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. She then said she moved to the house eventually and then signed on for doing the show.

Hugh Hefner and his company at Playboy Mansion from 1977
Hugh Hefner and his company at Playboy Mansion from 1977

Final Words

Every Monday, Girls Next Level would drop up their new episodes. It will be the next week’s podcast wherein you will be able to learn more about the mean girl’s era that was at the mansion.

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