In Talks With Entrepreneur Ferrat Destine About Why Not To Be Stuck: A Close-Up With Vitiligo

Entrepreneur Ferrat Destine Talks About Why Not To Be Stuck: Ferrat Destine talks about how it all started. He said it was 2018’s winter when he got on his lips a pale scar. Thinking it to be just some random mark, it was ignored, but weeks later, when mom noticed that patch and had a closer look, she thought I ate some sort of meat that I wasn’t supposed to. She even assumed that it was lamb.

In Talks With Entrepreneur Ferrat Destine About Why Not To Be Stuck A Close-Up With Vitiligo
In Talks With Entrepreneur Ferrat Destine About Why Not To Be Stuck A Close-Up With Vitiligo

Things continued, and so did the daily routine. Everything seemed great, but then the condition started worsening on a daily basis, and with every close look at the body, there was another new patch of depigmented skin right there. Believe it or not, but it was quite awful.

What happened next?

For every picture taken, edits were made, and patches were removed from lips and even the upper eye parts using the blur tool. It was during this time that people started thinking that it was more of a tattoo fashion. 

Recalling an incident from the grocery store, New York, Ferrat Destine said, one of the ladies therein shouted, “Oh My God, I Love Your Tattoo.”

The patch was just very simple and was present on the upper end of the right eye. She even asked for a reference as to where the tattoo was done from. Now, this was funny but still, trying to stop laughing was difficult.

With time the skin started becoming much more depigmented, and it became obvious. When traveling at, The Time, there were people who came in to ask in case if this was Vitiligo. They even looked at all those patches with empathetic eyes while lingering on the skin and trying to say some good words. They even try to comfort by using words like cute.

Entrepreneur Ferrat Destine Talks About Why Not To Be Stuck- How did the acceptance come in?

Yes. with time, there came acceptance. All those kind and warm statements, it all became the beginning of acceptance and also the kindness which was coming. Slowly, starting to accept oneself and then thinking about it from a totally different perspective, it was all that was needed.

Ferrat Destine added, “Well, Not Everyone Has It, And That Alone Makes Me Unique.” 

Also, being “A First Unique Author, A Young Entrepreneur & A Motivational Speaker,” it was just perfect.

Even after finding out that there isn’t any cure for the same, efforts were made for meeting the South American professional dermatologist who asked Ferrat Destine to stay therein for at least 16 weeks so as to get treatment and even showed the pictures of some other Vitiligo patients.

Well, the improvements were remarkable considering the conditions that existed just before, and after the treatment they received. However, it was clearly mentioned that the progress, it is quite slow. 

Knowing it all, the treatment was started; however, to continue was difficult as the procedure was quite painful with needles stuck in the Vitiligo spots all over the body. A try and see the progress was also given and so, to travel back to the US was the right decision which seemed. 

With time, there wasn’t much improvement, and by accepting the situation, the resolution for living was to be found, and that’s what started happening. It started with posts on the social media pages, clicking pictures, and also than making the same official.

A decision was made by Ferrat Destine to be himself instead of being stuck and making excuses for staying down. There is just one solution and a simple one. All one needs to do is accept themselves and keep on going ahead. No matter whether it comes with Vitiligo, or it doesn’t, all one needs to do is accept one’s condition and then continue to live with the same to the fullest.

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