In Unpaid Taxes Fraud, Spain Prosecutor Seek 8-Year Jail Term For Shakira 

In a recent tax fraud case of €14.5m, the Columbian Superstar Shakira got accused of not paying the taxes between 2012-2014 in Spain. The official document revealed that the Spanish prosecutor now seeks an 8-year prison term for her.

Is there any settlement offered?

Shakira, the worldwide famous singer, has sold 80m+ records. She is well-known for her hits like Hips Don’t Lie, and her fame has millions and billions of fans. However, recently she got caught in a tax fraud case of €14.5m, which according to the prosecutor, remains unpaid in Spain.

Shakira has been accused of not paying the taxes between 2012-14. However, according to her, in between these years, she was not living in Spain.

Earlier this week, Shakira was offered the settlement offer from the end of the prosecutor’s office. However, instead of closing the case, she rejected the offer.

What does the prosecutor’s document say?

According to the prosecutor’s document that has been seen by the end of Reuters, it has been asserted that Shakira, between 2012-14, remained an ordinarily resident of Spain. 

The document further adds that in May 2012, she bought a house. This house was purchased in Barcelona. Later it became her family home for her, along with her partner and her sons born. Her son was born in Spain in the year 2013.

The document states that the prosecutor seeks an 8-year sentence for Shakira alongside a fine amounting to €23m+ if she is found guilty. As of now, no trial date has been set.

What is Shakira’s take on being accused?

As said above, Shakira has denied the settlement offer, and she pleaded innocence. When asked for comments, the representatives of Shakira made a reference to the previously released statements that were made on Wednesday. 

The statement said that Shakira is fully confident of her innocence, and according to her, the case is a complete violation of her rights. According to the 45-year-old Columbian Superstar, she made the payment of €17.2m to the tax authorities, and according to her, there isn’t any outstanding debt. However, as per the Spanish tax office, the payment has not been made, and she owes the concerning amount of €17.2m.

Is there any recent development in this case?

The previously offered settlement offer terms haven’t been disclosed. Further, the latest development within the case came forward. This happened when Shakira announced her separation from her husband Gerard Piqué, the FC Barcelona defender. The couple has two sons, and they have been together since 2011.

Shakira separation from pique

If any more development in the case is made, we assure to update the same on time. Till then, keep reading!

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