Masoom- Starring Boman Irani reaches 19.2 million views and is now one of the top 10 Indian shows running successfully

Making a debut in the series, Boman Irani has seriously outdone in his role played in Masoom. According to the reports by Ormax, the show has reached 16.4 million views and is now on the list of top 10 India’s watched shows.

Masoom, a series by Dreamers & Doers Co., a content studio set up by Reliance Entertainment, ranked 1st all across OTT platforms.

For 1st two weeks after the premiere, the show received positive reviews from the audience and critics. The debutant- Boman Irani, was praised by the show’s viewers.

Even the maiden performance by Samara Tijori did receive quite supporting words. The role and chemistry Samara and Boman, playing the role of father and daughter, were in particular up for praise.

Masoom Trailer

What does Boman have to say about his debutant role?

In the words of Boman, he believes in change. According to him, it is what keeps him going, happy, and energized; after all, none know where/how things might go. So, to keep the focus on character and the work, ensuring that it can reach max and get loved by them is what he wishes for.

Masoom Starring Boman Irani reaches 19.2 million views
Masoom Scene

He also added that he is quite excited about the series Masoom as it is his 1st web series, allowing him to have more of screen time. Further, even the viewers get the chance to have the character’s full-fledged life story.

The praise and love Massom received definitely is quite overwhelming for the cast. Boman does give the required credit for the success of the series to Satyam Tripathy, its writer; Mihir Desai, its director; Gurmmeet Singh, the show’s runner; Namit Sharma, the producer; and the entire team. He also included in his words of praise, his co-actors, including Samara Tijori, Veer Rajwant Singh, Upasana Singh, and others. According to him, they were all on the same level of creativity and aligned to present the best out of the series.

What has the co-stars & others associated with the show to say about Masoom?

Gurmmeet Singh, one of the co-stars of the series, said Masoom is one special show. He is quite thrilled by its success.

According to Singh, from the uniqueness of secrets portrayal to the complexities and intricacies within Indian families, all of it will ensure that the viewers can relate. For him, the opportunity to work with Boman Irani and the amazing cast has been wonderful and one of his most memorable experiences.

The CEO of Dreamers & Doers Co., Namit Sharma, has also been delighted with the response Masoom received. As this series is the first from the new studio, definitely it brought out the best, making it a “Dream Debut.”

For the love that Masoom received, the CEO and cast of it are quite encouraged. The entire team hopes to present many best works in the upcoming future.


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