Melanie Lynskey Got Body Shamed- Lynskey Played Bold Revealing Negative Experiences Received On Coyote Ugly Sets Of 2000

Melanie Lynskey Got Body Shamed: Lynskey, through her comments, clarified of how in 2000, she experienced body shame on the sets of Coyote Ugly.

Melanie Lynskey Got Body Shamed
Melanie Lynskey Got Body Shamed

Melanie Jayne Lynskey, 45, is an actress from New Zealand known for portraying soft-spoken, quirky and headstrong characters. She is also known for her American dialect commands. Her work has been predominantly associated with independent films. Lynskey made her debut in the movies in 1994 as the teenage murderess in the movie Peter Jackson’s Heavenly Creatures. She continued her career and built a stronghold by featuring in movies like Coyote Ugly, Abandon Sweet Home Alabama, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Her most recent appearance was seen in 2021’s movie named Don’t Look Up.

Melanie has made the news many times with her two Critics’ Choice Awards, Sundance Special Jury Award, Primetime Emmy Awards and others. Currently, she made the headlines with her The Hollywood Reporter interview revelation that was associated with sets of Coyote Ugly (2000). She explained how she had been body shamed from time to time, but she moved forward. With what she said about not revealing names while talking about her personal experiences, she might have won many’s hearts.

Why is it in the news after so many years?

An interview by The Hollywood Reporter was held with the actress and the co-stars, Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis, and Tawny Cypress, of a drama series named Yellowjackets. A discussion therein was made of the ups and downs of how these stars pursued their career within the entertainment business. 

With Coyote Ugly topic coming up, it was then revealed by Lynskey about how the actress got body shamed on the sets. It was also revealed that she starved herself while shooting for the drama series. Further, she was given quite intense feedback by the end of the costume designer regarding her physicality.

‘Melanie Lynskey got body shamed’- The new raging Headline

With what was revealed by Lynskey in her interview, the story hit the headlines. It was then that Lynskey used Twitter to give explanations. She said such comments reference were for her very first designer, who was working on the sets of Coyote Ugly. She cleared, she didn’t mean Marlene Stewart in her comments.

What’s the conclusion here?

Melanie Lynskey Got Body Shamed

An apology was made by Lynskey for the confusion that was created due to her comments. She added that in case I am talking about any of my bad experiences, I always have made sure to be pretty careful so that the people aren’t able to identify as to who I talked about and who did such things.

She further added, I am not in the business to publicly shame the people. I would talk about my experiences without actually including the names of people.

Melanie Lynskey Got Body Shamed

As per the interview made comments, Melanie also said that, she, at that time, was as thin as could she possibly be. However, the body shape she has, it was never enough.

She ended up recalling that, a lot of Spanx was put by people on me when it came to the wardrobe fittings. They were also quite disappointed on seeing me. The costume designer, at times they, used to be like, ‘none informed about girls as you, present here’.

Final words

Well, that’s quite an experience Melanie went through, and hopefully, in the time of today, none have to go through it ever. Even costume designers and make-up artists must understand that we are all people in the end.

As of now, all we can expect is people being good with people, and if you are interested in reading any more recent news updates like the story of Melanie, check out to get further posts and reviews. 

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