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Mera Fauji Calling (2021) | Review, Cast & Crew

Mera Fauji Calling

Mera Fauji Calling

Among the upcoming movies in Bollywood, Aaryaan Saxena presents his astounding story as “Mera Fauji Calling”. The movie released on 11th March, 2021 in theatres as a Hindi- language action drama oriented film based on the lives of the Indian soldiers and the struggles faced by their families. Saxena has also put major emphasis on what happens when there’s a loss of a soldier in a war and how his family goes through the trauma after the incident. The role of the Fauji– army officer has been magnificently played by Ranjha Vikram Singh as Rajveer Singh in the movie.

Mera Fauji CallingThe story predominantly revolves around the character of a 6 year’s old little girl Aradhya (Mahi Soni) who lives with her mother and grandmother in a remote village of Jharkhand. Her mother expects her Fauji to visit home on every April when they celebrated Holi and Diwali together.

However on the event of Aradhya’s birthday, news comes to their house. The shocking news of Rajveer Singh’s death kept Sakshi (Bidita Bag) and her mother-in-law (Zarina Wahab) unspoken. To keep it a secret, Sakshi tries convincing her little child by saying- her father has been promoted to where God’s live. Little does Aradhya know about the unbearable pain of his Dad’s demise.  

After sometime she dreams of losing her beloved father in a war, shot by a bullet. The shocking dream makes her believe it as realistic crisis and she starts fearing; thus the incident leaves her devastated. Thereby she suffers from Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Mera Fauji CallingThe story of the movie is narrated through the innocent perspective of the little girl. On the other hand how her mother also goes through the grief and the loss of her dearest husband. It also highlights all the areas of different kinds of pain from different generations’ characters played in the movie. The dejection of a mother (Zarina Wahab), the story of a grief-stricken wife (Bidita Bag) and the anguished soul of the daughter. Gradually the family learns to accept the loss of the man.

In the second half of the movie, there’s an entry of a suspicious man, Abhishek (Sharman Joshi) who drifts in lives of Sakshi, Aradya and her grandmother certainly. The story continues making the audience anxious about the fact that who is this stranger? Where does he come from? What sort of relation is he having with the family? Is there any hand of him behind the demise of Rajveer Singh? Later, the actual story behind his arrival is narrated and exposed in the film.

Mera Fauji Calling Cast And Crew

CastSharma Joshi, Bidita Bag, Mahi Soni, Ranjha Vikram Singh, Zarina Wahab, Mugdha Godse.
GenreInspirational, Drama, Action
WriterAaryaan Saxena
DirectorAaryaan Saxena
ProducerVikram Singh, Ovez Shaikh, Anil Jain & Vijeta Verma

Production houseRunning Horses Flims & Ovez Productions
Released on11th March, 2021
Available onTheatres

You should watch it or not?

Mera Fauji CallingThe concept behind the movie was remarkable as the genre touches the emotion of the audiences being it so sensitive. On the other hand, Saxsena has made his best choices in picking up the casting according to the requirement in the drama. The role “Aradhya” played by the young new comer Mahi Soni was admiring and incredible. The way she tried portraying all her emotion for her Dad was commendable.

If the war scenes and the unrealistic dialogues were cut short then Mera Fauji Calling could have been a better gift to the audience. The concept became repetitive and usual to the Bollywood movies people got to see earlier.  Although the first half of the movie was simple, eye soothing and interesting but later half was not at all convincing as it seemed to be replicate to some other Army based movies.

The overall representation of the lifestyle of a Fauji and how the family of him passes their days was beautiful and realistic; for which the story will attract the audiences. Watching the movie could bring a meaningful message to them. So if you are wondering to go for an advisable-meaning story of family drama then “Mera Fauji Calling” can be a good option.

Written by Faizan

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