Perfectly Concepted Nine Noir Lives New Trailer Out Now On Occasion of International Cat Day. Movie Releases September 7th 

Nine Noir Lives New Trailer out now. On 8th August 2022, the trailer was released by Silvernode Games while they were promoting their game on the occasion of International Cat Day.

Nine Noir Lives New Trailer

How is the trailer?

The Nine Noir Lives trailer is quite cute. It has a main character named Nutterbutter, who continues to lick varied things encountered while on the job. The entire concept depicted is fun, and quick and provides the viewers an idea of the game and how it would play out using the mechanic that’s quite unique.

With the amount of enjoyment that the trailer depicts, the game releasing on 7th September 2022 is expected to be quite fun. The demo is available for GOG and Stream.

Concept of the game

Silvernode Games’ Nine Noir Lives is an adventure game that stars the feline detective named Cuddle Nutterbutter. With a murder case of the furry mates Montemeeuw and the Catulet families, the entire burden comes over Cuddles along with Tabby Marshmallow, his assistant, for solving it.

Nine Noir Lives New Trailer

While enjoying this game, the players would be interacting with varied characters. They are fully voiced. Even the scenes have been hand-drawn beautifully, and the devious puzzles, they are up for being answered correctly. It comprises of important questions like how many items are to get licked for solving the town’s murder?

Nine Noir Lives New Trailer Out Now– Interesting Facts

Apart from the above, some other information available include,

Brought up on Feline-y Charges– The story of Nine Noir Lives brings us a charming, comedy, and crime film that has been set in the intriguing and unique city of the Meow Meow Furrington. It has been inspired by the cats and contains less of cat puns than expected.

An adventure of Point-and-Lick– One gets to discover an entirely new dimension to all through the use of tongue. So, it’s like questions later, licks first. Now, what questions can you expect here? Something like What did you expect the same would taste, cuddles?

S’more fun with S’more cats- Experience the story set in the city from 2 perspectives while switching between the roles of the assistant and Cuddles.

Voice acting that’s Purrfect- You can go on, laughing and learning more from the planet Furth.

There are more than 100,000 words of the dialogues that are fully voiced and have been performed by the cast that includes Lucas Gilbertson from Megaman X, SungWon Cho from Borderlands 3 and God of War Ragnarok, and Carol-Anne Day from A Hat in Time.

Final Words

It is expected that this game is going to be purrfect. So, if you are looking for something to try in the upcoming time, you can wait for this one and have a great time with Cuddles, the detective.

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