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No Time to Die: The perfect for Adrenaline Rush

No Time to Die

No Time to Die

No Time To DieNo time to die release date was decided to be April 2020. However the covid-19 restrictions postponed it release to 2021. The details of which was announced with the second trailer. The power packed action loaded no time to die film is all set to offer you a great adrenaline rush. If you are someone who loves action films then this movies is definitely worth waiting for besides James bond being a lead actor makes things even more better.

If you are all excited about the release of the movie then check out the details of the trailer that will offer you the right insights if it is worth waiting for the film.

No Time to Die trailer

The trailer of the film this film begins with an intense fighting scene which is quite typical in the Bond movies specially the ones of Daniel Craig. Bond finds himself on a bridge while a car is coming driving towards him and a shooter is raining down bullets. To save himself from this event he jumps off the bridge like usual bond then goes to meet his girlfriend Madeleine Swann who is all bruised and battered.

No Time to DieWe also got to see that there is a new violence threatening the world and 007 has ask for help from his old enemy Ernst who is now captivated in a high facility prison. When bond comes to work with 007 it seems like the old ties are getting strained. Safin is a new bond villain who seems to threaten to destroy the world which will lead to the death of millions. It is all for the revenge from Madeleine.

The trailer also features another female agent making way to the screen introduced by trusted CIA group Felix. The trailer is loaded with racing cars, flying Airplanes riding bikes and great stunt scenes, while there is a big fight going in between the two parties. But the question is will James be able to save the world fifth time?

No Time to Die trailer review

No Time to Die trailerNo doubt Daniel Craig as James bond will captivate the audience with his charm and magic on screen. He will leave us all impressed with high octane chase scenes and some nerve wracking actions which as usual and is expected from his movies. But there is something different about this film.

The cold and furious Bond who gets inside the train adjust in his sleeves pattern while messing with the villains. James Bond in No Time To Die seems mighty rattled after his encounter with the enemies.

While one can expect a lot from Rami Malek who is the new bond villain. He seems to be upgraded with the time and is using advanced technology for killing millions. The white mask and the facial disfiguration for cover up adds some mysterious element to his personality. Naomi played by Lashana Lynch is new. This time No Time to Die cast characters seem to be pretty interesting. There is no doubt that the fun will be a blockbuster.

No Time to Die trailer Despite delay in the release the audience is still curious about the story line and to watch their favourite James Bond back on screen with the power pack performance. Besides revealing the details about some of the new cast members joining No Time to Die cast the trailer does not give much of information. You can only wait for the release date to see the epic storyline.

No Time to Die release date

No Time to Die Release DateThe makers of the firm No Time to Die recently announced about the theoretical release of the film in an interview with Variety. They committed to making James Bond movie a worldwide theatrical release. However it is still unknown when theatres will open up and all things will get back to normal. Besides the film will also be available on Amazon prime for those who cannot visit the theatre for the release. No Time to Die release date as of now is set to be 13th September in the UK and in the US it will released on 8th of October.

Key Takeaways

The trailer pretty much give the assurance that one can expect great things from this upcoming James Bond No Time to Die film. The power-packed performance with great stunt scenes will offer of adrenaline rush. Whilw personality and charm of the lead characters will surely make you fall in love with them.

No Time to Die Cast

CastDaniel Craig
Billy Magnussen
Rami Malek
Ana de Armas
Léa Seydoux
Naomie Harris
Ralph Fiennes
Christoph Waltz
Jeffrey Wright
Ben Whishaw
WritersNeal Purvis
Cary Joji Fukunaga
Robert Wade
Phoebe Waller-Bridge
DirectorCary Joji Fukunaga
Release Date13th September in the UK
US it will released on 8th of October
Should we WatchThe firm is worth watching for those who love action and high voltage stunt scenes.

Written by Faizan

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