Missing From Live Talk Show Since August 1- Kelly Ripa On Beach With Mark Consuelos Shares NSFW Post On Her Break

Kelly Ripa on beach with Mark Consuelos: Kelly Rips recently shared a video with Mark Consuelos, her husband from the beach. She still remains missing from the talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan, for almost a week. Fans wonder what Kelly has been up to.

Kelly Ripa On Beach With Mark Consuelos
Kelly Ripa On Beach With Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa on beach with Mark Consuelos Shares NSFW Post- Coz it’s a tradition, people

Kelly and her NSFW stories and jokes, one common thing to find on the talk show. Well, even now, she continues the tradition on social media while she remains absent from her on-air show.

The weekend post shows that Ripa, 51, tried gushing all over Mark with his thirst trap. The Riverdale actor was seen running out of water shirtless on the beach and then towards Kelly, his wife, as per the insta video shared in slow motion. It was unfortunate that Kelly didn’t account for the other patrons present on the beach.

Raged, Kelly shouts at the beachgoer

With Mark coming closer to Kelly along with Casey Cott, the co-star was running behind him shirtless too, one of the men walked in front of the camera of the live host.

Kelly was then seen raging at this annoying moment. She even used NSFW caption and called the moment a “#c**kblock.”

It was eventually that this beachgoer moved away from the camera frame. Kelly then continued showing off her husband Mark in swim shorts that were quite small and his shirtless body.

Kelly Ripa on beach with Mark Consuelos shares NSFW post- Fans now know her reason for absence

It is this beach trip of the couple with Casey, their friend, the reason for Kelly being absent from the task show since Monday last week.

Kelly Ripa On Beach With Mark Consuelos
Kelly Ripa On Beach With Mark Consuelos

While this TV personality remained absent, the guest co-hosts are trying to fill in her absence. One such guest has been Luke Bryan, a colleague of American Idol. As for Luke, he has really kicked things off.

So, all fans now have to keep wondering is when Kelly will come back to the show.

As per the social media posts, it seems like Kelly has taken an extended vacation, and any specifics of it haven’t been shared by Ryan, her co-host.

Ryan has been managing things on the talk show- Live with Kelly and Ryan

Last week with the first absence of Kelly from the show, it was informed to the viewers that Luke would be joining the show as the guest co-host. 

Ryan even told Luke, “Let me swivel you in, Luke Bryan,” while showing him the usual chair of Kelly. To it, the star replied, “Well, I’m not Ripa.”

Once settled, Ryan informed the audience on 1st of August Monday that Luke Bryan was filling in for Kelly Ripa. He even said that he is quite excited to have Luke with him and them co-hosting together. He added, “been talking about doing this for a long time.”

To it, Luke, 46, gushed back in and said, “I know, I’m excited.” “This is fun!”

Kelly talked about her upcoming absence beforehand on the show

Before her absence from the show, Kelly did tease it to the viewers so that they knew that if she was ever missing from the show, it meant she won a lottery, and with her absence now, it seems like it actually happened to her.

Now, this might be confusing for the fans, but Ryan taking a realization of it, explained through his words. He said, “This is an inside joke now, but it won’t be Monday.”

However, Kelly was seen firm with her words as she said, “I’m just telling you that if I’m not here on Monday, you’ll know that I’m out counting my money.”

Keely was quite adamant about her not being present on the show for a while. Even Ryan’s assurance through the “inside joke,” was a great help for the viewers for the realization that she was meant to remain absent from the show, at least for the time being, and her absence was set to begin on August 1st.

Well, all that the fans can now wish for is for Kelly to come back to the sets soon.

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