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Raavanan Movie

Raavanan Movie Storyline

Raavanan Movie

Raavanan Movie’s story follows Raavan (Vikram) looking forward to the chance to retaliate against the police officer Ram (Prithviraj), whom he believes was the one responsible for the death of his daughter. Then, Ram is married to his beloved Janaki (Aishwarya Aishwarya Rai).

On the next day of the wedding, Raavan is kidnapped by Janaki and is able to take her away. In the following days, Janaki is able to discover Raavan as the true Ram and is in love with Raavan. In the end, after an intense duel, Raavan Vikram falls to Ram Prithvi. However, when Ram is tempted to bring Janaki back to her home, she decides not to go and remains with Raavan.

The Raavanan Movie starts with footage that shows Veeraiya ( Vikram) falling off a cliff and into the water. His group is busy distracting police. The police vehicles get set on fire, and female police officers are lured to a trap, where Veera’s henchmen assault. The police are brutally murdered. Raagini ( Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) is out on a boat she is abducted by Veera. Dev Prakash ( Prithviraj), her husband and a top police officer, has been informed of the kidnapping.

Raavanan Movie

A short video of sorts reveals the tale of Veeraiya. He is regarded as an exemplary local hero who manages a separate government in rural areas close to Tirunelveli and his brothers, Singarasu ( Prabhu) and Sakkarai ( Munna). 

Although he is regarded as a Naxalite in the eyes of the local authorities force, Veeraiyya is revered by people who live there. He abducts Raagini in the hope of retribution for the murder of his younger sister Vennila ( Priyamani). He drags Raagini to the edge of a cliff and shoots the girl to death. She is not willing to be killed by him and plunges off the cliff into waters below in the hopes of killing herself, but she fails to take her own life. This leads Veera to fend off murder, not able to kill anyone who is not afraid of death.

Dev and his group venture into the forest with the help of Gnanaprakasam ( Karthik), an indigenous forest guard. While searching the woods, Dev is unable to locate Veera. ( Raavanan Movie)


In the meantime, Raagini develops sentiments for Veera when she hears about his sister’s passing. Dev was involved in an argument with Veera at the wedding of Vennila. Dev’s shot wounds Veera on the neck. Veera fights for the life of his family, becomes not able to save his sister. Eventually, the gang leads him out of the saga by his band. ( Raavanan Movie)

The police force Vennila to reveal the location of Veera’s hiding place. When she does not cooperate to reveal the location, she is subjected to physical and sexual assaults. She is repeatedly raped by gangs of police officers. Veera returns home only to find Vennila grieving and traumatized. The next day she takes her own life by drowning in the nearby well. ( Raavanan Movie )

Dissatisfied with the way Dev’s brother has been leading the battle, which is causing a lot of trouble to the gang members, Sakkarai suggests an end to the war to Dev. Dev initially appears to accept, but when Sakkarai is out on the streets, Dev shoots him to the ground and reveals that he views the demise of Veera as more important than the saving of his wife. ( Raavanan Movie )

Veera, as well as Singarasu, are furious and assault Dev’s base; they take it down completely. The final battle between Veera and Dev is held on a bridge that is rickety, and Veera wins over Dev and decides not to permit Dev to die. He informs Dev that he will let Dev live due to his wife. Dev freed himself from the situation and discovered Raagini in a bind and tied in a bind, with Veera abandoning her. ( Raavanan Movie )


Dev isn’t entirely content and, upon returning to their hometown of Tiruchirappalli, Dev accuses Raagini of being infidelity and tells her it was Veera who had told him this. In a rage, Raagini leaves Dev to meet Veera via Singarasu. She is able to meet Veera and asks him to explain the reason he accused her of. Veera says he told her that he’d kept Raagini in a safe manner for fourteen days, and that was all. He realizes that Dev is lying, hoping that Raagini will guide him to his hiding place. ( Raavanan Movie )

Dev arrives with a police squad and confronts the pair. Raagini attempts to save Veera, but he tries to push her away from the fire line and is then shot several times. Veera is killed with a smile, while Ragini is trying to save him using all her might but does not succeed in saving him. ( Raavanan Movie)

Raavanan Movie Cast


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Prithviraj Sukumaran




John Vijay


Directed byMani Ratnam
Produced byBejoy Nambiar

Mahesh Ramanathan

Mani Ratnam

Krupasagar Sridharan

Sharada Trilok
Writing CreditsMani Ratnam

Mani Ratnam

Music byA.R. Rahman

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