Rapper ASAP Rocky Charged With Felony Assault With Firearm On 15th August 2022

Rapper ASAP Rocky Charged With Felony Assault With Firearm; Rapper A$AP Rocky got charged with the 2 felonies on Monday, 15th August. Prosecutors say that he pulled out the gun on the former friend and fired the same in Hollywood in 2021.

Rapper ASAP Rocky Charged With Felony Assault
Rapper ASAP Rocky Charged With Felony Assault

Rapper ASAP Rocky Charged With Felony Assault With Firearm

The District Attorney’s Office of Los Angeles County charged the New York Native, Rakim Athelaston Mayers, 33, well-known as Rapper A$AP Rocky for assault with the semiautomatic firearm on two counts.

It has been alleged by the prosecutors that it was during one of the arguments Mayers got into on 6th November 2021 where he pointed the handgun right at the victim, and in the confrontation that came in subsequently, he drew his gun again and ended up firing it twice in the man’s direction. The man is said to have sustained a minor injury. The name of the man is not yet released.

Has Mayers entered the plea to charges?

No. Mayers still hasn’t entered the plea to the given charges, and he has been scheduled for being arraigned on Wednesday. 

An email that seeks comment from the end of representatives, it hasn’t been returned immediately.

The district attorney, George Gascón, in a statement, said, “Discharging a gun in a public place is a serious offense that could have ended with tragic consequences not only for the person targeted but also for innocent bystanders visiting Hollywood.”

As per the police, Mayers, along with the two men, after firing the gun, fled from the scene. Mayers got 1st arrested for the given incident on April 20th at the Los Angeles International Airport. He was then released on bail on the same day.

Rapper A$AP Rocky 

Rapper A$AP Rocky, a member of Rapper A$AP Mob of Harlem hip hop collective, made his mark in the music industry in 2011 with the single named ‘Peso’. He also released his debut album named ‘Long. Live. A$AP’. The album was on number one on the Billboard 200, and so was the follow-up song of his release in 2015 named “At. Long. Last. A$AP.” 

Rapper ASAP Rocky 
Rapper ASAP Rocky 

Rapper A$AP Rocky is 2 times nominated for the Grammy Awards. He is currently in a relationship with Rihanna, and they together share a son who was born in May.

The last studio album released by Mayers was made four years ago. He, just like Rihanna, seems to have become known for trendsetting the fashion just like music.

Mayers was in the focus of international attention in the year 2019 after he got detained for a month in Sweden, which followed the street brawl. At that time, he was found to be guilty of the assault and was given the “conditional sentence,” and so, he didn’t get any additional time in jail.

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