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After the big success release of the comedy-horror movie “Stree” in 2018, the filmmakers yet again put forward their best efforts for “Roohi” in 2021. It was earlier said that the film was about to be release on June, 2020 however due to the COVID-19 breakdown in India the date of release delayed.

Presenting a formidable plot and catering high stimulating vibe in the minds of the audience.  This upcoming Bollywood movie has already grabbed the attention of the audience by launching its first sneak peek on various social media platforms. The trailer of the movie depicts the essence of a comedy horror story set in a fictional small town, somewhere in North India.

Majorly focusing on two small town male protagonists named as Bhaura Pandey (Rajkumar Rao) and Kattanni Qureshi (Varun Sharma) in the movie the story takes a turn when both of these characters get stuck in a forest due to some unexpected occurrences where both of them meet with the girl named Roohi (Jhanvi Kapoor) and falls in her love incidentally as she seemed to be very shy, quiet, simple and timid by nature. Later it brings out the ultimate tragedy in the plot keeping a big twist in the characteristics of the female lead. Thus, both the men finds out Roohi to be suffering from bipolar disorder distinctly a ghostly personality named as Afza possessing her body.  However Bhaura falls for Roohi and Kattanni falls for the ghostly personality- Afza.

ROOHI REVIEWThe story continues elaborating how dreadfully Bhaura wants to get rid of Afza whereas Kattanni never wants to lose her as it may result him making no romance with her. They bring out and try so many epic and lunatic attempts to find a solution which could make their life better unfortunately those turns out to be junk.

Therefore the strange love triangle continues with immense laughter and thriller. Further the story unfolds about the focal point in the movie by introducing a presence of a ghost who seems to abduct brides in the town on the night of their honeymoon.

Besides the launch of the trailer the songs in the movie particularly “Nadiyon Paar” and “Panghat” has also got immense popularity just within few days of release where the directors spotted Jhanvi Kapoor with her alluring and gorgeous moves. It is also found that the huge fan of Rajkumar Rao seems to be very eager and delighted to see him perform again onscreen in the similar plot after his tremendous and benevolent performance in opposite to Shraddha Kapoor in the movie “Stree”.  However in this movie people will find a different shade in the character of Rajkumar Rao.

ROOHI Main Cast & Crew

Rajkummar RaoJanhvi Kapoor and Varun Sharma among others from the pool.

Director: Hardik Mehta

Producer: Mrighdeep Lamba, Dinesh Vijan (Producer) Nitin Minz (Senior line producer) Asokh Shetty (Line producer)

Production house: Jio Studios, Maddock Films

Writer: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba & Jatin Bajaj (Script supervisor)

Release date: 11th March, 2021

Available on: Theaters (India)

You should watch it or not?

ROOHIIt is of a great visual pleasure to find variety in the genre in the Bollywood movies. Similar to the genre of the movie “Stree” released in 2018,  audience loved the approach of how the movie was represented therefore the filmmakers took another chance and effort to entertain the audience with more thrill and laughter at the same time keeping the masterful performance of Rajkumar Rao constant. It is a mandatory to talk about the performances put up by Varun Sharma and “Dharak” movie hit-actress Jhanvi Kapoor, who have adeptly complemented each other’s performances in the movie.    

ROOHIFrom the trailer it was quiet recognizable in the mannerism of Bhaura to Vicky in the movie “Stree”; but some changes are made in the character of Bhaura in this movie to make it more entertaining and ongoing.

The role played by Varun Sharma as Kattanni was worth satisfying as he didn’t leave a beat to make the audience laugh with his funny gestures and dialogues. Jhanvi Kapoor on the other hand tried her best to cope-up with the male leads by playing a dual character role with her timid and chilling attributes accordingly. She looked ravishing in the song “Nadiyo Paar” which made her fans go undoubtedly crazy about her hot moves and dancing skill.

Overall, the storyline of “Roohi” is a little bit composite and haphazard at the end which could be a threat at the box office otherwise people willing to go for a two hours movie expecting to experience a mixture of horror, thriller and entertainment can definitely check this film out.  

Written by Faizan

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