Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things At 14: Almost Lost Her Role For Her Age

Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things: Stranger Things, one of the most trending shows on Netflix, can you imagine the show without having Sadie playing the role of Max? Think through as for us, it is impossible to even think of it.

Sadie had to beg and plead to the production to provide her with further material so that she could bring in something fresher on screen.

Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things At 14
Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things At 14

Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things- When did Sadie get the role?

On screens, Sink’s entry as Max was seen in season 2 of Stranger Things. Her character left California to relocate to Hawkins. Her character definitely caught all our eyes during the shenanigans of the Upside-Down. Soon after, she was part of the gang. She even became Eleven’s bestie and dated Lucas.

It is due to the role played by Sadie that Max today has become one of the favorites and popular characters from Stranger Things.

Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things At 14
Sadie Sink’s role Max is one of the popular characters from Stranger Things

However, things would have been different in case she didn’t beg the producers to let her continue her role. 

At an initial level, the role of Sadie playing Max wasn’t given to Sadie at first as she deemed to be quite too old for playing it.

What has Sadie to say about her role?

As per Sadie’s interview with the well-known Fashion Magazine, some revelations were made by her regarding her audition for Stranger Things. She even talked about how she got rejected initially for Max’s role.

Sadie said casting directors, they considered her to be looking too old, originally for portraying the character of Max in season 2 of Stranger Things. 

In season 2, Max was supposed to look like a 13-year kid who relocated to Hawkins. However, Sadie was just 14 when she was on-screen for season 2.

Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things
Sadie bagged her role for Max in Stranger Things season 2

She said, “I just begged and pleaded with them to give me more material so I could show them something fresh.”

In one another interview Sadie had with Teen Vogue, she talked about her audition. She said, “I wanna say it took place over a month. I think at one point they thought I was gonna be too old but I was just like, ‘No, just gimme more material!’ Like I wanna go in again. And then I did, and we did a chemistry read and I got there and we were all the same height and the same age and they had nothing to worry about.”

How did she get the part?

Just a day after reading the chemistry of Sadie with Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin, she got the part to play the role of Max.

Even when Sadie was considered as too old initially, she is one of the youngest of the members of the Stranger Things cast.

Sadie Sink Playing Max In Stranger Things
Sadie was considered old for her role

It was in April 2022 when Sadie turned 20. Her other co-stars, including Finn Wolfhard and Gaten, they turned 20 in December and September. In the Stranger Things cast, Caleb McLaughlin is the oldest. He would turn 21 in October 2022.

So, considering all that Sadie went through, all we hope that she continues to play her part and that we get to see her in the next season of Stranger Things.

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