Salman Rushdie Stabbed To Death 10 Times During The Attack

Salman Rushdie stabbed to death 10 times during the attack; Salman Rushdie was previously attacked while he was about to speak in western New York Chautauqua institution. According to the latest information released by the end of the prosecutors, Rushdie was stabbed to death around 10 times by the suspect. This information was released by their end during one of the arraignments of the accused for carrying out the attack.

Salman Rushdie Stabbed To Death 10 Times
Author of ‘The Satanic Verses’ Salman Rushdie Stabbed To Death 10 Times During The Attack

Suspect was identified and arrested

The suspect regarding the attack is said to be a 24 year Hadi Matar, who belongs from New Jersey. He was arrested at the scene of the attack and was also presented at Chautauqua County Courthouse on Saturday afternoon for arraignment. He has been charged with a second-degree attempt of murder and assault using a weapon.

It was said by the prosecutors in the court that this attack was premeditated as well as targeted. The suspect traveled by bus to Western New York and then purchased the pass that was available and required for attending the talk presented by Mr. Salman Rushdie on Friday morning.

The suspect was wearing a striped jumpsuit, shackles, handcuffs and side-on shoes that were colored bright orange. He did not speak. However, a public defender named Nathaniel Barone did interrupt, claiming Mr. Hatar to be not guilty. Mr. Matar, to date, has been held without any bail, and the next court appearance for him has been scheduled for 19th August at 3:00 p.m.

Salman Rushdie stabbed to death 10 times during the attack; now on ventilator

Salman Rushdie spent many decades under Iranian proscription. Since Friday, he has been on a ventilator and has undergone many hours of surgery. All this information was released by the agent of Rushdie, Andrew Wylie. Further attempts have been made to reach out to him, but they do not seem to be successful.

On Friday, Andrew said that the condition of the author was not good, and he added, Mr. Rushdie might lose an eye, his liver had been damaged and the nerves in his arm were severed.

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Statements by the authorities

News conference on Friday that was held in consideration of this matter, New York state police said that that does not seem to be any indication of the motive. However, they definitely are working along with the federal bureau of investigation.

United Nations General Secretary António Guterres said that he is completely appalled because of the attack made on the author, who many decades ago became one symbol in the face of repression, freedom of expression.

He said, “In no case is violence a response to words spoken or written by others in their exercise of the freedoms of opinion and expression,”

A statement was also issued by President Joe Biden & the first lady, Jill Biden. According to the statement, they were shocked and saddened after hearing about the attack that occurred in Western New York on Salman Rushdie. They even pledged their solidarity with Salman Rushdie and emphasized, “the ability to share ideas without fear.”

President Joe Biden statement on attack on Salman Rushdie

However, when looking at Iran, the enemies of Salman Rushdie rejoiced. Keyhan, a Tehran-published newspaper, on its front page on Saturday, published that Salman Rushdie got ‘divine vengeance’. It also added that the former President of America, Donald J Trump & Mike Pompeo, States former secretary, will be next.

Chautauqua Institution and its bad security

At the institution, the security is quite minimal. At the main amphitheater of the institution, wherein is hosted regularly popular musical acts and there are celebrity speakers, including Mr. Rushdie, they do not seem to be any bag check or even a metal detector.

According to one of the statements that were released on Friday by the end of United States national security advisor, the attack was called “reprehensible” by Jake Sullivan. He further added, “The act of violence is appalling”.

Other important information related to the act of violence

No update has been provided by the state police regarding the condition of Salman Rushdie as of Saturday morning. It is expected that the hospital’s spokeswoman might soon provide further information about the patient.

The house that has been listed as the residence for Mr. Matar in Fairview, N.J., none seem to answer. According to the neighbors, they did not know much about the accused or his family.

However, when they were shown the picture of the accused, they were able to recognize him, and they said that he was someone who would simply walk around the neighborhood and always kept his head down. He never made any eye contact.

One of the nearby residents says that around 10-15 FBI agents store outside on Friday afternoon at Matar’s residence.

Officials have also said in the news conference that was held on Friday that they are completely working on getting the search warrant for electronic devices and backpacks, which were all found at the institution.

Rushdie lived in threat

To live in the threat of an assassination attempt, it is not something new, considering Salman Rushdie has been living in that threat since the year 1989. All of this started just 6 months after the publication of his novel named, ‘The Satanic Verses’.

The controversy on ‘The Satanic Verses’ has been long going

The book published has some fictional sections from the life of Prophet Muhammad, and some of the depiction within the book has been said to offend certain Muslims. These people believe that the novel is blasphemous. The leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, in 1989 also issued a fatwa against Salman Rushdie and ordered the Muslims for killing him.

The Japanese translator of the novel by Salman, in 1991, was stabbed to death. Even the Italian translator got wounded badly. In 1993 the Norwegian publisher of the novel got shot three times write outside his home, that is located in Oslo, and he was badly injured.

Final Words

With all the controversy that comes around Mr. Salman Rushdie and his novel ‘The Satanic Verses’, since it got published, we don’t know what we might see again next. However, there definitely exists a requirement that the government starts taking serious actions against such acts of violence.

As of now, we awake more information to be released from the end of the authorities and the hospital spokeswoman. With anything revealed or provided to us that is important for the given case will definitely be updated on

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