Shooter Of Lil Tjay Evidence And Witnesses Statements Questionable: Will Shooter Be Free?

Shooter Of Lil Tjay Evidence And Witnesses Statements Questionable; Assailant Mohammed Konate, who was accused of Lil Tjay, the American musician’s non-fatal shooting in Edgewater, would be in jail even after there have been made claims by his attorney that there exist no firearms that could link him and crime. 

Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay

The attorney also said that the witnesses’ accounts and evidence, they all have so far not been holding any water or are either circumstantial.

Lil Tjay reportedly got shot seven times in total, and he is quite lucky that he is still alive. However, he has taken the decision for being silent, and the fans seem to be quite worried about him.

Shooter Of Lil Tjay Evidence And Witnesses Statements Questionable Will Shooter Be Free
Shooter Of Lil Tjay Evidence And Witnesses Statements Questionable Will Shooter Be Free

What does the report say about Shooter Of Lil Tjay Evidence And Witnesses Statements?

As per the reports obtained from, Konate did appear in front of James Sattely, the Superior Court Judge of Bergen County, for determining whether or not he should get released.

The attorney of Konate, Michael Ashley, he indicated that there doesn’t exist any fingerprints of Konate on the guns that were found in Doge Durango wherein seated where the three men were at the time of the alleged crime.

Apart from it, the attorney even stated that even when on one of the weapons, the DNA was discovered, the prosecution wasn’t able to prove that the DNA was of Konate.

Michael Ashley added, “Moreover, I would say that even a circumstantial scenario that there is some evidence that Mr. Konate may or might not have been existing at the scene does not total to evidence that the alleged robber or Konate himself ever discharged the weapon.” 

He also said that there isn’t any proof that might show that the suspected robber, he might have done anything more than just positioning the gun.

Are the evidence circumstantial?

It was acknowledged by Matt Fitzpatrick, the Assistant District Attorney, that all those existing evidence, in the given case, it is circumstantial. However, it has been revealed by the state research that Konate did sustain the five bullet wounds right outside the place wherein shot were the two victims.

As per Fitzpatrick, the surveillance video and the cellphone information of Konate display clearly that he was right outside of the hotel, right close to wherein occurred to crime.

A further argument made by Michael Ashley was for those whose testimony mattered, that none of those witnesses didn’t actually witness the shooting or saw the robber trying to fire the gun. He did cast doubt upon the Boyd veracity and the other acquaintance of Tjay, Jeffrey Valdez, and also all of their police accounts.

It was further stated that the statement obtained by Boyd, it was collected when he was in hospital after getting shot, and also, it wasn’t taken under oath and also, and considering his mental state while the interrogation went on, it was questionable for sure.

Michael Ashley further described that the testimony of Valdez was fascinating as it appears to be present with mixed viewpoints of whatever happened. Apart from it, it was also added that Valdez told the officials that he was also on the prescription narcotics after he got released from jail just 30 days before to own a pistol.

During one of the interviews that were done with the prosecutor’s office, it was revealed by Michael Ashley that he did hear Valdez while trying to converse with one of the unknown third-party.

Did Konate have opportunities to file an appeal?

Yes. There were, in total, seven opportunities which Konate got for filing the appeal against the ruling of Sattely. Valdez and Boyd, they were arrested for the violations of firearms after the incident.

It was after the shooting right outside the retailer center in the early morning of June 22nd that Mohammed Konate got charged with attempted murder, firearms expenses, and attempted theft.

Konate got accused of approaching the rapper and also his companions while they were in the vehicle. He even brandished the firearm and demanded the jewelry. It was also stated by Fitzpatrick that Konate got forced to get out of his BMW by one of the co-conspirators, who was unidentified after he got shot.

Later Konate got detained in New York City Hospital after he sustained five gunshot wounds. Even Lil Tjay and one of the close friend of his, named Antoine Boyd, he got wounded in the shooting too.

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